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  • Supremely Easy Guide To Generic Drugs

    When the cost of medicating spins out of control, it is reassuring to know that there is a safe way to axe the cost of your therapy. Basically, you face the choice between brand and generic drug every time you find yourself at a pharmacy store with a filled prescription on hand. As often as not, your physician would fill in the prescription with generic name of the needed preparation, since it is the chemical formula that matters, not the manufacturer’s name. From there on, the choice between brand and generic is solely yours. Canadian Pharmacy answers some popular questions about generic drugs for you to take a more premeditated decision.

    What are generic drugs? Generics and intellectual property problem

    Every drug out there has a chemical formula that empowers it to do what it is supposed to do. Beyond that crucial parameter, hardly anything else matters. What makes generics different from the original pills is the name of manufacturer and the way the drug and its package look. For most consumers, to pony up for the name brand over the generic is a matter of prestige rather than a practical approach.

    Little it is known though that brand and generic are two milestones in a lifecycle of the same drug. Any drug in existence goes a long way from developing stage to patent expiration and generic production. And while discovering, testing and approving stages play an important role in what therapeutic benefits a medicine can bring to us as consumers, what happens to the drug between patent issuing and patent expiration with consecutive generic manufacturing is a matter of economic play. It affects only our budget, but not our health.

    generic meds

    To make a long story short, developing a drug costs much more money than we give ourselves trouble to imagine. Thousands and thousands of formulas get discarded in the process, which means years of laboratory researching. A few successful candidates then make it to the stage of clinical trials that involve people as subjects, which means many more years in the making, and many more developer’s dollars spent. Finally, it takes some time for FDA to approve the newly invented preparation and for the patenting authority to respond to patent request. After that, more investing should be made in marketing strategies and advertising to introduce the new drug to potential buyers. All of this affects the drug price in a way that can hardly be called budget-friendly for customers.

    Roughly, a patent protection is there to secure this buffering zone where the original developer wins back the money invested in its original product development. But the truth is that the cycle of developing new drugs for manufacturers never stops. Where do you reckon financing comes from? That’s right, when you buy brand drugs long after their patent expiration, you basically invest in pharmaceutical researching. Quite anonymously, since you will never hear your name in a credit speech or list of benefactors. Feeling philanthropic and patronic on a large scale? Then go full throttle for the brand. Otherwise, opt for generic manufacturer without any further second-guessing.

    Generics, a safe way to save

    Above we’ve concluded that generic drugs are in essence the same preparations as their brand counterparts, differing only in manufacturer. Their appearance is different, too, as well as the name, since they are a part of attribute set that belongs to copyright holder. This is the rationale behind different looks of your generic tablets. However, those discrepancies end when we get to the chemical formula itself and key ingredients of the preparation, as well as manufacturing standards. Each of these parameters is a subject to close supervision by FDA or analogous authorities in their country of origin.

    Thus, whenever you ask your pharmacist to substitute a much more costly brand medicine for its generic equivalent, you do not downgrade in either quality or safety. You simply cut down on the fanciness factor. But are you sure you want your drug cabinet to look fancy? Most of those healthcare products are not meant to be discussed, let alone put on display at your home. It is for a good reason that health information confidentiality law is practised around the world. So do yourself and your budget a great favor next time you put your shopping hat on, and save some hard-earned dollars applying practical thinking to brand vs. generic dilemma.

    The benefits from shopping most of generic drugs on the market can be shortlisted like this:

    • You pay less without any loss in quality;
    • You still get unquestionable safety approved by supervising authorities;
    • You exert your freedom of customer’s choice right;
    • You practice frugal living;
    • You enjoy a much more diversified offer categorized by dosing, form, manufacturer and the country of origin;
    • You support generic manufacturers, which means tougher competition for pharmaceutical giants and lowering drug prices in the perspective.

    Generic Viagra and other popular generic drugs at Canadian HealthCare Mall

    Viagra, Cialis, LevitraWe’ve established that there is a lot of unnecessary pressure going on in regard to brand medicines. Commercials and heavy promoting that large pharmaceutical companies can afford impose their products and incept it in your brain that you win by purchasing their produce. This is an illusion, but since we are so susceptible and easily influenced when it comes to health matters, since there is hardly anything more valuable to individuals, we buy into it, lock and stock.

    Once you take a critical step aside from your brand bias, you will see all of the unlimited opportunities offered by generic manufacturers. Canadian Pharmacy analysts have worked out the list of bestsellers among generic drugs. It is little surprising that this list is topped by ED drugs that cost an arm and a leg in its brand version. Viagra Generic, Generic Cialis and Generic Levitra bringing up the rear enjoy unparalleled popularity, competing only between themselves or within type categorizing. With different types of, say, Canadian Viagra you can intensify the therapeutic effect of Sildenafil by choosing from a range of pharmacological forms. You can equally dial down the intensity with a number of in-between dosages. Generic Sildenafil can also be found in combination with Dapoxetine, another great remedy for a widespread sexual disorder known as PE (premature ejaculation) – an adjacency that is impossible with brand Viagra. Shoppers of generic Viagra save 9/10 of the original drug price.