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  • Cope with Alcohol Problems with the Help of Canadian Pharmacy

    Alcohol addiction is one of the most common and widely spread social problems of our time. Canadian Pharmacy offers medications that help to cope with this “disaster”.

    Millions of people, both men and women, are suffering of this addiction which breaks their lives and lives of their close people.  Alcohol is the reason of most crimes, family violence, and divorces. In most of the cases those who are addicted can not quit heavy drinking by themselves. Relatives, friends, professional psychologists and others try to help them, yet more often all these attempts are worthless.Man drinking alcohol

    The roots of alcoholism lie in some peculiarities of the brain chemistry of the patients. Once they have started drinking, they feel a strong psychological and physiological need for alcohol. The development of Canadian pharmacy brought a new chance to them. Modern market field provides a numerous pills that are effective in struggling with alcohol addiction.

    Being one of the most advanced online drug stores, Canadian Pharmacy provides a great range of medicines helping to cure alcohol addiction. You are allowed to read feedbacks, choose from the great variety of original drugs and their generics. With Canadian Pharmacy you will save your money and get the highest results with the most qualitative medicines. All that you have to do is to choose the drug that you think will be the best in your case, add it to your virtual basket, make a payment and wait about 10 days for the delivery, also don’t forget to go though the fast registration.

    Below you will find some short reviews of the most popular cures of alcohol addiction that are available at the Canadian Pharmacy.

    Stop Drinking with Antabuse

    Antabuse is an aldehyde dehydrogenase inhibitor. It provides a great help for those who are trying to get rid of alcohol inhibitor. When alcohol is taken, it breaks down to the element called acetaldehyde and further is broken down in the liver by an enzyme called aldehyde dehydrogenaze. Antabuse blocks this enzyme which leads to a wrong process of alcohol interference.  Such invasion causes harmful symptoms like nausea, headache, vomiting and flushing; the symptoms occur even after the smallest doses of alcohol. This reaction of organism is called disulfiram, it prevents patients from drinking. The reaction usually starts in 10 minutes and may last for hours. Patients understand the risks of this state and stay aware of alcohol.

    Here are some basic recommendations about taking Antabuse. It does not matter if you take a pill whole or crash it in the mouth. The cure is to be taken not more than one a day; the state of your stomach does not matter. You should wait at least 12 hour after the last dose of alcohol before taking the pill. Call your doctor immediately if you get disulfiram-alcohol reaction, don’t waste time, as it may cause an irreparable harm to your health.

    We recommend to look at the prices and available dosages of Antabuse at our Online Pharmacy Service.


    Take a look at the list of disorders that do not allow curing with Antabuse.

    • heart diseases and the history of heart attacks;
    • increased blood pressure;
    • psychological disorders;
    • you are pregnant or during the period of breast feeding.

    During the treatment your body will be sensitive even to the slightest doses of alcohol. Stay ware of the products that may contain it, these can be vinegars, sauces and mixtures. Also be careful with a non-alcohol or non-alcohol drinks too.

    Take the medicine directly as it is prescribed for you by a specialist. Never increase the dosage and don’t take the additional one if you miss it.

    Store the drug in a dry place with a mild temperature regime and low moisture. Be sure that children will be not able to find it.

    Decrease your Carving for Alcohol with Naltrexone

    NaltrexoneNaltrex (Naltrexone) was first created to help patients with addiction to opoid drugs, as it blocks them, yet it was soon approved by FDA to be used for treatment of alcohol addiction. The result of taking this medicine can be seen in the lowering of alcohol carving, even when the patients see some alcohol in front of them they hardly feel like to drink that, which really shows a very high effectiveness.

    The dosage and the length of a treating cycle have to be determined only by a doctor. Self treatment may cause severe side effects and harmful aftermaths. Patients usually start from a minimal dose, which is 25mg, and if there are no signs of side effects it can be increased up to 50mg. The usual course never lasts for more than three months. The treatment can be started only when at least 7 days has lasted after the last time when alcohol was drunk. Researches show that Naltrexone does not cause an addiction and that the treatment can be stopped accidentally without any risks.

    Your doctor will probably forbid taking the cure if you have any of these:

    • allergic reaction to naltrexone hydrochloride;
    • some chronic illnesses of liver and kidneys;
    • you are taking any opioid analgesics.

    The best results of a treatment will be achieved if to combine the medical treatment with the professional psychological help or taking a part in some self-help groups.