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  • Canadian Health&Care Mall – The Competitive Advantages

    Among many other online drugstores, Canadian Pharmacy is set apart by a number of benefits that we feel you need to know before placing your first order with us. We promise that if you take some time to get to know us better, you will find out more ways to frugal pharmacy shopping.

    Canadian Health&Care Mall, a go-to source for affordable quality

    Competitive Advantages

    In terms of quality, there is no way that you can find a place with better offers than those we have at our drugstore shop. Our experts elaborately work on finding the most reputable and trusted drug manufacturers, whose quality we could sign our drugstore’s name under. After all, it is us who are responsible for the quality of pharmaceuticals that we retail, and make no mistake, we do not offer anything that our pharmacy technicians have not approved of.

    Generic medicines that we retail are all full analogues of their brand equivalents. Such drugs are also referred to as ‘synonymous’ to the originally developed ones. The basic difference lies in the manufacturer and the copyright prerequisites such as appearance and name.

    The quality of our medicines is proven by returned customers repurchasing the products on multiple occasions, or even signing up for automatic refills, which takes out the ordering process altogether. See more about automatic refills at our pharmacy in the Services paragraph below.

    Low-cost, high-gain drugs

    And while there are a lot of honourable pharmacies with descent offers of high quality drugs, but the pharmacies that quote low prices for them can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Canadian Healthcare store is one of them.

    The principles of our price formation are simple: we source our supplies exceptionally from manufacturers that charge for the materials used and for the work done, period. We do not think that a resonant brand name is something that should be charged any extras; and yet, any known brand out there charges 70% of a drug’s cost for the name printed on the package.

    Canadian Health&Care Mall is a pharmacy with a focus on popular ED pills, such as Canadian Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and their derivatives. Those are the pills that consistently come at the best prices, and we often have discounts and special offers for those, too. At the Discount section of this piece you will find tips on how to cut down the costs of your medicines even lower while ordering with us.

    Canadian Health and Care Mall Company services

    The brand behind Canadian Health&Care Mall is famed not only for the low prices and excellent quality of products, but for the outstanding, all-inclusive services, too. See them listed and remarked below.

    • Anonymity. This is something vital and at the same time unattainable while you are shopping offline. Many online pharmacies, in contrast, claim to provide it for their customers. But only with precious few e-drugstores you really get what you see. We is one of them. We ship off your purchases discreetly packed, and none of the billing information reveals the nature of the goods paid for. Your name will never surface in connection with the products you shopped with us, and we do not bombard our customers with spam solicitations.
    • Fast delivery. There are currently two shipping methods available at our drugstore: standard (10-21 days) and express (8-14 days, US customers only). We chose the most reliable delivery agents to be our partners in shipping, so you can depend on the timeframes estimated for the delivery starting from the day on which your order gets shipped. As far as we are concerned, your order will be efficiently processed within 1-2 days, dropping into our delivery system as fast as possible.
    • Friendly, responsive customer support. Just like you would judge the quality of services at an actual pharmacy, you will form your opinion about Canadian Health&Care Mall Company based on how responsive our staff has been. You will experience humane aspects of shopping with us with unobtrusive presence of our amiable customer support, always within a mouse click’s reach to help and advise.
    • Free doctor chat. Great news! Our services will help you save not only on pharmacy products, but on trips to the doctor. Contact us via email to activate your free chat with a healthcare provider or a pharmaceutist. But do not forget that asking questions online will not be equal to getting examined by your practitioner in person and your lab tests like blood work taken.
    • Ultimate customer info protection. In order to protect the information that is always shared at shopping websites by the customers, we use the most advanced informational technologies. With the most secure fraud prevention measures in place, our pharmacy is one of the safest places that you can go to for anonymous and trouble-free pharmacy shopping.

    Discount Canadian Health and Care Mall

    If you are inclined to be even more frugal than just saving on the low prices of the medicines we offer, there’s actually lots more that you can do. Bear with us!

    • Discounts. We have all sorts of discounts that there are: we have seasonal discounts, returned customer discounts, product by type discounts, sales discounts, and even on-demand discounts. They can be general or personal. General discounts are already included in the price that you see next to the product (next to the original price that is crossed out). Another way to get a discount is to check your email for our newsletters; they regularly contain promo codes and discount coupons!
    • Special offers. We encourage you to spend big – and save more. This isn’t a paradox when you come to think that the more you order, the lower per-item price we quote for you. As if this wasn’t enough, we offer free shipping with regular airmail for customers ordering for $150 and more and free express courier shipping for those spending $300 and above on their purchase. We also include a free shipping insurance for every $200 order.
    • Bonuses. For all of our customers, without exception or any regard to the amount of the order, we offer four pills of Viagra or Cialis (your call!) for free, as a bonus gift from the company, since our main focus is pharmaceutical products for ED correction.
    • Coupon codes. Still haven’t found the discount or bonus that would appeal to you? Cheer up! Just drop us a letter with the products you would like a discount for specified, and we will come up with some generous offer. Alternatively, for orders above $500 we have special conditions. Let us know via email when you have accumulated an order for this kind of money, and we will let you know the details of our offer –

    Informational support

    We at Canadian Health&Care Mall Company see it as our task to provide essential information about the medicines that we retail. Find detailed description of the preparation on the drug page and learn as much as possible before you proceed with the therapy. It might be a good idea to get familiar with several medicines that are interchangeable before you visit your doctor so that you could have an informed discussion regarding your options.

    As far as informational support is concerned, we also recommend using the opportunity to chat with our doctor of pharmacist whenever you have questions about health conditions and pharmaceuticals. And if you have any questions about the work of our pharmacy and other details, contact our customer support. We will feel obliged to help you out!