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    Your Virtual Adviser For Priligy (Dapoxetine) in Canadian Pharmacy

    priligyPriligy is a drug administered for men with lifelong or acquired premature ejaculation (PE). Taken prior to a sexual episode, the medicine regulates the amount of unbound serotonin and thus producing a short therapeutic effect on the ability to control the duration of the sexual act. Since Priligy belongs to the class of drugs called selective serotonin inhibitors, it should be taken only under supervision of a qualified healthcare provider. Dapoxetine, the chemical that builds up Priligy tablets, is an antidepressant and should be prescribed, taken and treated as such.

    Priligy (Dapoxetine) Uses

    Priligy (main medicinal component Dapoxetine) is an oral medication applied in order to regain control over weakened ability to postpone ejaculation in case of acquired premature ejaculation (PE) condition,  or gain control it in case of lifelong PE. Priligy is thus used to restore proper balance of serotonin in synaptic cleft, preventing its inhibition, and optimizing the ability to engage in sexual activity that is ultimately satisfactory for both partners.

    Ejaculation can be referred to as premature if the length of a sexual act is perceived as insufficient by one or both partners. Normally it means decreased intravaginal time or sperm release that precedes penetration. The drug should only be used by individuals in need of ejaculatory delay facilitator. Dapoxetine should not be used recreationally.

    What Does Priligy Do?

    Priligy (Dapoxetine) Uses

    Priligy contains Dapoxetine, which is a member of SSI (selective serotonin inhibitors) family of drugs. The chemical affects the amount of serotonin found in the brain, and in synaptic cleft in particular. Though the exact mechanism of Dapoxetine action is still unclear, it is supposed that the drug inhibits serotonin transporter that prevents serotonin reuptake and triggers a consequential drop in serotonin level. It is by way of inhibiting this transporter, Priligy promotes the increase of serotonin levels. Since human ejaculatory mechanisms are controlled by central nervous system, which in its turn is governed by the brain’s chemicals, promotion of serotonin level by Priligy improves intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT).

    Priligy Dosage And Taking Instructions

    Treatment with Dapoxetine should be initiated cautiously two weeks after terminating treatment with an irreversible MAOI or 24 hours after terminating treatment with a reversible MAO inhibitor. The dosage of Dapoxetine should be increased gradually until an optimal response is obtained.

    Priligy tablets come in two main forms, either containing Dapoxetine 30 mg or Dapoxetine 60 mg. Different types of in-vivo studies have shown that the increase in Dapoxetine content in Priligy tablets can improve results in individuals with lifelong PE, but does not contribute significantly to the results achieved in men with acquired PE.

    A tablet of Priligy in the dose established by healthcare practitioner should be taken within an interval of 1-3 hours before supposed sexual episode. Do not break, crush or chew the pill in your mouth before swallowing. Make sure that you wash the tablet down with a sufficient amount of water. Never take more than one dose of Priligy recommended for daily administration.

    Withdrawal symptoms seen on discontinuation of Priligy treatment: abrupt discontinuation should be avoided. The stepwise regimen used in clinical trials involved decreasing the daily dose by 10 mg at weekly intervals. If intolerable symptoms occur following a dose reduction or during treatment, then resuming the previously prescribed dose may be considered. Then the dose can be reduced in a more gradual rate.

    Increased plasma concentrations of Dapoxetine occur in elderly subjects, but the range of concentrations overlaps with that observed in younger subjects. Treatment should be initiated at the same doses as in adult patients. Dose increases may be needed for some patients, but the maximum daily dose should not exceed 40 mg.

    Increased plasma concentrations of Dapoxetine occur in patients with severe renal impairment (creatinine clearance less than 30 ml / min) or with hepatic impairment. The dosage should therefore be limited to the low end of the dosing interval.

