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  • Privacy Policy. What PI Do We Protect?

    A serious organization or web service that hires a team of professionals does understand the importance of safeguarding of one’s data on all levels. That’s why clients’ data is never shared or used in purposes other than service related. In case of Canadian Health&Care Mall the list includes the setting up of delivery at the doorstep and the shipping process.

    Privacy Policy

    Your Evidence Is Employed For…..?

    • communicating with clients;
    • order handling;
    • providing products;
    • enhancing clients’ visits to the website;
    • approving prescriptions.

    Data disclosure is legally permitted in some cases. Yet we always check whether authorities that make requests really have some legitimate grounds for doing that.

    Types of Info Collected

    Our list doesn’t differ from one offered by any other professional and reliable organization. While a client is making an order and we organize the process of delivery, the info that is gathered is:

    • client’s name;
    • client’s actual address;
    • shipping address;
    • medical information;
    • phone number;
    • credit card data.

    In case with this service the info is obtained from a client’s application, if it is not enough we can contact him and ask to specify some details or request additional data.

    What Safeguarding Measures Are Used?

    To safeguard clients’ personal facts we choose and operate the latest and most reliable technologies. They match all national and international security standards and ensure that any info is protected against disclosures, access that isn’t authorized as well as misuse. There’s a special secured environment where all electronic files are kept in. Today we limit the use of paper files as they are easier to access or copy.

    Even our authorized employees don’t have access to customers’ data. Only staff responsible for delivery organization can view the info. All authorized members maintain data confidentiality at all times. If any fails, his mistakes will result in disciplinary measures and more.

    Policy Updates

    We keep developing the service and working on its improvement. Some aspects can be either modified or completely removed. If any changes are about to be included, our clients will be acknowledged in the new standards in a timely manner.