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  • Anti-Spam Policy: What Is Done for Your Peace of Mind?

    Canadian Health&Care Mall always recognizes any operations with spam letters, including receiving, their possible spreading, any sort of transfer, etc. Our specialists believe that spam letters have already become quite a concern of modern live. It explains why we take all effective steps to assist in minimizing spam transfer, its effect on your life.


    What’s Spam? Examples of Unsolicited E-Mails

    Spams are always sent to a user without his prior consent. While creating a profile on our service we suggest our clients subscribing to newsletters – e-mails of informative nature. They normally inform of the latest changes, new treatment options, bonuses or various special offers. Newsletters aren’t spams, yet in case they appear to be bothersome, one can unsubscribe from them any time.

    Is It Spam? – NO!

    Here are models of e-mail letters which shouldn’t be regarded as spam:

    • a message isn’t spam in case one requested it to come from any organization/ service (it’s the case with newsletters);
    • a letter isn’t spam in case it is a requested mass letter to a customer;
    • a new letter isn’t spam in case you’ve agreed to get a letter to learn new data or any types of promotions from a service or organization.

    Is It Spam? – YES!

    Here are models of e-mail letters to be regarded as spam:

    • a message from organizations/ services you have never had a prior association with;
    • a message as a part of mass campaigns organized by organizations, services or websites that you haven’t had any prior cooperation with;
    • a letter without a valid e-mail address;
    • a mailing that says you get money from home;
    • a letter with misleading or false data.

    What Anti-Spam Measures Are Implemented?

    Hating spam is surely not enough. We comply with the specifications/requirements of various national and international unsolicited e-mail regulations and laws. We never spam our clients and ask them to report any spam they get under our brand or trademark.

    In case our client is subscribed to our electronic newsletters, he still has an option of unsubscribing from them. For additional information, various questions, concerns as well as comments, send us an e-mail. We will tell you more.