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    Canadian Health&Care Mall Salutes You

    Hello dear visitor, how can we help you today? We are so glad you visited us at Canadian Health&Care Mall. Before you get to choose the drugs you need from our list, we would like to clue you in about how we can make your life easier. Please take a few minutes to read about who we are.

    Meet Canadian Health&Care Mall, Industry’s Safest And Cheapest Pharmacy

    Canadian Health&Care Mall is an online drugstore of standing on the virtual pharmaceutical market, with its history dating back to the late 90s. We were there in the very beginning, and we are still around, because our services and supplies are highly requested.

    Picking your pharmacy items at Canadian Health and Care Mall effectively boils down to spending minimal sums versus receiving maximal benefits and services. We go out on a limb meeting all standards on drugs storage: our drugs are protected from overhead leakage and sources of contamination and kept in environmental conditions that favor ideal storage.

    We respect your right to the protection and confidentiality of your personal data. Our strong work ethics compel us to approach the matter with consistency, integrity and a profound sense of responsibility. Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Mall will never send you any mail that you didn’t request. If you receive bothersome mail containing our name, please be advised that you are dealing with impersonators.

    The idea behind our work is simple: we work as if our only goal is helping people get a healthier life. Life and health of your loved ones and yourself is all that really matters, as we are sure you will agree. We tend to your salubrity with consistency, devotion and care. Scroll down to learn exactly how Canadian Pharmacy saves your money.

    For any questions, please, contact

    How Canadian Health Care Store Saves Your Money

    We source and supply pharmaceuticals that are: a) amply assorted; b) high-grade; c) safe; d) efficient; e) affordable.

    We ship internationally. No matter where you live, is for you. It is very much true that you can walk out of your door and get your refills around the corner. But the simple fact about online shopping is that it is one hundred percent private, convenient and gives more room for making an aware choice. This also saves you from impulsive purchasing.

    We are always at your service, 24/7. We engage in an open dialogue, answer your questions, fix any issues that might arise because of long haul destination shipping.

    We evolve and develop our vocational competence, we learn new things as we go and we are the first to know about the latest medicine breakthroughs. With Canadian Health Care Mall you will be in the very vanguard of forefront health developments.

    We dote upon our customers with seasonal rebates, special offers, discount coupons, bonuses and gifts. We never fail to come about with even lower prices for the most demanded drugs that cost an arm and a leg elsewhere.

    All of this might sound like a write-up, but this is simply about the attitude and how to find the best online pharmacy.

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    How To Find The Best E-Tailer For Viagra in Canada Health&Care Pharmacy

    The first thing you should concern yourself when choosing the best online pharmacy is safety of its merchandise. We at Canadian Pharmacy Online deal only with pharmaceutical makers of impeccable reputation that are authorised to produce the drugs they manufacture. They are most often based outside of this country for logistics and sourcing reasons. This does not affect their quality in the least.

    Great pharmacy equals great personnel. We invest in our staff. We are very particular about hiring. If you wonder how this affects the consumers, let us explain: a brilliantly managed pharmacy with the best professionals on payroll is capable of doing the impossible. Tirelessly, our mavens are looking for a way to cut down on logistics costs and bring to all of you top notch, safe products for a competitively low price. And since we keep our personnel motivated, they cope with the toughest challenges. You can see the results when you get your drugs for a steal price delivered promptly and smoothly right to your door, 100% confidentially.

    So this is how makes a difference:

    • By supplying quality meds;
    • By quoting the best price;
    • By sourcing an incredible range of drugs;
    • By delivering efficiently, worldwide;
    • By offering generous gifts;
    • By keeping your personal data safe;
    • By being interactive and assistive;
    • By being up-to-date;
    • By being inventive in the logistics department.

    You will see that at Canadian Pharmacy you can buy a lot of generic drugs. If you would like to set the record straight once and for all, it is time to learn more about Generic Viagra.

    Is Generic Viagra As Safe And Effective As Brand Viagra?

    First up, let’s get it straight with the terms. The word ‘generic’ means ‘general’, ‘not specific’. In pharmacology, generic name refers to the substance that makes the basis of any drug.

    Generic name is given to a drug by an authority body in lieu of its systematic (IUPAC) name, which is very awkward to use in practice.

    The name that the drug becomes known to consumers under is brand name, which literally means ‘given by the producing brand’. When a drug is monopolistically manufactured by one brand for a certain while, it becomes publically recognized under this brand name. When other makers (brands) get to produce the same drug, they typically give it a new brand name, unless stipulated otherwise. But the brand name is a subject for naming copyright, so it needs to be paid for under a different contract.

