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  • Our Company Information: Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Service

    In lieu of introduction: Who We are

    There are few spheres of virtual shopping that need quite as much fidelity as pharmacy shopping, and yet there are fewer still that are so multi-faceted and confusing. And this was exactly the point of launching this resource which, if used for a thoughtful e-shopping, can help you avoid underwater currants. Our service will take away the guesswork from your most puzzling and ambitious merchant endeavours, whatever your quest is.

    In a pinch, Canadian HealthCare Mall is an all-rolled-in-one source to give you the bigger picture of worthwhile products and best places to buy them. We hire licensed healthcare professionals and ask them dish out their secrets and tips on how to make the most successful purchases online. So from now, you can ditch that practice of playing by ear and start painting by numbers in order to find the best deals on quality pharmaceuticals. This novel approach to consumer guidance is what yields maximal benefits to shoppers of e-pharmacy stores.

    Of course, if you wish to collect as much feedback about products or online merchants as possible before hitting the order button, it is as good a reason to use our services as any other. The internet has been shaping our ideas about costwise purchases for a while, so we strongly encourage consumer feedback at our website so that your fellow-shoppers could benefit massively from your experience. The reviews from previous purchases published here are all unmoderated and totally unbiased.

    The advantages of using our services

    It is always a good idea to log on the internet to gather information about products you think of buying. This extra caution will give you a heads-up on what to expect and save you from major disappointment and underwhelming almost any time. With Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy, you will get a chance to shift from a stressful and tiring bouncing from site to site in search of information. We have brought together gigabytes of handy data, guidelines, prices and tips for you to educate yourself and compare features and cost of drugs online. This is as simple as it gets to have the widest range of items on hand any time of day and night.

    Apart from that, we facilitate your access to extremely assorted pharmaceutical merchandise. Need a bunch of meds whose price difference is a gaping breach from source to source and not at all sure how to pull it off in the most cost-effective way? Use our advanced embedded search tools to skim the essential information about ideal value for money on each given product. Your efforts are thus minimized to kicking back and click them home.

    The additional knowledge we provide on trusted merchants makes your approach more self-assured and relaxed. By the same token, Canadian Health&Care Mall Pharmacy Service collects, verifies and processes information about pharmacy sales, discount drugs, hot deals, promo codes, etc. We step much further than a sales blurb though: our service will safeguard you by helping you avoid shaky manufacturers and e-stores that charge too much and perform too poorly. In a nutshell, Canadian Health and Care Mall will be your ultimate counsellor and assistant to delegate your most tedious pharmacy shopping chores to – with the following benefits:

    – A put-together, clearly structured database of drugs available online;
    – A platform for grading and comparing prices and costs;
    – An alert service for hot deals, paperless coupons, sales, etc.;
    – A comprehensive educational and informational resource;
    – A drug overview board for peer reviews;
    – A mediator for drug purchase facilitation;
    – A warrant of secure and confidential shopping.

    A team that handles your health matters with great care

    We at Canadian Health and Care Service are firm believers in good guarantees when it comes down to health-related matters. Consumer safety comes first, and we cannot say that enough. This is the reason why we double-check every piece of information that goes published on our website. We carefully and thoughtfully select suppliers of healthcare and pharmacy products that we refer our users to. The principles are rigid and based on common values such as exquisite quality, safety of production and transportation, high fidelity, consistency, pricing policy and complementary services. The final results as you get to see them displayed on our website are all crème de la crème of the pharmacy world. Think an expanded virtual drug marketplace where only the best suppliers are admitted.

    We don’t skimp on the quality of services we provide, and therefore you will only find trained professionals on our payroll. You will be surprised at learning how much stress can be scratched off from your to-do list of drugstore refills with the amiable assistance of our knowledgeable stuff. All of our employees are licensed technicians that will ensure smooth transition from one ordering stage to another, all the way up to the moment when the delivery service courier rings your doorbell. Once again, there is no greater value to us than the wellbeing, safety and comfort of our consumers.

    Making sure your drugs are safe, high quality and efficient

    In order to come up with offers that meet your highest expectations, the specialists at Canadian Pharmacy Mall calibrated a strict accreditation system for merchandise it quotes on its website. In this way, the quality of drugs our customers will eventually get referred to is elaborately regulated, with zero chances of fraud or underperformance. Make no mistake: no item will skip unchecked into your shopping cart. We keep a keen eye for holy grail products of high impact and low cost, and we ward off scammers with untiring vigilance.

    Users of Canadian Health&Care Mall Service ( point out that getting wired and empowered by our valuable services has promoted them to qualitatively recalibrate their approach to online shopping. In this new protocol there is no room for second-guessing prior to placing an order or feeling disappointed upon receiving the merch.

    – Drugs tested for safety and efficiency;
    – Best prices for each product, a matter to hourly re-assessment;
    – Vigilant BC fraud check system;
    – Professional solutions for those seeking medical advice online;
    – Assistance in finding drugs that are difficult to access or sold out.

    Budget-friendly prices, discount drugs and deals

    There’ve been plenty of good things said about the benefits of online shopping. But it would be incorrect to say that bricks-and-mortar pharmacies are losing trade to their virtual competitors. Many still find it convenient to walk into a local pharmacy and have their meds right away. Actual shopping has many advantages of its own that you can enjoy, budget-permitting, of course. Because let’s not kid ourselves – the figures escalate out of sight when you deal with pharmacy chains. If high costs cinch you, e-drugstores is a right call to pretty things up.

    Is always a good idea to compare prices off a few different e-tailers for the sake of frugality. With the help of our tools you will find it extremely easy to do. Simply skim through the list and find the most attractive price.

    Another way to benefit from Canadian Health&Care Mall services is to tune in with the discounts buzz. Subscribe to our newsletters to get the priority access to all of the current promotions, coupons, hot deals, price mark-downs, give-aways and loyalty programs. We will be your mediator in the world of special offers.

    Securing the safety of your shopping

    Are you skeptical about virtual shopping because you think it renders your personal data vulnerable? We have taken all the necessary precautions against fraud, phishing and scamming. Our protection of your private information is adamant and unbreakable, and so is our ethics. We will safeguard every bit of your data from hacking attempts, and we will never share it with any other entity or individual save from the instances stipulated by the law and therefore considered as force majeure. At our website we use 256-bit SSL protection in order to ward off any risk of intrusion or any other unsanctioned activity.

    Spamming policy

    A personal approach to every user is what makes our visitors feel extra special. However, we will never overstep and act in unethical way and resort to explicit or implicit soliciting. No unwanted messages will come your way from Canadian Pharmacy. In fact, the only way to receive any emails from us is to subscribe to our newsletters which are found very informative and handy by a vast majority of our subscribers. If at a certain point in future you will feel like you do not wish to receive them anymore, you can easily unsubscribe by letting us know about your wish. If you receive any suspicious emails that you have not subscribed to and which contain our name or part of our name in them, we strongly encourage you to let us know what happened so that we could investigate the instance of identity theft. We do not recommend following links contained in such messages. Simply mark them as junk mail to get rid of them in future.


    We are not associated in any way with any companies mentioned at our resource. Every brand name mentioned here belongs to its respective copyright owner. Information contained at this website is not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice. Prices quoted at the website serve educational purposes only and may not be accurate. You should contact the vendors in order to learn more about their products and prices. Canadian Health Mall is not responsible for any misuse of information presented here or any damage resulting therefrom.

    Best regards, Health&Care Mall Team: