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  • Be a Rockstar in Bed. The Drive & Style of Generic Levitra

    The category of PDE5 inhibitors includes several kinds of medications for fast and effective treatment of the issue of erectile dysfunction in males. The most known and trendiest representatives are Generic Viagra (it takes the 1st place), Generic Cialis (the 2nd place) and Generic Levitra (the 3rd place). And though the first two options are chosen more often, Levitra keeps gaining its popularity due to multiple reasons. Today Levitra is manufactured in several forms:

    • regular pills;
    • dissolvable strips;
    • dissolvable pills.

    It is highly effective for impotence treatment that results because of:

    • drugs’ side effects: there are certain meds that can sooner or later lead to ED in males of various age. The list of possible ED triggers includes diuretics, blood pressure drugs, anti-depressants and tranquillizers;
    • physical reasons: these can be either chronic diseases or hidden body system processes. Today ED is a consequence of arteriosclerosis that prevents the sufficient flow of blood to the penile area, high cholesterol and sugar levels in blood, liver as well as kidney or heart diseases and aging, of course;
    • hormonal disorder: hypothyroidism, low testosterone production, hyperthyroidism;
    • psychological reasons: stress, depression, sexual fears, anxiety, guilt;
    • lifestyle: smoking, alcoholism, obesity, drug addiction.

    It’s obvious that triggers can be various. One needs time to learn which of them led to impotence in his case. However, ED is always treatable, if there is Levitra in one’s pocket.

    Generic Levitra: How It Acts in the Body Systems?


    FYI, Generic Levitra pills can increase the body’s ability to achieve and keep erections during sexual intercourses, but only if a male is stimulated. Drug’s main ingredient normally relaxes the blood vessels, allows more blood to penetrate the penile area and remain there to allow a man achieve an erection. Once the arteries are dilated, the veins are constricted to ensure a sufficient inflow and fewer outflows. This is a simple and clear erection mechanism.

    Recent researches proved Levitra pills to be as effective as their main counterparts – Viagra or Cialis; however, the medication has its own benefits: a male usually needs a lower dose of Levitra to ensure identical effects. For example, the same effects are achieved if a man takes 10 mg of Vardenafil and 50 mg of Sildenafil.

    Health Benefits of Vardenafil (Levitra)

    Sufferers with diabetes find Levitra pills more beneficial than other popular meds for erectile dysfunction relief. Most present-day Levitra users were former Viagra users, who reused from blue pills because of their inefficacy in certain cases. Unlike Viagra, Levitra always ensures satisfactory effects, especially in cases of heart diseases, diabetes, recent history of stroke or heart attack, low or high blood pressure conditions.

    As to the complications, it’s important to point out that any drug has them. However, negative reactions after the Levitra consumption are fewer and milder than those that are experienced after Cialis or Viagra consumption. There aren’t many cases of hearing loss or vision impairment. This is a beneficial quality for those males, who have vision problems and eye disorders. Acting within 20 minutes after the intake, Levitra is getting trendier and, who knows, maybe in 10-15 years it will manage to take Viagra’s first position.

    How to Take the Most from Treatment?

    There are several working tips that assist in enhancement of Levitra results. Unfortunately, not all couples know them, but you have a chance to improve your sexual life right away.

    • Tip 1

    Always engage yourselves in foreplay. The fact that Levitra is administered doesn’t mean that you need to act in a different way while being in bed. The mechanism, method and rules remain the same. Vardenafil will not help achieve an erection, unless a male is sexually aroused.

    • Tip 2

    Get your medication prescription from a reliable physician and, while consuming it and benefiting from results, keep regular appointments to a specialist to have your progress monitored. Tablets may be either too strong or too weak for you. A doctor will either increase or decrease the dosage, depending on your needs. During regular appointments don’t be afraid to discuss your improvements or complications. You should report cases of prolonged or painful erections, if there are any.

    • Tip 3

    Before planning taking Levitra, please don’t take much alcohol. If a man drinks too much and takes a Levitra pill, he actually reduces his ability to achieve erections. Thus, he prevents himself and his partner too from getting all the benefits from pills.

    • Tip 4

    Refuse from drinking grapefruit juice too. The matter is that grapefruits have chemicals that are able to increase the Vardenafil amount in one’s bloodstream. Large Vardenafil concentration can lead to severe side effects and health complications.

    • Tip 5

    And finally, never combine several ED meds. Why? They all act in the same way. So, when combined they can lead to cases of overdose that require immediate medical assistance.

    What Is the Safest Way to Take Generic Levitra to Be a Rockstar in Bed?

    The very first rule is to follow doctor’s prescriptions. Levitra is sold in different doses – 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, 20mg. A professional will suggest the dosage optimal for your ED stage. The right dose leads to the best results. Don’t forget to inform your doctor of your chronic conditions as well as medications that you take on a regular basis. Levitra interacts with different medications. Such combination can lead to serious side effects or even health complications. Whatever dose is advised, it should be consumed only once per day (Vardenafil remains in the body for a long time).

    Levitra has already changed lives of millions of males worldwide. The expected results it provides and few complications that it can cause are in the list of main reasons of its popularity. You will surely find your own reasons why you should entrust your health to Levitra. Don’t forget to share them with other sufferers who are now looking for an optimal medication for impotence treatment.