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  • Online and Mail-Order Medicine: How to Buy Safely

    Although provinces and territories provide additional services some segments of the population, the service sector is in the private sector, and therefore, the people of the country directly pay them from his own pocket. Reasonable in this case is to purchase insurance covering most of the costs for the services of a dentist, ophthalmologist, etc. […]

    Does Canada Regulate Its Pharmacies?

    Canadian health&care is one of the fields, which is rightly proud of the state. The Canadian health care system funded by the state and is best described as a system of insurance. And health care plans of ten provinces and three territories. This system is known as Medicare and provides free or nearly free health […]

    Lifestyle Changes as an Essential Part of the Successful ED Treatment

    Treatment of erectile dysfunction is a complex process that is combined of many important components. Significant component of the treatment is change of your everyday lifestyle habits that can interact with other aspects of your therapy. Prepare to change your life drastically but it will eventually be worth it. It is hard to believe but […]

    Canadian Healthcare System Functioning: The Mechanisms and Challenges Overview

    Article by Canadian Health&Care Mall The basis of Canadian healthcare system is providing the population with easily accessible primary care physicians services (through family doctors), who make up nearly half of all the practicing physicians in the country. They control the access to specialized services (tomography or X-ray scanning), hospital services and prescription drugs. When choosing […]

    Three Great Treatments for Hay Fever

    For those who have never experienced or researched hay fever, this might sound like some deadly virus found on farms and haystacks. Although this is very far from the truth and hay fever does not put lives at risk, it can seriously affect its sufferers’ way of life, provided that they don’t treat it properly. […]

    Getting Over Depression Until It Gets You

    Depression is often called a queen of negative emotions. Psychologists consider that it is the depression that makes a person start thinking about himself and his life. Sometimes after depression goes away this person starts changing the situation and achieves great success. However, sometimes it is very difficult for a depressed person to get over […]

    How Does Smoking Destroy Your Sex Health?

    It has already been known that smoking causes great harm to the human’s health. Times when smoking was considered a part of “dolce vita” passed long ago and many people choose to keep a healthy lifestyle. Canadian Health&care Mall Service tries to find out what particular harm to the human’s sex health is caused […]

    Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Setting The New Tone In The Industry

    The nowadays state of affairs around online meds sales leaves much to be desired. The industry could have achieved way better results in terms of efficiency and accessibility, but the excessive dependence of market on Big Pharma companies in conjunction with poor regulation framework on the global level are holding the development back. Of course, […]

    The Myths and Misconceptions of Canada’s Healthcare System

    For many years, the Canadian system of healthcare has been a hot topic in the western world. Both in Canada and abroad, it has its share of supporters and detractors, with some viewing it as a shining example of brilliance and others making it into an example of a disastrous policy. The whole discussion has […]

    Learn About Some of the Canadian Health&Care System Drawbacks

    While from the outsider’s perspective Canadian HealthCare system may seem quite well-balanced, people who live on the territory of the country have to deal with all the nuances and contradictions of this system. Those who reside in other countries may think that medical care in Canada is entirely free of charge and can be accessed […]