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  • 7 popular pills for ovarian cancer at Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Ovarian cancer is one of the most dangerous cancerous diseases that are typically revealed at later stages when medications and therapies tend to bring less efficient results. Chemotherapy is essential for ovarian cancer treatment, because it shrinks malignant cells and decelerates their multiplication. It can be used both before and after surgery – every case is individual.

    Ovarian cancer

    As a rule, ovarian cancer treatment combines both intravenous injections and pills. Find out what 7 oral remedies have proved to be tried-and-true, how to use them, and what their peculiarities are.


    Cyclophosphamide is a versatile cancer medication that inhibits the growth of cancer cells and decelerates their multiplication in patient’s body. It can be used separately, or in combination with other drugs to cure various forms of cancer. It also works by inhibiting immune system’s reaction to various diseases.

    Cyclophosphamide is produced in the form of white pills or blue capsules (less often – in liquid form). The dose depends on many different factors including patient’s overall health, medical condition, individual response to the medication and complimentary treatment options (radiation, other drugs, etc.). Before the course, a person should inform the doctor about other products used (including nonprescription drugs and herbal supplements).

    When taking cyclophosphamide, a patient should consume more liquids to promote more frequent urination and avoid bladder side effects. Prescribed dose should be strictly followed to achieve optimal results.

    Topotecan Capsule


    Topotecan is a cancer medication that controls the growth and spread of cancerous cells in body: it may be used to cure different types of cancer. It works the same way as cyclophosphamide does: reduces immune system’s response to disease lowering the amount of blood cells helping body to suppress infections and promoting blood clotting. Due to that, users of topotecan can catch an infection easier and bleed. Therefore, if you experience some side effects and suffer from bleeding or unusual bruising, you should consult with your doctor.

    As a rule, topotecan is used once a day during 5 days in a row. Such course is repeated every 21 days for four treatments minimum. Your body may start reacting to the medication within several weeks. The capsules are taken orally and drank up by a glass of water. Sometimes patients need to take two capsules of different color at one time – ensure you know the difference between them (one contains much more topotecan than another).


    Olaparib prevents spread of cancer cells in body and inhibits their effects. Olaparib inhibits PARP (enzyme Poly ADP-Ribose polymerase) that fixes DNA abnormalities in cells and helps to destroy cancer cells. It is typically applied to treat advanced cancer in women that it condition by inherited gene abnormalities. As a rule, doctors resolve to prescribe olaparib when at least three other cancer drugs don’t give any positive results.

    This medication was approved by FDA soon after it’s been discovered: the main advantage of olaparib is that it’s very efficient in combination with other drugs. It may promote tumor shrinking by up to 50% alone, and by up to 80% with other cancer medications. The medication is highly recommended for later cancer stages, because it may add up to survival time considerably.


    This medication is used together with olaparib to boost its efficiency. Сediranib affects vascular endothelial growth factor receptors, which means it decelerates development of blood vessels in tumor. As the result, cancer stops developing without oxygen and nutrients supplied.

    Combined with other drugs, this medication can lead to total remission. However, this may lead to a higher risk of side effects (fatigue, abnormal blood pressure, diarrhea, etc.). Severity of outcomes mainly depends on the dose – it can be minimized.


    This is another strong medication prescribed to patients who have already tried other cancer drugs and didn’t reach proper body response. Etoposide is usually prescribed with other medications. This is an antineoplastic, which means this drug works by ceasing tumor cell multiplication and development and preventing the spread of other cancer types. Etoposide is produced both in liquid form and as red capsules.

    They are usually taken for several days with 21-day intervals. The course may take several months. Just like many other cancer medications, etoposide may cause unwanted side effects, including dizziness. Therefore, if you need to drive a car, operate machinery or perform other tasks requiring concentration, take this medication carefully, or obtain from such activities. Use of etoposide with other medications or alcohol can affect your ability to execute potentially dangerous tasks. The capsules may reduce the number of blood clotting agents, so you should avoid getting bruises and injuries to prevent severe bleeding. Etoposide also inhibits body ability to fight infection. Inform you doctor, if you have any signs of diseases and infections (fever, runny nose, chills, sore throat, etc.).


    Hexalen is antineoplastic alkylating agent that interferes with cancer cell growth, though it’s unknown how it works exactly. It’s produced in 50 mg white pills, and should be taken strictly according to doctor’s prescription. First, the medication should be used with food or milk. Secondly, you should take hexalen on the days stated by your doctor. If you miss a dose, consult with your doctor to define whether it’s appropriate to double it next time. Doubling doses can cause unpleasant side effects. When disposing of used capsule, keep it away from other family members: its dust can be easily absorbed through skin and lungs.

    People allergic to components in hexalen should not use the drug, as well as those with nerve problems, shingles, chicken pox, infections and serious bone marrow problems. This drug should be carefully used by elderly people as it may affect kidney function. Besides, it can cause birth defects, when taken by pregnant women. Before using hexalen, consult with the doctor and inform him, if you have bone marrow depression or cancer, low white blood cell count, or bad liver conditions. Those receiving radiation should also use this drug carefully.


    ZejulaZejula is a cancer medication with niraparib active ingredient. It inhibits growth and spread of cancerous cells in body. These white and purple pills with 100 mg of active component each are used as maintenance treatment to prevent recurrence of cancer. Zejula is administered when a person has already received chemotherapy to which body has responded.

    Use Zejula exactly as recommended by your doctor, and don’t change its dose or duration of treatment. People usually start taking zejula no longer than 2 months after recent chemotherapy with other medications. Capsules may be taken with or without food, but always the same time each day. Capsules are used daily until body starts reacting on them. Since this medication upsets stomach, it’s recommended to be used at bedtime. Do not chew or break the capsule – swallow it whole.

     If you vomit soon after using a pill, don’t take another one after that. Wait until your next schedules intake and use a regular amount of medication. Niraparib contained in pills interferes with body ability to fight infections – therefore, your blood should be tested often. Treatment can be postponed based on the results of these tests.

    Please note that use of all ovarian cancer pills in the course of chemotherapy often causes vomiting and nausea. To suppress them, use medications prescribed by your doctor. When being through both IV and IP chemotherapy, you can experience more serious side effects like neuropathy, belly cramps and pains, or problems with kidneys and liver. Always inform your doctor about all severe side effects and complications you experience. Whatever your cancer case is, there are always different ways of treatment, and you can choose treatment option that will be more sparing than the others.

    These above mentioned medications have already proved their efficiency and safety. However, before starting any course, consult with your doctor and follow all prescriptions strictly. This way, you will avoid undesired side effects.

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