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  • How Does Smoking Destroy Your Sex Health?

    It has already been known that smoking causes great harm to the human’s health. Times when smoking was considered a part of “dolce vita” passed long ago and many people choose to keep a healthy lifestyle. Canadian Health&care Mall Service tries to find out what particular harm to the human’s sex health is caused by smoking.

    Obsessive habit

    How Does Smoking Destroy Your Sex Health

    It is quite difficult to find any system in human body that is not damaged by smoking. Smoking has a negative influence on brain and causes nicotine addiction. Besides, it drastically damages cerebral vessels and leads to the deterioration of memory. A smoking man suffers from the hearing loss and lower vision. People who smoke will certainly have problems with high blood pressure and cardio-vascular system. One can’t but mention lungs as this organ is definitely between wind and water. The list of diseases a smoker has includes frequent respiratory infections, emphysema and lung cancer. Things are looking grim, aren’t they? Deterioration of muscles and bones condition, destroyed immune and hormone system are also the results of the smoking habit.

    Apart from the above-mentioned health problems in this article we would like to pay special attention to sexual heath and impact smoking has on the human reproductive system.

    What is going on with human reproductive system?

    According to the research conducted by German scientists a smoking father doubles the risk of the elf-marked children. In case of smoking mother this indicator doubles or even triples. Let’s find out why this problem occurs.

    As we have already mentioned smoking has a very negative effect on the human vascular system. Cerebral vessels, endocrine glands and genital organs suffer most of all. In order to function properly these organs need a lot of oxygen and nutritive elements which are transmitted with blood via the vascular system. However, influenced by nicotine blood becomes thicker and vessels become narrower. As a result, cerebral vessels, endocrine glands and genital organs obtain less quantity of nutritive elements and start suffering from hypoxia.

    Moreover, constant spasm of vessels and large adrenaline excretion reduces the hormone secretion. The human body starts working in the “increased risk” mode that leads to the decreased libido. Constant spasm of vessels is greatly dangerous for men as erectile dysfunction is one of the most disappointing diagnoses every man can hear. Smokers face this problem 10-15 years earlier than non-smokers do.

    What does smoking do with women’s sex health?

    It is a generally accepted fact that the reproductive system of women is much more vulnerable than that of men. That is why smoking causes much greater harm to women than to men.

    The matter is that the vessels narrowed under the impact of nicotine cause sharp decrease of hormone secretion. At the same time experts of the women’s reproductive health all over the world constantly underline the importance of hormonal balance for the women’s body.

    Insufficient quantity of hormones causes premature aging that reveals in deterioration of skin condition, increased dryness and loss of skin elasticity. A woman also suffers from the calcium deficiency, brittleness of bones and dental problems, as a result.

    Nicotine reduces the secretion of three important hormones that are luteinizing hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone and prolactin. They are responsible for the women’s reproductive function and recovery of menstrual cycle.

    The decreased secretion of these hormones and increased secretion of glucocorticoids (stress hormone and vasopressin) cause shrinkage of genitourinary organs and, as a result, imbalance of menstrual cycle and early menopause. In rare and complex cases there is a possibility that a woman has low or even no libido.

    However, early menopause, wrinkles and imbalance of menstrual cycle are not the most terrible things for a smoking woman. Unfortunately, nicotine and other harmful elements in tobacco smoke are able to accumulate in ovaries and to induce weakening and destruction of eggs. As a result, a woman may not be able to give a birth to a baby. Moreover, whatever the period of time since she quits smoking a woman will be responsible for the diseases her future children will have.

    What does smoking do with men’s sex health?

    Unlike women’s body men’s organism is not strongly influenced by hormone imbalance occurring as a result of smoking. Due to the insufficient circulation of blood men just suffer from the poor blood supply in their genital organs. No doubt that singular spasm of vessels cannot be a reason of erectile dysfunction, but regular smoking drastically decreases men’s fertility, libido and sexual power.

    Nearly 30 years ago psychic tension and stress were considered major reasons for the erectile dysfunction. Nowadays the top reason for it is obsessive habits among which smoking is the number one. A man can smoke 10 to 20 cigarettes per day within the period of up to 10 years and he will surely get problems with erection. Quantity and duration of sexual intercourses will worsen; sexual excitement will become rarer. In 5 years and more a man can face prostatitis and stable erectile dysfunction.

    Possible consequences

    When a young boy or a girl starts smoking he or she doesn’t think about the possible consequences and health problems they will face in the near future. When you are young and beautiful the surrounding world is wonderful and doesn’t have any problems. Smoking is taken as a part of exquisite lifestyle, element of freedom and adult life. What will these young people obtain in 10, 15 or 20 years when they are still young (not more that 40), but not beautiful and healthy?

    Taking all the aforesaid into consideration we will summarize health problems smoking men and women may face.
    Men who are supposed to be in the prime of life will have already had:

    • Worsened blood supply to the genitalia;
    • Reduction of hormone secretion;
    • Erectile problems;
    • Low libido.

    Moreover, such man will have problems with lungs and risk of cardio-vascular diseases and erectile dysfunction that is 4-5 times higher than that his non-smoking equals-in-age have. His children will have three-times higher risk to be born with innate CVD, diseases of hematopoietic and respiratory systems.

    Women of any age will look much older with premature wrinkles, dry skin, excessive weight or leanness. Women of fertility age will have the following health problems:

    • Hormonal dysfunction;
    • Imbalance of menstrual cycle;
    • Early menopause;
    • Low libido.

    Women who smoke are at-risk population for gynaecological oncology diseases such as cervical cancer and so on. The risk that the smoking women will suffer from such diseases is 40-50% higher. Moreover, in most cases a woman who smokes across pregnancy procreates low birth-weight baby or baby with physical and mental developmental disabilities.

    The given sex health problems often become evident too late when it is very difficult or just impossible to change or to cure them. However, one should say that even heavy smokers have the chance to restore their sex health.

    35% of patients suffering from the erectile dysfunction recover in several months after they just quit smoking. So, everything depends on you. It is you who can choose to live a healthy life and to have good and long-standing sexual relations or just to have a cigarette in your hands.

    Article by Canadian Pharmacy Mall: