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  • Canadian Pharmacy: Pro And Contra And Why Online Pharmacy Is So Popular


    online pharmacy

    What is Online Pharmacy?

    An online pharmacy is a store that uses the internet as a platform where customers can order medications. The orders are usually processed via online paying systems, while the goods are delivered via shipping companies.

    What is online pharmacy?

    Online pharmacies have become increasingly popular among the customers for a variety of reasons, these including:

    • Prices on the same drug or the class of drugs are usually significantly lower in on-line pharmacies as opposed to prices in regular pharmacies;
    • Online pharmacies are all-in-all less time-consuming. A customer do not need to go visiting a doctor to get a prescription for a medication;
    • If one is dealing with an international pharmacy company, one gets a wider choice of medications, because legitimate Internet pharmacies in a country different from a country where a customer reside follow its own regulations, and, therefore, customers have a broader choice of the drugs in the catalogs.

    How popular are online pharmacies?

    Today, with the wide-spread access to Internet, online pharmacies have become very popular with customers all over the world. The use of online pharmacies has been increasing year on year.

    Most customers who opt for online buying admit that it is convenient and easy. Besides, for some countries, such as the US, purchasing a generic drug in online market can save 50 to 80 percent of money one would spend buying in a normal pharmacy.

    In the trusted online pharmacies, there is a medical team that really substitutes a medical specialist one would normally go to seek advice. Doctors check all the incoming inquiries and if necessary ask for the further details in a patient’s medical history in order to recommend one what one really needs.

    What to choose: Canadian pharmacy or American pharmacy?

    Currently, plenty of customers from the United States opt to purchase their medications from Canadian on-line pharmacies instead of buying from the American ones.

    Several factors contribute to this effect:

    • Prices are lower in Canada

    One of the core reasons for that is that the price on most generics that are usually chosen in the online basket in Canadian stores is way lower than that in American ones.

    • Applying FDA policy

    US Food and Drug Administration is the institution which essentially observes, approves, and regulates every existing medication coming into the American pharmaceutical market, either online or offline. Without a seal of approve from FDA, no medication can pass into the market.

    While Canadian regulations take into consideration a verdict from FDA, it doesn’t mean the online stores cannot sell the unapproved pills on the market. This allows the new coming generic medications to be sold easier in Canada than in the US.

    • It is easier to sell drugs that are manufactured overseas in Canada than in the US

    While American licensing is more loyal towards the products that are manufactured within the USA as opposed to those manufactured elsewhere, be it Germany or India, the Canadian licensing process allows an easier license for drugs pouring in from all over the world. That results in a much wider choice of options on the Canadian online market.

    Why Canadian online pharmacies offer their meds for lower prices than American pharmacies do?

    There are several undercurrent reasons for this:

    • The difference in buying in bulk amounts

    In Canada, it is the centralized system of purchasing meds in bulk amounts. Each particular province can buy whatever amount of a particular medication. It entails a much lower buying price.

    In the US, on the other hand, the regulations do not allow Medicare system to ever negotiate in prices.

    • Canadian patent regulations are not that strict in Canada

    Canada has a much more flexible patent policy than the US in general. A wide variety of medications can be easily patented in Canada, making a competition higher, and, consequently, lowering a price on a particular product.

    • Pricing similar treatments

    In Canada, when they make the pricing of a class of drugs, they take into consideration medications that are applied for the same treatments. These are obtained by the evaluations of the teams of researchers focusing on a particular class of a medication. In US, by contrast, it is not the case.

    Online pharmacies: Prescription and non-prescription drugs

    non-prescription drugs

    Reputable online pharmacies are seen as a sort of equivalent of community pharmacies. Most customers who have vast experience in dealing with both of these admit that the delivery process as applied to mail-order procedures is a much more convenient way to obtain the medications.

