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  • Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Setting The New Tone In The Industry

    The nowadays state of affairs around online meds sales leaves much to be desired. The industry could have achieved way better results in terms of efficiency and accessibility, but the excessive dependence of market on Big Pharma companies in conjunction with poor regulation framework on the global level are holding the development back. Of course, there are zillions of factors that have a drastic impact on the course of industry progress, but this way or the other, the common problems and stumbling blocks are known quite well.

    Considering the full scope of acute industry issues deserves a well-grounded research, backed by eloquent statistical data. That’s a huge topic that is rather valuable to savvy small business, and hardly to regular customers. Therefore, our focus is narrowed to the ways the business could be done around the globe. Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy service is the example we are going to study under the microscope, the decent example that could be used as a basis for building an online meds store. We’ll consider the local benefits for the business, customers and society, as well as touch the general industry aspects that the larger audience may not be aware of.

    The company and its path

    Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy Setting The New Tone In The Industry

    Canadian Pharmacy Service has been paving its way to the current positions since 2003. Today it’s a dynamically developing company that fortifies its sales amounts and doubles its audience in just one year. Launched as exclusively internet-oriented company the company has been reloaded in 2011 when a new strategy was adopted and its implementation has been kicked off. Thus, Canadian Pharmacy service has entered a new segment of the market and since then it has very little to do with a massive legion of faceless, spammy online shops you’ve most probably got used to.

    The absence of tough and well-shaped regulations that coincided with search engines aspiration period resulted into a global flooding of fast buck-driven businessmen. Yahoo and Google search results manipulation was a powerful instrument for promotion of virtually any services, although the new wave of webmasters nourished particular interest in the darker side of the web: adult materials and… meds sales. An avalanche of online stores covering the web has been triggered and a couple of years with things remaining unchanged have led to the fact that online shoppers have got used to such experience. So a totally discredited image of a modern drugstore is something that doesn’t provoke sharply negative perception. This is where one of the global problem lies and this is where the example of Canadian Pharmacy service is particularly interesting.

    Shopping experience is bad. But people are ok with it.

    With the emergence of mass production of generic alternatives to costly medications, a golden era of webmasters started. On one hand, the very concept of generic preparations is absolutely reasonable and, perhaps, even noble. Thus, thousands of people in both well-developed and developing economies get access to affordable medications. But looking at the state of affairs from a different angle, a long range of shortcomings and even dangers can be seen. From going through the floor quality of products to counterfeit preparations containing hazardous components. The online industry gave birth to numerous mediators and it seems like a better part of generic market representing interests of 3rd party companies, having nothing to do with actual sales and business processes – these guys focus exclusively on online promotion.

    The prices for generic medications produced in Central and South-Eastern Asia can be 2-20 times cheaper against the background of original drugs, and their cost price is not a big deal when it comes to large demand. However, in the area where legal framework merely exists, the black market is flourishing. This is how companies may purchase dirtily cheap medications, team up with individuals, teams and enterprises involved in online promotion and sell placebo meds under the guise of tested and proven alternative solutions. This is a rare case where the market may dictate the rules, as the demand is huge and its growing.

    The competition in the niche is truly mind-blowing, and as the majority of one day businesses plunges into at best unfair and at worst case scenario – fraudulent and scam techniques, there’s no need to invest in long-term development in its classic interpretation. The long-term prospects these people stick are completely different and difficult to comprehend for common people (building domain network, creating satellites and doorways – this list largely relates to manipulations in the online world).

    When you play fair you are not necessarily doomed to failure

    Canadian Healthcare Pharmacy has chosen a different way. This way is not common among grey dealers and it may remind you the way ordinary online businesses are grown and developed. The initial strategy implied using fair practices only, as the risks associated with unfair business conduction are too high for a company that wants to stay in legal business for years to come.

    So the company has started with a single drug, Canadian Viagra – an ambitious product gaining popularity at railway speed at the dawn of 00’s and now dominating the global market. Erectile dysfunction was the only category in the company’s sphere of interest, while generic direction looked like a totally reasonable direction to take given the sky-high prices for original drugs. So the company started officially – registered in Canada it has been serving drugs locally, and in the process of time has expanded its offers to the global audience. The service has been up and running for several years and developing as a niche platform, building online presence and reputation (word of mouth became a vital part of development – the aspect that gives a fair company a chance to keep afloat and stand out from the spam madness).

    So in 2011 the company was reloaded with an investments influx combined with the revenue provided by several years of Viagra-based store operation. The rapid development wouldn’t have been possible without a fair name and win-win contracts suppliers and distributors. Thus, the foundation laid by Viagra store became the fat land for growing the product line – during the 4 years the product lineup has increased from a bunch of modifications of 1 product to over 100 products, not to mention the modifications.

    How does Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy keeps it offbeat?

    The company has been gradually introducing new competitive advantages, keeping the essential promises it has given at the beginning of its way. The quality of products leaves nothing to be desired – all the products represented in the lineup are shipped directly from manufacturers’ facilities as the company has eliminated a better part of mediators in its sales chain. Now the risks associated with poor quality are reduced to zero.

    The list of products is now replenished on a constant basis – from hair growth to female health medications, the store offers the most demanded meds: both the time-tested and neoteric ones (from old good doxycycline to a combinative Super Viagra solution).

    Canadian Pharmacy Mall service has recently launched an ambitious loyalty program – now the returning customers are generously rewarded with discounts, extra packages, expedited shipping and myriads of other benefits.

    Traditionally, shipping is the sore point of both legal and grey businesses. And yes, you can hardly count on same or next day shipping. Nevertheless, the delivery takes 3-4 business days on average for the upper states (all in all, you should better check it out beforehand).