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  • Generic Levitra: the Victory of the Pharmaceutical over Erectile Dysfunction

    Pharmacists have created new pills from ED which have less side effect’s risk. It’s Levitra. Don’t you want to know more about them?  

    Levitra Realizes Your Sexual Dreams

    Men can hardly live without sex. Very often their thoughts are occupied with erotic fantasies. Sometimes their main dream is to realize their fantasies. The heart desires but the body can be deaf to wishes. When a man lacks erection, he tries to get it back anyway. He spares no effort to find the treatment which can save his sexual life. Some men try to rescue the situation with the help of herbs, meditations, psychologist’s consultations, sport and other things. The others trust only in pharmacological miracle. One of such miracles was the creation of drugs named Levitra. From the very beginning they were giving big hopes in the sphere of erectile dysfunction treatment. Years passed but their effect is as strong as before. Nowadays Generic Levitra pills are chosen by thousands of men. These drugs are sold in every drugstore. Levitra saves marriages, passionate relations and men’s self-confidence. Due to their effect women feel more attractive and desired. Some consider Levitra to be better than even Generic Viagra which is also famous for its penis rising effect. 62% of men who used Viagra decided to try Levitra and it was not a failure. Now they boast that they feel like 16-year-old boys who are always ready for adventures.Erectile Dysfunction

    Short Story of Levitra Creation

    Vardenafil was founded after Sildenafil (Viagra’s active component). They are considered to be equal but that’s not true. Their functioning looks the same but Vardenafil has another way of action. It has impact only on those enzymes which are situated in the genitals.  It almost has no influence on similar to these enzymes in other parts of the body. That’s why Levitra is said to be safer. The chances to experience side effects are reduced. Due to such positive results a group of pharmacists decided to create a new type of medicines from erectile dysfunction. They called them “Levitra”.

    Why More and More Men Choose Generic Levitra

    When men with the erectile problem are looking for perfect drugs, their criteria are the following:

    1. It should work quickly.
    2. Its effect must be visible each time
    3. The penis must be hard under its impact
    4. The instructions for use should be simple
    5. The number of side effects are to be reduced to minimum

    A great number of tests and experiments were made. 92% of all tested approved the pills.

    The other reason is in the shape of the drugs. Nowadays there are not only pills that should be taken with some amount of water. There are also tablets which quickly dissolve in the mouth cave. Men were glad to learn that they could have spontaneous sex act. They were not to leave their partners, drink a lot of water, wait for the time to come and then proceed to the main task. Now they can take a pill which has nice flavor (mint one), wait less than 15 minutes and satisfy their partners. Those 15 minutes are usually spent on foreplays so the time runs fast and doesn’t let the couple bother or feel bored.

    Generic Levitra: Its Benefits and Limitations

    LevitraThe most obvious cons of Levitra are:

    • Long lasting and of high quality sexual intercourse
    • It brings back male self-confidence
    • The pleasure may last up to 6 hours
    • One pill is enough for bohemian time in bed
    • The erection is harder than at 16
    • Easy in use
    • The results are visible faster than with other ED drugs

     The limitations to Generic Levitra use are for those who:

    • Had stroke or heart attack less than 6 month ago
    • Have blood pressure changes (too high or too low)
    • Have unstable stenocardia
    • Have idiopathic hypertrophic subaortic stenosis or aortic stenosis
    • Suffer from liver and kidney diseases
    • Have wrong-shaped penis or it was once injured
    • Have stomach or duodenal ulcer
    • Take nitrates
    • Take the pills which have the same ingredients like that of Generic Levitra

    You can get full information concerning all indications and properties of Generic Levitra here:

    Remember! Women and teenagers must not take the drugs.

    Possible Negative Impact of Levitra on Man’s Body

    In some cases men notice:

    • Headache
    • Vision problems
    • Dizziness
    • Sleepiness
    • Blood pressure jumps
    • Vomiting
    • Nausea
    • Back pain
    • Rhinitis
    • Allergy reaction
    • Muscle weakness

    It is strongly recommended to examine your health state before the beginning of medication. It will help you take the pills safely. Dose increase is not allowed. Keep Levitra at room temperature in the sun and moisture protected place.