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  • Canadian Health&Сare Mall Advises: The Newest Drugs for Male Health

    If a man finds success from oral ED medications, he never stops seeking new alternative versions or generic drugs that could help to prevent any side effects (even the mildest) and provide the best results. We are eager to help those, who got lost in the list of numerous new drugs that boast amazing results. Let’s find out which of them are trustworthy and could surpass the greatest effects of Canadian Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or any of their generic forms.

    Future of ED Treatment Drugs: Top 5 Newest Market Options

    ED Treatment

    • Uprima: Brain Stimulation

    Uprima medication is currently in the list of the newest ED treatment drugs that have won popularity around the globe. The tablets stimulate the brain’s chemical that works heightening both sensations and the sexual interest.
    The clinical trials are still being conducted in many countries of the world, especially in Europe. Along with numerous benefits provided by the new medication, there also come side effects like nauseas, vomiting, etc.

    Is Uprima absolutely safe? There are still doubts. Nevertheless, it is now on a long ways of tests, trials and researches and has all chances to become more popular than Viagra.

    • Stendra: Twice as Fast

    The speed is perhaps the best thing about Stendra pills. It boasts amazing and long-lasting effects within 20-30 minutes, which means it is faster than Viagra. Its active ingredients are capable of increasing the blood flow to the penile area faster.

    During the clinical tests over 77% of ED sufferers got erection in 15 minutes after Stendra intake. Yet, any positive action may have its drawbacks. In case with Stendra these are face redness and headache, cold-like symptoms or nasal congestions, back pain, etc. If any more serious side effects take place, a man should consult his physician immediately.

    If you take drugs to treat high blood pressure or diabetes, you are not allowed to combine them with this ED drug, as the combination of this sort leads to a sudden blood pressure drop and may cause stroke or heart attack.

    • Topiglan: Alternative for Men Who Can’t Take Pills

    Some men do find it problematic to take pills for ED treatment. While looking for alternative medications, they get really puzzled. This is why doctors and scientists decided to cooperate and create a cream or gel form for ED sufferers – Topiglan.

    The cream is very quickly absorbed (a few minutes after application). It causes no risks of adversely interacting with other drugs. It means that even men with diabetes or hypertension problems can use Topiglan and experience no side effects.

    What about results? They are seen immediately as the cream needs minutes to be absorbed into the blood stream. Topiglan is now regarded as the best option for men, who like spontaneity in their sexual life.

    • Staxyn: Superiorities over Most Meds

    Staxyn pills always contain the lowest drug dose required for the desired effects and absence of any complications. If achieving erections within the limited time is your number 1 aim, this medication is just for you.

    It is hard to find a simpler or more comfortable medication today. Though there are tens of others, neither of them is as unique and superior. Drug’s active ingredient improves the blood flow, expands the penis, makes it get erect and ensures proper stiffness.

    Over 90% of users don’t experience any side effects. Other 10% may have mild ones. This is mainly why Staxyn is regarded as the medication with superiorities. Staxyn is a prescribed medication, and self-treatment with its help may lead to serious health problems.

    • Melanocortin Activators

    These drugs are in the list of the newest ED treatment medications too, yet they differ from the rest of options a male can use for a great performance in bed. The thing is that Melanocortin activators act through male’s central nervous system and the brain, in particular.

    As for now, the activators have been shown in animal studies only. They produce the required erection and cause no by-effects that so many males are afraid of. What about studies in humans? They are in their initial stage now. The drug is proven to be effective in case it is given to patients with emotional and psychological ED causes rather than physical ones.

    Melanocortin activators work only for ED sufferers with mild and modern issues, and are useless for those with severe problems. The drugs are given through the nose. Their overall safety as well as efficacy will soon bring them to the top position, which means that such popular drugs as Viagra or Cialis may lose their main audience for good.

    More infrormation about Viagra:

    Does Gene Therapy Work?

    What is the essence of the gene therapy? It is based on delivering genes that are able to produce proteins/products which used to function improperly in the men’s penile tissue. Generally speaking, this is the process of proteins replacement that usually results in erectile function improvement.

    Experiments have demonstrated many improvements in erectile function, though animals were the only participants. Human studies are expected to be as great. However, gene therapy may take much time for public acceptance as well as regulatory approval.

    Why New Drugs Aren’t for Everybody?

    Though 18 years have passed since the time first ED drugs were introduced, today there is still no medication that guarantees awesome and safe results in 100% of cases. Every year, researches are looking for new options, ingredients, active elements and ways to reduce the number of side effects. Yet only 85-90% of patients experience satisfactory results, whereas other 10-15% of sufferers are looking for alternative pills.

    They make a common mistake changing one type of pills to another. But as long as all drugs belong to the same medication group, their attempts are of no use.

    What shall be done? We suggest refusing from standard ED pills, so-called blue pills that work in the same way, but differ by the name, dosage and taste. Trying the newest options, you have more chances to improve your sexual life as their majority includes new alternative ingredients and natural supplements that work even for people with severe ED problems and other health conditions that decrease Viagra or Cialis results.

    Strengthening without Drugs: True or False?

    Is it possible to achieve great results without taking any medication and turning to some alternative methods? It depends on the severity of ED, of course. Today, not many men reported success that appeared only due to healthy products and regular exercising. Nevertheless, the importance of changing a lifestyle can hardly be overestimated. Here are the things that should come into one’s life along with the newest drugs:

    • weight loss;
    • moderate drinking;
    • healthy food;
    • more natural juices;
    • exercising.

    Quit smoking and soon you’ll experience first improvements. They say that cigarettes have a negative effect on vessels’ ability to relax. There are even scientists, who keep repeating that quitting smoking may be much better than taking ED drugs. What about alcohol? Too much of it is capable of increasing sex desire, yet it also decreases the ability. Two glasses of wine never have any dangerous effects, but 2-3 glasses of whiskey affect male’s ability in a quite different way.

    Exercise more to lose weight! This is a tip for people with hypertension and ED problems. Weight loss will be helpful for lowering the blood pressure and ensuring the ability of blood vessels for dilation. Besides, you’ll be better looking, which is not less important today.

    And finally, check other medications that you take. Some of them really reduce the blood flow and can easily contribute to the development of ED. Talk to your physician and discuss the side effects of anti-hypertension meds and antidepressants.

    The biggest issue or barrier is their cost, of course. Insurance usually doesn’t cover ED prescription drugs. The medication is really expensive, so many patients turn to generic drugs that boast the same results, yet remain cheaper. In any case, no matter which way you go, consult your physician. Discuss your chances of progress and cure, if new drugs are included into a treatment course. – the trusted service for Your Health.