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  • Male Potency and Antibiotics: Is There Any Harm?

    Impacts of Antibiotics on Male Sexual Function Invention of antibiotics was undoubtedly a colossal breakthrough in medicine. Research studies of antibiotics began in the 19th century, and in the 20th century, their application allowed saving thousands of people’s lives.  Moreover, the area of application of antibiotics was quite broad: from injuries therapy up to typhus […]

    5 Top Mythical Cures for Erectile Dysfunction – BUSTED!

    There is a massive amount of fraudulent articles, tips, and drugs advertised on the internet. Some of them promise an effective cure of erectile dysfunction, a problem that many men all over the world face due to a variety of reasons. Erectile dysfunction is amongst the most frequent problems related to men’s health and it […]

    How Metabolic Syndrome Increases Your ED Chances

    There is a condition that involves high levels of insulin, increased blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and fat around the waist. And it’s called metabolic syndrome. They say that this health issue may have a negative effect on male’s erection and that it actually can increase erectile dysfunction chances. We’re going to provide answers to […]

    Nutrition and Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction Statistics Have you ever thought why there are so many ads for ED (erectile dysfunction) drugs – Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis on the TV and in magazines everywhere?  The reason for it is rather simple – a lot of people experience erectile dysfunction. Over 30 million men in the U.S. alone suffer from ED. […]

    Why Using Drugs for Post-Cancer Erectile Dysfunction Is a Good Idea

    Cancer treatment can often be quite intrusive, and even the best and safest forms of cancer treatment often cause some collateral damage to the body. For men, having some forms of cancer treatment means that they are highly likely to have erectile problems afterward. Of course, erectile dysfunction is a lot less destructive for the […]

    Vega H Cream vs Oral Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

    Variety of Erectile Dysfunction Medications Modern pharmaceutical market is flooded by various medicines promising men a qualitative and long-term restoration of erectile function. Some of them have synthetic base, whereas manufacturers of other drugs declare their absolutely natural composition. They are represented by medications of local action and oral drugs including diverse tablets, biologically active […]

    Beta-Blockers and Impotence: Avoiding Complications

    Get ready to side effects whatever prescribed medications you administer. The reality is such that most medications cause either minor or major negative reactions even when the chosen dose is correct. Your body just needs more time to get used to new chemicals in blood. But when the drugs lead to erectile dysfunction in males, […]

    Lifestyle Changes as an Essential Part of the Successful ED Treatment

    Treatment of erectile dysfunction is a complex process that is combined of many important components. Significant component of the treatment is change of your everyday lifestyle habits that can interact with other aspects of your therapy. Prepare to change your life drastically but it will eventually be worth it. It is hard to believe but […]

    The Difference between Impotence and Infertility

    Many people get rather confused when it comes to the difference between impotence and infertility. Even people who have experienced one of these conditions or are currently in the process of treating them may not have a complete understanding of this question. Impotence (a.k.a. ED), is basically the body’s inability to achieve and maintain an erection […]

    Can Generic Viagra be Used with other Medications against Erectile Dysfunction?

    Mixing drugs may often lead to unexpected and harmful results. Here we will discuss how Viagra can be combined with some other drugs of its class and how such combination will work. Erectile dysfunction is one of the most widely spread and delicate problems of male health. Its prevalence has a great number of reasons. […]