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  • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    Q: What kind of medicines do you sell?

    A: Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Service offers high quality generic medicines that are safe, reliable and efficient. They are organized under categories, so you can find the medicines for your condition with more ease, choosing from an assorted range of analogous drugs; of just use our embedded search tool if you know exactly what type of drug you need.

    Q: Why are your prices so low?

    A: As we previously mentioned above, we sell generic drugs. The entire point of producing generic medicines is that they are several times as cheaper as their brand equivalents, without compromising on their quality one bit. Find out more about generic medicines below.

    Q: What are generics?

    A: Generic drugs are drugs that are analogous to those manufactured under the patent, but since their producers do not purport to win back the money they invested in researching and testing, generic cost considerably less. Generic drugs that we sell are legally produced in regions where the patent for monopolistic production of their brand equivalents has expired. We then legally import them in Canada to eventually send off to where you are.

    Q: Why do generic pills look different?

    A: Since generic medicines that we sell are produced legally according to the norms and conditions stipulated by authority bodies, they do not infringe the copyright for physical appearance and the name held by the original developer of the substance. Therefore, each generic drug we sell differs in its shape, color and name from the original medicine, but here is where the differences end. The pharmacological qualities of every generic drug we have in stock fully correspond to those of the original medications.

    Q: Do you sell authentic products?

    A: Yes, we do. Our each product is sustainably sourced and has authentic quality to it. We only establish business relationships with manufacturers whose reputation is exquisite and whose production standards are high. Thus we secure the top quality money can buy. The drugs we offer at Canadian Health and Care Mall are made using safe quality materials that are identical to those used in their brand counterparts.

    Q: Who can order from your pharmacy?

    A: If you are aged above 18 and you have prescription for your medicine, which means that you saw the doctor about your condition, established the appropriateness of the use of a certain drug ruled out the possible contraindications, you can place an order with us.

    Q: Do you ship internationally?

    A: Glad you asked! We do, actually. You can place an order with us and you are built to get it shipped to you to wherever you are. Well, almost wherever you are. To check the list of the countries that we ship to, please got to checkout page and see the dropdown destination country menu. Keep in mind that your destination may affect the delivery time, in terms of the possible delays at the customs.

    Q: What shipping methods do you offer?

    A: Currently, we offer Regular Mail Delivery ($10) or Express Courier ($25). With Regular Airmail, you will receive your order within 21 days, and will not be able to track your package. With EMS (currently covering only the US destinations) you will get your order within 8 to 14 days; orders shipped with EMS service are trackable.

    Q: What payment methods do you offer?

    A: At Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy we accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard. Note that as of recently you can also pay and echeck.

    Q: How do you guarantee security of personal information?

    A: According to our Terms of Use, your private information stays protected by our 256-bit encryption that prevents malefactors from phishing in your personal files. We do not sell or share your contact information with any third party.

    Q: What is your newsletter and spam policy?

    A: You are automatically subscribed to newsletters from Canadian Health&Care Mall during your registration. You can opt out of receiving our newsletters by removing the check mark from Subscribe to Newsletters checkbox. We do not deal with spam soliciting. Our newsletters are purely informative or promotional in nature, often containing discount codes.

    Q: What if my order is delayed or does not arrive?

    A: In case your order is running late and you cannot track it, please start a ticket at our Customer Support Ticket page and provide as many details about your failed order as possible. We will investigate the matter and get back to you with the solution shortly.

    Q: What is your policy of returns and money back?

    A: If you are left unsatisfied with the products you received, start a Customer Support ticket at the respective page of our website or communicate the essence of your complaint via email. Your query will be considered and satisfied if found legitimate.

    Q: What is shipping insurance?

    A: At checkout you have an option of acquiring a shipping insurance at the cost of $4.95. It will be you guarantee for receiving the goods even if the delivering service fails to hand them in to you for some reason – we will re-ship your order at no cost whatsoever.

    Q: Do you have a loyalty program?

    A: When you shop with us for the second time, you are automatically enrolled on our list of repeat customers. You receive access to our internal club-member pre-sales and special offers.

    Q: Any bonuses and special offers?

    A: Canadian Pharmacy offers plenty of bonuses to its customers. Some of them are fixed and some come with a certain amount spent. Thus, you receive 4 pills of Generic Viagra or Cialis with any order (pick the one that appeals to you more); and then with every $150 spent you get a free Regular Mail shipping, a free Express Courier with $300 spent and a free insurance thrown in for a good measure for orders starting from $200.

    You can always find paperless coupons on our website’s main page or sitting in your mailbox. They can be used with your next purchase. Copy the individual code of your coupon and use it during checkout. By this token, you will avail greatly of being our subscriber: in this way, you will always enjoy priority access to hot deals, special offers and current discounts. You will also receive special VIP subscriber promo coupons regularly directly in your mailbox.

    We’ve taken the entire discount concept to a whole new level, as a matter of fact. Our offer that cannot be countered is that you can actually bargain for a price, just like you would do at your local marketplace. Simply make a price suggestion of what you are ready to pay for a certain product, and we will come up with an optimal suggestion based on a fair amount of research carried out. We will always reach back for you with maximal efficiency, creating a plethora of made-to-measure solutions for you to sift!