    Priligy (Dapoxetine) 60 mg

    Priligy 60 mg

    The maximal dose of Priligy that was established as safe by FDA in a long-run use is Dapoxetine 60 mg. This dose displayed best results in individuals with lifelong PE problem as compared to Priligy 30. Acquired PE condition should be treated with Priligy 30 mg tablets unless this dose proves to be inefficient by reviewers. The maximal dose of Priligy should only be considered for use in individuals with no contraindications and be a subject of supervision by prescriber.

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    Who Can Use Priligy

    Being a benefactor of intravaginal ejaculation latency time, Priligy is designed to be used in men suffering from premature ejaculation (PE). In medical and pharmacological nomenclature, the term premature is used for ejaculation that happens uncontrollably soon and its delay is not possible through subject’s intention and volition.

    The problem of PE often manifests itself as a comorbidity state that accompanies other sexual disorders, such as erectile dysfunction. In this case combined therapy with PDE5 inhibitors is indicated.

    Priligy should only be used by persons with manifested PE in whom Dapoxetine therapy has been approved by a healthcare provider. Do not use the medicine if you have any Priligy contraindications, to which belongs hypersensitivity to the active substance, peanut or soya or to any of the excipients listed in section as the drug’s content.

    Since Priligy is an antidepression drug and interacts with serotonin in the brain, its use is not recommended in individuals with drug and alcohol abuse history.

    Dapoxetine And Other Drugs

    Dapoxetine And Other Drugs

    Dapoxetine is contraindicated in combination with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs). In exceptional circumstances, linezolid (an antibiotic which is a reversible non-selective MAO inhibitors) given in combination with Dapoxetine provided that there are resources available for close observation of symptoms of serotonin syndrome and monitoring of blood pressure.

    Treatment with Dapoxetine can be initiated two weeks after discontinuation of an irreversible MAOI, or at least 24 hours after terminating treatment with a reversible MAO inhibitor with short half-life (e.g. moclobemide, linezolid, methyltioninium chloride. methylene blue, a reversible non-selective MAO inhibitors). At least one week should elapse between discontinuation of Dapoxetine and initiation of therapy with any MAOI.

    Dapoxetine should not be used in combination with thioridazine, because, as with other drugs which inhibit the hepatic enzyme CYP450 2D6, Dapoxetine can elevate plasma levels of thioridazine. Administration of thioridazine alone can lead to prolongation of the QTc interval associated serious ventricular arrhythmia such as torsades de pointes, and sudden death. Dapoxetine should not be used in combination with pimozide.

    Priligy (Dapoxetine) And Viagra (Generic)

    priligy vs viagra

    Since Priligy is used to address the sexual problem of premature ejaculation which is often associated with other sexual dysfunctions, a common question is whether or not the drug is compatible with Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and other medicines employed in the treatment of ED.

    Tests and researches have shown that Priligy and Viagra Generic <<know more>>, as well as other PDE5 inhibitors, are fully compatible when taken in prescribed proportions, a subject to prescriber’s instructions. Taken in combination with Viagra, Priligy can significantly improve the quality of sexual episode, fixing existing issues with both erections and premature ejaculating.

    Viagra Super Force is a unique drug available in Canadian Pharmacy. Its formula comprises both Dapoxetine and Sildenafil taken in optimal proportions for the ultimate safety, efficacy and user’s convenience. One pill of Viagra Super Force is sufficient to restore erectile function and full control of IELT.

    Priligy Side Effects

    Some of the side effects listed below may decrease in intensity and frequency with continued treatment and do not generally lead to cessation of therapy.

