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  • Men’s sexual health: are the Canadian Health&Care Mall natural supplements safe?

    Sexual health can easily be affected by numerous health problems. A lot of men take their ability to achieve erections and having the high libido for granted until the day they start experiencing issues. Everything from the harmful habits, such as smoking and drinking, to stress and the lack of physical activity, can negatively influence […]

    Sex Before and After a Heart Attack

    A heart attack is a dangerous medical condition that sometimes results in death. People who survive a heart attack will usually adopt a new approach to their lifestyle so that they can avoid activities that increase the risk of suffering from another heart attack or other cardiovascular disorders. Oftentimes, sex becomes an excluded activity, because […]

    Generic Viagra and Priapism (Unhealthily Prolonged Erection)

    Generic Viagra in the pacemaker in its special and very important sphere of action. This is the first medical preparation, which was created to overcome problems with erectile functions. Though its qualities were found out accidently, it became a leader in the market from the very first year of its existence. It is a leader […]

    Conditions That Can Put Your Sex Drive in Overdrive

    Sometimes, a person’s sexual drive (also known as libido) becomes overactive, becoming a serious medical condition capable of affecting all spheres of their life. People who suffer from increased sexual drive tend to have their decisions influenced by it, which often leads to problems at home and at work. Hypersexuality is known by many names, […]

    To What Extent Are Condoms Responsible For Erection Difficulties?

    Blaming the condom for failing to maintain an erection is such a convenient scapegoat for many men. However, the popular stereotypic belief that condoms interfere with an erection might not be true after all. Condoms and Erection: Are They Indeed Incompatible? Condoms are very important for the sexual health of both partners engaging in intercourse, […]

    How to Breathe New Life into Your Sexual Relationship

    Good sexual relationship is one of the most important components of happiness and feeling of satisfaction with one’s life. Unfortunately, both men and women may experience some problems in bed, which vary and may have both psychological and physical background. For example, difference in biorhythms, hidden disgust towards partner, etc. In most cases, the diagnosis […]

    Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder and Premature Ejaculation

    Over centuries of medical research and development, we have come to learn a great deal about our bodies and the conditions that affect them. However, despite great advances in the field of sexual health, many people are still uninformed about the most common disorders affecting us and impeding us from leading healthy sex lives. Let […]

    A 36 Hours Sexual Marathon Available to Anyone: the Beauty of Generic Cialis

    When a workweek is over every man has his weekend already planned. Someone goes fishing, someone plays football, others have sex. Well, by others one means young and strong men, who can satisfy their partners all the weekend long. But when a man gets older or he fights against a chronic disease, suffers from trauma […]

    Prostatitis Symptoms And Options Overview By Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Among problems men can encounter with their health, prostatitis is perhaps one of the most excruciating ailments to deal with. Canadian Health&Care Mall offers a brief outline of acute and chronic conditions with available treatments and recommendations. Acute prostatitis symptoms Acute prostatitis often comes suddenly and begins with a stomach ache and trouble urinating. It […]

    A ticket to heaven: mastering multiple ograsms technique

    Many men believe that experiencing several orgasms is the desire available to women only. However, this is not quite true – with proper training and a bunch of useful tips and recommendations you will experience the buzz of multiple orgasms and will enjoy the sexual skill hundreds of times in future. But first of all, […]