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  • Generic Kamagra Types in Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy: Effervescent, Polo and Oral Jelly Stack Up

    Nowadays, medicines for erectile dysfunction are rather widely represented on pharmaceutical market. This fact is explained by the wide-spread character of sexual issues in men. Moreover, clinical trials of innovative medications do not cease and new medicinal formulas always refill pharmacies. Up to date the leading position was occupied by Viagra which is well-known and very popular. But along with appearance of new analogous generics of Viagra, the latter had to take second place to them. Generics such as Kamagra are much cheaper but have similar efficiency. Moreover, they are represented by various presentation forms: capsules, jelly, chewing pills, effervescent tablets, etc.

    Description of Kamagra Variants

    Let us examine the following Kamagra presentation forms: Kamagra Effervescent, Kamagra Polo and Kamagra Oral Jelly. Three of them are tightly connected with Viagra, since they are sildenafil-based medicines.

    1. Kamagra Effervescent may be called a soluble Viagra. This “fizz” Kamagra is produced by pharmaceutical company, Ajanta Pharma. It approved itself as a super-effective medication. Clinical trials have shown that this medicine is made of qualitative materials which are maximally close to the standard Viagra. Also, Kamagra formula has undergone some changes necessary for increase of dissolving properties. Effervescent tablets for erectile dysfunction are issued with various flavors.
    2. Ajanta Pharma have also developed a new form of popular Kamagra medicines – Kamagra Polo. The main form of Kamagra is represented by tablets. But now these are not traditional pills, but easily chewable tablets with pleasing savor.
    3. Kamagra Oral Jelly is also the ED medication manifested by special presentation form – jelly. Oral Jelly may be taken directly from bags or dissolved in any non-alcohol drink. This is a highly efficient Viagra generic which is quite popular among man all over the world.

    Kamagra Principle of Action

    Since the examined forms of Kamagra are sildenafil-based, they have similar principle of operation. Sildenafil relaxes unstriated muscles of penis, blood vessels get widened and blood circulation gets activated. Along with sexual stimulation and excitement, strong blood flow fills penis causing qualitative and steady erection. Sildenafil’s action extends to the duration of erection. The fact is that towards the end of sexual intercourse, male organism produces special chemical substance that narrows blood vessels and returns penis to its non-erected state which may be called PDE5. Sildenafil prevents from its production. As a result, penis stayer in erected condition longer. Erection is not only qualitative, but long-term as well. But the influence of active substance on sexual processes does not end up here. It causes production of oxytocic hormone, a special substance arising romantic feelings.

    Onset Time

    • Effervescent Kamagra is very quickly absorbed. Due to this feature, the erection occurs much faster than with the tableted form. In comparison with traditional Kamagra or Viagra which should be taken one hour before planned sexual intercourse, fizz Kamagra can make you absolutely ready within 40 minutes after the intake. Just dissolve a tablet in a glass of water and take pleasure of your sexual life. So, if you prefer sildenafil and you usually have to restrain your passion waiting for start of medicine’s action, Kamagra Effervescent is a perfect solution.
    • Kamagra Polo should be chewed 30 minutes before expected coitus, but the effect may occur in 10-15 minutes. Kamagra Polo is very fast absorbed, since the active substance, sildenafil gets absorbed in mouth cavity.
    • Kamagra Oral Jerry has a gelatinous form and pleasant flavor. It may be taken right from the bags where it is packed or dissolved in non-alcoholic drink. Use Kamagra Jelly 10minutes before sexual intercourse.

    Kamagra Effervescent vs Kamagra Polo vs Kamagra Oral Jelly: What Is Better?

    Kamagra medicines have similar advantages and slight differences such as:

    1. Kamagra medications are perfect for those who appreciate privacy. For instance, you may mispresent Kamagra Effervescent as a soluble vitamin C. Moreover, you may put Kamagra into the package for such vitamins have no worries at all. Kamagra Polo may be taken just like a bubble gum, whereas jelly may be drunk right from sachet without anyone noticing it. So, you may rest assured that your confidentiality is absolutely secure.
    2. Counter-indications of Kamagra drugs are very few, and side-effects are unlikely. But still before you buy Kamagra, you should consult your attending doctor.
    3. Short onset time and high efficiency makes these medications very attractive for customers. Dissolve the tablet in a glass of water, chew it or drink it directly from the package, wait for a quarter of hour and experience passionate sex and strong orgasms.
    4. A variety of pleasant flavors, smells and interesting presentation form are undoubtable Kamagra benefits.
    5. According to the onset time, jelly has the fastest effect after 10 minutes of intake, it is followed by Kamagra Polo taking its action in 15-30 minutes and finally this list is terminated by fizz Kamagra with its effect occurring in 40 minutes. This gradation is explained by the fact that jelly and chewable are absorbed directly in mouth cavity into tiny capillaries. Active substance is not much influenced by gastric acid and food.
    6. All these Kamagra variants are absolutely suitable for those who dislike taking pills. They all have excellent tastes and resemble desserts rather than medications.
    7. The effect of Kamagra jelly lasts up to six hours, Kamagra Polo may be valid within four hours, whereas Effervescent Kamagra lasts about five hours.


    Counter-indicationsCounter-indications are similar for all Kamagra presentation forms, since these characteristics depend on their active substance uniting all of them. Before using medications for ED treatment, examine the instruction thoroughly and consult your therapist in regards to possible individual contraindications.

    Do not take Kamagra forms if:

    • You have idiosyncrasy to sildenafil;
    • You get treatment with nitrates- or oxide donors-containing medications;
    • You take medicines for arterial blood pressure disorders, some of anti-virus drugs;
    • You are under 18 years of age;
    • You had a heart attack in the past medical history;
    • You have an injured or deformed penis;
    • You have a severe renal or hepatic failure;
    • You have a severe cardio-vascular disease requiring reduction of sexual activity.


    As for Kamagra side-effects, they are very rare, since all its forms are of high-quality. It doesn’t mean that it cannot cause undesirable effects.

    Possible side effects are as follows:

    • CNS and organs of senses: headaches, vertigo, blushing, etc.;
    • Pulmonary system: stuffiness in nose, pharyngitis, sinusitis, enhanced expectoration, etc.;
    • Gastro-intestinal tract: dryness in mouth, nausea, diarrhea, uncleared bowels, gastritis aggravation, etc.;
    • Urinary system: frequent urination, feeling of incomplete emptying, etc.;
    • Metabolism: thirst, heat, hyperglycemia.

    In case of allergy, a patient must seek immediate medical attendance. Other symptoms require visit to a doctor as well if they do not go away more than two hours.

    Overdose symptoms

    The symptoms of overdose may be represented by the afore-mentioned conditions. But they are enhanced and highly pronounced. One more symptom of overdose may be erection lasting more than four hours.

    Main Characteristics

    Main CharacteristicsSildenafil content:

    • Kamagra Effervescent (fizz tablet) – 100mg
    • Kamagra Polo (chewable tablet) – 50mg
    • Kamagra Oral Jelly (gelatinous form) – 50mg

    The medications should not be combined with alcohol. Before usage it is possible to eat low-fat food. Recommended daily dose is 50mg, whereas 100mg is maximum quantity of active substance which may be taken per day. Interim between the intakes should be not less than 24 hours.