    Some online markets are known to deal only with prescription medications, while others, equally legitimate, are dealing with both prescription and prescription-free medications. The latter exist largely because in some countries, such as Canada, prescriptions are not mandatory as applied to many treatments.

    Still other customers, in the United States in particular, turn to online markets for obtaining prescription-free analogs of the prescribed drugs in order to save money. Most of the reputable online stores have a team of medical specialists to review the medication request and prescribe a needed medication according to a medical history of a patient. Yet others offer drugs without a prescription or a medical specialist’s review. The latter seen as potentially dangerous for customers.

    Generics in Canadian Pharmacies Online

    The prices on generic pills on the Canadian Pharmacy Online have seen a sharp decline since 7 years ago. The prices got lower for as much as 2 times since 2010. This was the result of the change in the policy regarding generic-to-brand price ratios. The most wanted groups of medications are those for the diabetes and erectile dysfunction treatments. Manufactured In India, and provided by reputable pharmacies, sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil are the bestsellers on the online market in Canada.

    The costs of healthcare in Canada and the US

    Canadian health&care spending

    In the year 2013, overall spending in healthcare wound up to be around $ 215 billion, annually.

    The bill is comprised of, among others:

    • Hospitals

    Hospitals take around 30 percent of the overall amount of money spent. It reaches somewhere around $ 65 billion.

    • Medications

    Drugs spending are around 15 % of the total, making up around $ 35 billion.

    • Medical specialists

    Physicians take a similar share to medications’, winding up at around 15 percent of the total, with $ 31 billion.

    These numbers increase yearly on around 3-4 percent. The number of medical specialists working in the Canadian health industry is increasing over years. Canadian population is characterized by a rapid pace of aging, and every year Canadians are in need of more medical specialists. The government institutions spend around 70 percent of the total amount on healthcare., while the rest 30 percent is covered by the customers via insurance plans.

    US health care spending

    By contrast, the total American spending on healthcare is around $3.2 trillion, or $10000 per citizen.The total surged after Affordable Care Act passed, and it still shows an increase.

    • Hospitals

    Hospitals comprise around 31 percent of the total spending, reaching slightly less than $ 1 trillion. These services keep growing due largely to the use of services and their intensity.

    • Medical specialists

    Physicians together with clinical services reach at around 20 percent of the total spending, getting to be around $ 650 billion. The growth is around 5 percent per year, and largely due to non-price factors.

    • Prescription Medications

    Spending on prescription medications makes up around 10 percent of the total amount, reaching $ 300 billion annually. The tendency to grow is largely due to the increasing interest spending on new drugs, price growth for existing brand name medications, increased spending on generic medications, and fewer pricey top-selling medications getting to be off-patent.

    How health care acts affect medical services in Canada and US

    It is the well-known fact that in the United States the spending on health care are one of the highest in the world per person due to the health care system that exists now. On the other hand, support for single payer in Medicare in Canada is unanimous across all political fractions. There is no way even the right-wing conservatives in Canada would go for American system.

    Within the existing system of health care in Canada, the following points are expected to be improved in the nearest future:

    • Making family doctor accessible to every citizen of Canada,
    • Improving waiting times via reorganization of delivery of health care,
    • Reorganizing prescription medications supply by including them into medicare system.

    How US and Canadian Health&care systems are interconnected

    Canadian Health&care systems

    Canadians doctors exiting public health care sector in preference for private practice increase the number of patients waiting to get a health care. On the other hand, some doctors from the opt for coming into Canada seeking jobs.

    Because of the long periods of being on a waiting list to see a doctor, many Canadian patients go to the United States, where they could get a faster treatment. In particular, this concerns procedures like an MRI scanning, which is an essential procedure for many critical conditions. The main task of the existing Canadian health&care system is reducing the waiting time for each and every patient.

    When talking about buying prescription-free generics online, many Americans opt for going to Canadian Health Care markets, as these offer much more diverse range of products due to the licensing system, patent system, and other factors observed in Canada.

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