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  • Christmas Sales at Canadian Health&Care Mall – Dec 25-27!

    Canadian Health&Care Mall has announced the beginning of holiday promotion actions! On the eve of Christmas and New Year, Canadian and U.S. residents can save money when buying medicines and please their loved ones with original and useful gifts. Products participating in the promotion are lower by 15%. Special prices are set for more than 1000 drugs that include topical anti-cold and immunity-enhancing drugs, vitamins, ED pills and even more. Holidays bring a lot of fun and rebates for our beloved customers and offer the lowest prices for medications in Canada and the U.S.

    Given low prices, this holiday promotion can be called a real gift for those who want to save money and stock up with guaranteed high-quality medicines at the same time. So, although the action will last until the end of this year, it still makes sense to hurry with purchases in order to have time to buy the most popular products at tempting prices.

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    For those who care about the health of their loved ones and are thinking about gifts for the holiday, Canadian Health&Care Mall offers promo codes that can be used for a considerable discount for medicines, cosmetics or medical devices. For many categories of citizens (e.g., retired or people undergoing expensive treatment), our online pharmacy has become a real catch! We hold holiday discounts and promotions to be as profitable as possible! To make sure that Canadian Health&Care Mall is the cheapest in the country, you can independently compare the prices of medicines at other pharmacies, or call our reference pharmacies and check availability at pharmacies and prices of medicines.

    There is no need to go out to buy goods and services. Order via us, and your order will be delivered to your home, hospital, or office. This is convenient – you do not need to spend time on the way to the pharmacy – Canadian Health&Care Mall will bring you medicines at a convenient time and place! We promptly ship orders and if you place your order before 6 PM, Canadian Health&Care Mall will deliver it today! It goes without saying that it is convenient and fast!

    What products are most wanted with our regulars?

    Let us check the chart of our TOP 5 medications according to the results of 2018:

    1. Viagra

    This is a drug for treatment of disorders in male sexual function. It is used exclusively as a symptomatic remedy for erectile dysfunction (impotency). It is not a cure for diseases of the urogenital system, does not directly cure erectile problems, but only helps to temporarily resume it.

    2. Neurobion Forte

    The B vitamins contained in Neurobion Forte are neurotropic substances, neurological coenzymes. They are an important element in intermediate metabolism in the central and peripheral nervous system. Like other vitamins, these components are essential nutrients. They are not synthesized by an organism, and are provided by fish and cereals. Acceptance of a neuropathic drug compensates for the lack of ingredients coming from food, which increases their therapeutic efficacy.

    3. Cialis

    The main medical indication for taking Cialis tablets is to improve the erectile function, an impairment of which was provoked by various reasons. Cialis has a long-term action and has minimum side-effects.

    4. Retin –A

    Retin-A cream has been successfully used for the treatment of acne and other skin problems for a very long time. In the past two decades, it has also been applied to the treatment of wrinkles, pigment spots and other manifestations of fading skin, as well as skin affected by solar radiation.

    5. Zovirax

    Zovirax is ointment with anti-viral anti-inflammatory effect which is applied on skin. The action of the drug is aimed at stimulating immune system. Thus, a perfect result is achieved in struggle against viral diseases.

    Canadian Health&Care Mall congratulates you with the forthcoming holidays! May the New Year be full of significant positive changes, well-being and prosperity! So, with a good mood and excellent health, everyone who applied to our online pharmacy will be able to keep fit and welcome in the New Year happily!


    Canadian Health&Care Mall holiday price rebates have never been that big! Orders are delivered promptly, shipping charges included. Holiday discounts and promo actions are fantastic chance to stock up with medications cheaply and anonymously. Canadian Health&Care Mall offers you a perfect possibility to save time and money!