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  • A Focus on Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: How They Do It in Swiss Clinics?

    Neglecting all available treatment options because of ED pills that promise a temporary solution is the worst choice made by men. Availability, safety, confidence and high quality have brought Canadian ED pills (read more about Viagra Pills here) into the list of drug sources used all over the world. But no matter how tight man’s connection to the online service is, it cannot cure his impotence.

    Is there anything else to pick? Actually, there is. A man can use the benefits of the Swiss healthcare system and enjoy fast improvements that no ED drug will ever give. There’s no doubt that each country’s health system is different. Some include traditional treatment methods; others go with the new ones. Yet, when there is an impotence issue, it’s better to turn to Swiss clinics that feature both.

    Checking before Treating Is the Way It Works in Europe

    No matter what clinic you pick and who your doctor is, your complete examination is the first thing to be done. They do everything and anything to make sure that the diagnosis is correct and the chosen treatment course was the right one.

    Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

    All further actions will depend on the case’s severity as well as its triggers and possible underlying health issues. In Swiss clinics they do explain your chances and risks. No one is going to disappoint your hopes or betray your trust. Besides, even partner’s preferences can play a great part in treatment choices.

    5 ED Treatment Methods Offered by Swiss Clinics

    All methods that we are going to describe are different. Yet, regardless of ED severity, Swiss doctors make their patients start with lifestyle changes. Their persistence is shocking at times, but as soon as a man gets used to new rules, he can proceed to other aspects of the course.

    Method #1: Whatever Your Problem Is Healthy Lifestyle Is the Cure

    This method includes three main positions. Firstly, a patient quits smoking, if it’s one of his habits. This is a very serious and always challenging step. During the first three weeks he reduces the number of cigarettes and then quits for good. They may create various stressful situations to make a patient cope with them without a cigarette in his hands.

    ! Those, who find it very hard, may join smoke quitting programs.

    Secondly, a man should work on stress reduction, because stress is the main trigger of most serious diseases. In Swiss clinics patients learn how to relax: all problems are shared with friends, family and doctors. The most severe stress is managed with professional assistance only.

    Thirdly, they believe that improving health without exercising is next to impossible. Sports will be useful in treating ED as well as a whole bunch of other issues. Patients start with 20-30-minute walks and proceed to running and swimming 5 days a week. It is allowed to choose sports and exercises they like. However, there are also physical therapy programs offered.

    Method #2: Taking Drugs for ED Is the Rule

    There is a choice between injections, oral medications and drugs inserted through the urethra. The choice is rarely based on one’s preferences and mostly depends on the severity of case.

    Injections are popular for creating erections within a limited time. They enlarge the blood vessels, but often lead to adverse reactions. There are many recommendations as to what can and can’t be used, while undergoing the treatment course. Oral medications make things much easier. They have undergone many safety and efficacy tests and are available in different forms: tablets, pills, gel capsules, softabs.

    PDE3 inhibitors are the most popular oral medications these days. Both their safety and efficiency were discussed many times already. All their types are now available in Swiss clinics. If the cost is the main issue, one can buy high-quality medications from Canadian Pharmacy Online and get them delivered at the doorstep. Of course, there are warnings and precautions, as not all ED sufferers are allowed to use PDE5 inhibitors. The cases are always discussed with physicians.

    What are the practical differences between Generic Viagra and Cialis, Levitra and Kamagra from Canada? The main difference is the time of action, half-life and cost, of course. As to the latter factor, there is no need to get worried about the expenses. If you are with Canadian Pharmacy, discounts are always guaranteed. Some drugs work within 15 minutes (Cialis), others need 40-60 to provide the same results (Viagra).

    ! What about the success of treatment? ED drugs show excellent results in 60-75% of patients. Only 1 out of 10 may experience failure, and only 2 of 10 have minor side effects. As more and more pills appear in market every day, the chances for buying new and effective pills are high.

    Method #3: Psychotherapy Techniques Are Exceptional for ED

    Why is psychotherapy widely used in Swiss clinics? The thing is that no Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy, no matter how reliable and trustworthy it is, can provide pills for the reductions of ED’s psychological aspects.

    Psychotherapy helps men reduce their anxiety, which is frequently related to the sexual intercourse. FYI, patient’s partner should be involved in the process too as she will help the man with the techniques outside the clinic.

     Method #4:  Special Devices May Substitute Pills

    They are frequently referred as vacuum devices that are useful for erection creating. One man can choose Cialis or Viagra Online (More info about choosing Viagra online), while another one will go a different way and purchase a vacuum device to draw the blood flow to the penile area. The expansion of the penis is the main result.

    Such devices have three parts:

    1. a cylinder made of plastic (man’s penis is placed inside);
    2. a pump that assists in creating the vacuum inside the cylinder;
    3. an elastic ring that maintains the erection. The ring is normally placed on the penis’ base after the cylinder is removed. It prevents the blood from running back to the body. The ring should be taken in 30 minutes to restore proper blood circulation.

    ! Such devices have side effects. Much practice as well as adjustment is needed to achieve functionality.

    Method #5:  Can a Surgery Be a Way Out?

    It surely can, yet it is the option for men after 70 or those with severe ED conditions that cannot be treated with pills. During a surgery there is prosthesis to be implanted. It creates erections or assists in rebuilding arteries for an increased blood flow. Sometimes a surgery may be performed to repair/block veins that can lead to the blood leakage from the tissues.

    ! Surgeries are risky choices as the mechanical breakdowns are pretty often. A breakdown may lead to the infection that is hard to diagnose and treat.

    Patients of Swiss clinics are usually satisfied with the results. The process surely takes much time, but as long as the results are impressive, there can hardly be any complain. And though Canadian Pharmacy services are always in need, they can’t promise permanent results, and a Swiss clinic can.