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  • Does Canada Regulate Its Pharmacies?

    Canadian health&care is one of the fields, which is rightly proud of the state. The Canadian health care system funded by the state and is best described as a system of insurance. And health care plans of ten provinces and three territories. This system is known as Medicare and provides free or nearly free health care and medical services to all citizens of Canada.

    Does Canada Regulate Its Pharmacies

    This structure was developed because medical care is in the competence of local, provincial authorities, not the Federal government. The health care system of each province or territory is bound by principles established at the national level.

    To prevent the flow of substandard medicines, pharmacy institutions and health care institutions must purchase drugs only from reputable market providers, having the corresponding license.

    Upon receipt of medicines must be carried out careful inspection, including the inspection of the conditions of transportation, the availability of all necessary supporting documents, the inspection of the external appearance of packages of the data on the packaging and accompanying documents. Acceptance inspection must be carried out under the guidance of the Commissioner for quality pharmacies. Mandatory checks for information about the procedure of monitoring.

    Received, the drug should be immediately placed in the storage locations, taking into account, first and foremost, the required temperature mode (cool place, cool place, room temperature) and other conditions (protection from light, moisture), taking into account the pharmacological group and the method of application.

    Can a Canadian Pharmacy Fill My Order Without a Doctor’s Prescription?

    For most of drugs – no. But there are always some medicine that can be ordered without a Doctor’s Prescription. You can check it by calling to the pharmacy.