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  • Get In Control with Kegel Exercises For Men

    Kegel exercises are a great tool to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. Just like you train your biceps and triceps, your PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) can also be strengthened. This workout is unbelievably simple and can be done almost anywhere at any time. Nevertheless, it will give you several health benefits, including the beautiful effect it will make on your sexual experience.

    The Muscle That Deserves Your Attention

    The pubococcygeus muscle forms a hammock-like tissue between the two bones: the pubic bone and the coccyx. It lies at the bottom of the pelvis, and that is why it is called a pelvic floor muscle. To find this muscle, go to the toilet, start to urinate and then stop the flow midway. You have just contracted the pubococcygeus muscle. Memorize the movement that you made, because your training will consist of a sequence of contraction and relaxation of this muscle.

    When you have located the muscle, and know what to do to move it, you can start the training. When the muscle is contracted, you should feel the pelvic floor squeezing and lifting up a little. Your penis should make a lifting movement too, which you can notice contracting your PC muscle in front of the mirror.

    Doing the Training

    When you have located the muscle, and know exactly how to clench it, you can start the training. You will be doing sequences of clenching and relaxing of the pelvic floor muscles.

    Before practicing Kegel exercises, learn these essential tips:

    • Contracting your PC muscle during the urination should be done only once or twice with the purpose of locating the muscle. You shouldn’t exercise during urination nor when your bladder is full because it can be harmful to your health.
    • Your other muscles should be relaxed during the exercise, do not contract your buttock, belly or leg muscles together with your PC muscle.
    • Do the exercise with maximum effort to get the best results.
    • Breathe. Don’t hold your breath during the exercise.
    • You can choose between sitting, lying down or standing up position. Lying down may be the easiest way to do the exercise, while the upright position puts more weight on the muscle.
    • Pay attention to do the Kegel exercises correctly and with the full strength. Doing it incorrectly or lightly will not give you the needed results.

    Your pelvic floor workout will consist of these exercises:

    1. For warming up, contract your PC muscle for 3 seconds. Release the tension for 3 seconds. Repeat five times. Then rest for a couple of minutes.
    2. Contract the muscle for 8-10 seconds then relax for 8-10 seconds. Repeat five times.
    3. Contract the muscle for 1 second then relax for 1 second. Repeat ten times.

    Do this set 1-3 times a day; it is important to remember to do it every day. Although all the given numbers are approximate, and you can slightly change the pattern according to your preferences, do not increase the given time or the number of sets too much, overdoing of Kegel exercises will not help your results.

    If you find some of these exercises difficult to do, for example, if you can’t hold the muscle contracted for 8 seconds, do the best that you can. As the muscle’s strength grows with time, you will increase the duration of clenching. If you find the exercise to be easy to perform, then all you have to do is to repeat it regularly.

    Kegel Exercise

    The Benefits of Kegel Exercises

    The first advantage of this training is that you don’t need to visit a gym or use any special equipment. You can do it anywhere, even while you are doing your job, and no one will even know you are performing the exercise. You might wonder, ‘What will I get from practicing Kegel exercises?’ There is a broad range of effects that include better orgasms, healthier prostate and perfect control over your bladder and ejaculation. Let us go through the benefits you will get:

    • Increased bladder control. This is the first benefit and one of the reasons the exercise was invented. If you have problems with some type of urinary incontinence (frequent or occasional loss of bladder control), then regular training should provide an improvement or completely cure the condition. In case you don’t have urinary incontinence, but maybe you often have to get up in the middle of the night to visit a bathroom. Kegel training may help you hold the urine and sleep until morning.
    • Firm erections. Practicing Kegel exercises, you can achieve harder erections that last longer. If you have difficulties achieving and maintaining an erection, this simple training may help you overcome these problems, because Kegels work with the muscle that supports an erection and increases the blood flow to the penis. Studies show that long-term training may help overcome erectile dysfunction.
    • Prolonged erections. When your PC muscle is strong, you can learn to hold your ejaculation and last longer. You and your partner will enjoy longer and better sex. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, these exercises will provide much help or may help eliminate the issue. When you are coming close to the ejaculation, perform several quick Kegel exercises, this should help delay the ejaculation.
    • Better orgasms. As you improve the blood flow to the genital area with your regular Kegel exercises, your orgasms will become more intense.
    • The improved angle of erection. Kegeling builds your pelvic floor muscle, which will increase the angle of the erection.
    • Prostate and penile health. Kegel exercises will care for the health of the organs in your pelvis because it increases the blood circulation in the area. It is also used to support recovery after prostate surgery.

    Do not get discouraged if you don’t see results of your training right away. You may need to work for 3-6 months to achieve significant results. Some changes, however, may be noticeable within a month of doing Kegel exercises.