    Thus, any drug can beget as many brand names as there are producers making it. The term ‘generic drug’ is not exactly correct, but this is by now universally understandable and means ‘a drug not produced by the same laboratory that discovered and patented its invention, made by a different laboratory after the patent expiration’.

    Let’s exemplify this with the drug we all know perfectly well. Systematic name of Aspirin is 2-(acetoxy)benzoic acid, and its generic name is acetylsalicylic acid. At this time and day, Aspirin is produced by forty-three brands, so you can figure how many brand names that makes. Aplyrin, ASA, Cotaspirin, Ecospirin, Loprin, Mazoral, Nusprin, Vasoprin, Zosprin are just several of them. Now, let’s look at reasons behind affordability of Canadian Health & Care Mall low-priced ED drugs.

    Generic Drug Price Factor – Canadian Health and Care Pharmacy

    The price factor of generic drugs ceases to become a mystery when we look at the practical side of it. Generics are made by companies that didn’t have to spend a dime on inventing the drug. The original laboratory covers all of pioneer researching and development costs. But then it wins back the money and makes some more, with monopolistic marketing. So it is not rare that generic drug costs ten times less than the original brand drug.

    Another point in favor of generic medicines is that they can even outperform their original counterparts: they amp the choice of pharmacological form of the active substance, to provide an even wider range of drugs for you to choose from. Think speed of onset, enduring power, herbal addons with complementary features – you can always opt for an all-rolled-in-one solution that is cheap and multitasking at the same time. Think Viagra and Viagra Super Active, Viagra Jelly, Viagra Professional, etc.

    How Contemporary Men Deal with Erectile Dysfunction

    Nowadays most men do not follow the expansively common recommendation blindfolded but being the pickiest customers they carefully weigh all the options available. The most currently common treatment for ED is oral medications, where the choice to make concerns the following alternatives primarily: brand names vs. generics, ingredient vs. ingredient, standard (chemical substances) vs. alternative (natural). All of these proven, safe and quality medications are perfectly able to eliminate erection problems in the course of treatment. They all increase the levels of nitric oxide compound, which in its turn relaxes blood vessels in the penile area; it results in a firm erection sufficient for a sexual activity. The differences that determine the choice lie in:

    • Price: producing the same effect, brand name drugs are several times more expensive than generics.
    • Ingredient: more traditional Sildenafil, more lasting Tadalafil or more potent Vardenafil, etc.
    • Formula: 100% synthetic medications, 100% natural remedies or in-between combinations.

    Why It Is Better To Buy Canadian Viagra at Online Pharmacy

    Basically, buying Canadian Viagra online is one of the components of the “brand names vs. generics” opposition. Specifically, it is a safe, quality, effective and reasonably priced medication generally recommended and preferred as erectile dysfunction treatment. On the whole, it provides a hard erection that enables men to complete an intercourse. Containing the same active ingredient – Sildenafil – Viagra in Canadian Pharmacy has the same vasodilating properties as its brand-name bioequivalent. It also has the same dosage form, strength, route of administration and intended use, of course. This means that the drug can potentially cause the same side effects and have the same precautions too. That is why it should be taken directly as indicated: a recommended dose (a pill) taken once roughly an hour prior to the planned sexual activity. The difference that makes most men choose Canadian Pharmacy Viagra lies in price; as an off-patent drug it is several times cheaper, which makes it more sought for and preferred. And who can refuse the same nearly 4-hour action of the drug obtained for reasonable money?

    Customer Choice Winner, Generic Cialis from Canadian Pharmacy Online

    Perhaps that hasn’t happened yet but remains quite possible in the nearest future. Structurally, Tadalafil, an active ingredient of Generic Cialis, is different from Sildenafil and Vardenafil, as it is very specific exactly for PDE5. Due to this, among ED medications it has the longest half-life: from indicated 17.5 hours to reported 36 hours. For men who prefer not to relate their sexual activity to the immediate drug intake Generic Cialis has become a real breakthrough in ED treatment.

    It is also considered that Canadian Cialis can potentially cause (as actually any medication) fewer side effects. For that reason it can be recommended to a larger number of both healthy and relatively healthy men and those whose other conditions contraindicate with ED drugs. On the whole, Canadian Cialis should be taken directly as indicated: once daily, with or without food, neither broken nor split, swallowed whole, and not mixed with alcohol or any other substances that can contraindicate with it.

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