    • Abnormal bleeding, predominantly of the skin and mucous membranes (mostly ecchymosis), thrombocytopenia.
    • Severe and potentially fatal allergic reactions (including anaphylaxis and angioedema).
    • Inappropriate ADH secretion (SIADH).
    • Commoelevated cholesterol levels, decreased appetite.
    • Changes in glycemic control have been reported for diabetes (see section 4.4).
    • Hyponatremia has been reported predominantly in elderly patients and is sometimes due to inadequate ADH secretion (SIADH).
    • Somnolence, insomnia, agitation, abnormal dreams (including nightmares).
    • Confusion, hallucinations, manic reactions, anxiety, depersonalisation, panic attacks, akathisia.
    • Not known: suicidal ideation, suicidal behavior, aggression.
    • Cases of suicidal ideation and suicidal behaviors have been reported during Dapoxetine therapy or early after treatment discontinuation.
    • These symptoms may also be due to the underlying disease.
    • Difficulty concentrating, dizziness, tremor, headache.
    • Extrapyramidal disorders, convulsions, restless syndrome (RLS), serotonin syndrome (symptoms may include agitation, confusion, diaphoresis, hallucinations, hyperreflexia, myoclonus, shivering, tachycardia and tremor).
    • Extrapyramidal disorder including oro-facial dystonia have been reported, particularly in patients with underlying movement disorders or who were using neuroleptic medication.
    • Blurred vision, acute glaucoma
    • Sinus tachycardia, bradycardia.
    • Transient increases or decreases in blood pressure, postural hypotension Transient increases or reduction in blood pressure have been reported following treatment with Dapoxetine, usually in patients with pre-existing hypertension or anxiety.
    • Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders, yawning
    • Nausea, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, dry mouth.
    • Gastrointestinal bleeding
    • Hepatobiliary disorders
    • Elevation of liver enzymes.
    • Hepatic events (such as hepatitis, sometimes associated with jaundice and / or liver failure).
    • Elevated liver enzymes have been reported. Post-marketing reports of hepatic events (such as hepatitis, sometimes associated with jaundice and / or liver failure) have also been received very rarely. Discontinuation of Dapoxetine should be considered if there is prolonged elevation of liver function tests.
    • Sweating, rash, pruritus, photosensitivity reactions, severe cutaneous adverse reactions (including erythema multiforme, Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis), urticaria, photosensitivity reactions.
    • Urinary retention, urinary incontinence
    • Sexual dysfunction, hyperprolactinaemia / galactorrhoea, priapism.
    • Joint pain, muscle pain.
    • Asthenia, body weight gain, peripheral edema.
    • Epidemiological studies, mainly conducted in patients 50 years and older, show an increased risk of bone fractures in patients receiving SSRIs and TCAs. The mechanism is unknown.
    • Withdrawal symptoms seen on discontinuation of Dapoxetine treatment
    • Dizziness, sensory disturbances, sleep disturbances, anxiety, headache.
    • Agitation, nausea, tremor, confusion, sweating, emotional instability, visual disturbances, palpitations, diarrhea, irritability.

    Discontinuation of Dapoxetine (particularly when abrupt) commonly leads to withdrawal symptoms. Dizziness, sensory disturbances (including paraesthesia and electric shock sensations and tinnitus), sleep disturbances (including intense dreams), agitation or anxiety, nausea, tremor, confusion, sweating, headache, diarrhea, palpitations, emotional instability, irritability and visual disturbances have been reported.

    Generally these symptoms are mild to moderate and self-limiting, however, in some patients they may be severe and / or prolonged. It is therefore recommended gradual discontinuation of treatment with Dapoxetine should be stopped.

    Generic Priligy (Dapoxetine)

    Canadian Health & Care Mall’s standout hit is generic version of Priligy (Dapoxetine). Generic Priligy is identical to the brand drug in its chemical composition, efficacy and safety. Considerably cheaper generic Priligy pills provide high quality therapeutic action. Individuals in whom Dapoxetine therapy has been approved by prescriber have an option of ordering the drugs online receiving their pills straight to their home.

    Priligy reviews

    In spite of Priligy being an SSI drug and an antidepressant, its effects are short-lived and do not contribute to developing dependence. It is therefore that FDA approved Priligy for the use in persons suffering from PE with no symptoms of depression or other psychological disorders. Large groups of Priligy reviewers speak in evidence of Priligy not being an addictive drug. Although careful step-by-step discontinuation is recommended in certain cases. The risk of acquiring antidepressant discontinuation syndrome is thus minimal at Priligy use.

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