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  • A ticket to heaven: mastering multiple ograsms technique

    orgasm timing

    Many men believe that experiencing several orgasms is the desire available to women only. However, this is not quite true – with proper training and a bunch of useful tips and recommendations you will experience the buzz of multiple orgasms and will enjoy the sexual skill hundreds of times in future. But first of all, let’s consider the mechanism of traditional orgasm in men, characterized by a certain sequence of specific actions and reactions.

    The eruption of the seminal fluid and the achievement of orgasmic sensations is not the same thing, although usually these events occur simultaneously. Man is capable of achieving multiple orgasmic sensations that are not accompanied by ejaculation.

    There is a myth that the orgasmic sensations in circumcised men are different from the ones in uncircumcised ones. Well, that’s not really so. In circumcised men the penile head loses its former sensitivity, so the duration of sexual intercourse is typically longer than in uncircumcised men. However, the quality of orgasm is not impacted by such factors as circumcision.

    Understanding orgasm timing and sequence of phases

    The whole process of orgasm can be divided into several successive stages:

    1. Excitation. This stage is characterized by blood flow rapidly entering the penis, accelerating heartbeat and stressing the scrotum. As a result, the testicles become larger and the erection occurs.

    2. Step plateau in which the penis achieves the peak excitation state. At the same time sex glands are activated, intensely producing secret. The head of the penis is filled and becomes purple-red;

    3. Orgasm formation – this stage is characterized by the accumulation of semen in the base of the urethra. After a muscle spasm the pressure jumps sharply, and breathing becomes more frequent. Bladder sphincter tightly locked in the closed position, the prostate begins to shrink and emission of semen. The sequence of actions is accompanied by a certain turbidity of consciousness;

    4. The final stage. The relaxation of penis and testicles takes place, scrotum tension and muscle spasms pass away, while blood pressure and heart rhythm return to normality.

    The hints to achieve multiple orgasm in as little as a couple of days

    The hints to achieve multiple orgasm in as little as a couple of days

    Basically, multiple orgasms is the ability to experience two or more orgasms, following nearly one another. A specific number of consecutive orgasms is difficult to determine: it depends on the age,skills, sexual stamina and a bunch of other factors. Multiple orgasm can be achieved if you learn how to achieve orgasm without emission of semen (the phenomenon is also called ‘dry orgasm’). As you experience a multiple orgasmorgasm the penis remains as a solid, as at the peak excitation, plus it is oftentimes accompanied by a fleeting influx of energy.

    To achieve a dry orgasm you should get as close to seminal fluid as possible, but ejaculation should not take place. It is necessary to stop frictions the moment before it occurs. Initially, stopping the movement may not work, but gradually with a couple of workouts, you will easily learn how to keep your feelings and actions under control. To learn more technique of multiple orgasm, you may practice several exercises, such as ‘stop – start’. Its principle lies in getting closer to ejaculation as closer as possible without ejaculating. Just before the release of seminal fluids you must stop frictions. At this time, it is recommended to focus on the runup pleasant feelings. During masturbation it is recommended to achieve 3-4 to reach peak conditions.

    Breathing exercises are no less important. Proper breathing helps to speed up the process of development of multiple orgasm. It is necessary to breathe with your stomach rather than the chest. To master this technique get in a relaxed position; on the exhale, stretch the lower abdominal area, just like if you are trying to squeeze the navel to the vertebra. On the inhale through the nose relax the bottom of the peritoneum, thrusting it forward. This exercise should be done for 20-35 times. Over time, you learn abdominal breathing, and during sex, this technique will help you to prevent early release of sperm and allow you to make the most of multiple orgasms.

    Yet another effective way to technique – Kegel exercises. It involves muscle tension of perineum and anus. This technique helps to successfully train pubococcygeus muscle. A huge incentive for the development of a technique of multiple orgasm can be the desire to go beyond the boundaries of a common orgasm and enjoy more vibrant sensations. With regular exercising you can master the technique in 4 – 6 months.

    Entering the new phase with pharmaceuticals

    This way or the other, in some people even exercising can turn into a sophisticated challenge because of increased sensitivity or infrequent sexual intercourses, not to mention erectile dysfunction cases. If you don’t have any contraindications to PDE-5 inhibitors (the far-famed lineup with Canadian Viagra, Levitra and Cialis headliners), you may want to give this option a try. However, double check the contraindications with your doctor. If you are ready to go, you may want to give a try to Viagra Super Force – a generic preparation offered by a number of drugstores at Canadian Health&Care Mall, the service aggregating numerous reliable, trustworthy online pharmacies. The preparation comes with sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine as active ingredients – the first one enhances your erection, while the second is designed to combat premature ejaculation, allowing you to last longer in bed. Viagra Super Force, starting from $5 per pill, is a perfect solution to master multiple orgasms – the preparation is positioned as ‘on-demand’ so that may be a way out in case the progress is not there despite the efforts and systematic practicing.