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  • How to Breathe New Life into Your Sexual Relationship

    Good sexual relationship is one of the most important components of happiness and feeling of satisfaction with one’s life. Unfortunately, both men and women may experience some problems in bed, which vary and may have both psychological and physical background. For example, difference in biorhythms, hidden disgust towards partner, etc. In most cases, the diagnosis is sexual dysfunction.Sexual dysfunctions

    Sexual dysfunction is the main reason why many couples gradually become less interested in sexual intercourses, or even decide to exclude this type of satisfaction from their life. It may be represented by desire, arousal, orgasm and pain disorders. It is often caused by physical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalance, neurological disorders. However, psychological causes (anxiety, depression, fears, complexes, etc.) also frequently become the reason. Moreover, problems might appear due to the pharmaceutical treatment, alcohol abuse or drug addiction.

    Actually, sexual dysfunction isn’t a sentence. If you experience it, don’t lose heart and try to do everything possible to normalize your sexual life, as permanent absence of a sexual intercourse can badly affect your mood and health.

    Psychological Tips

    If your sexual relationships worsen due to psychological reasons, consequently, it is mainly cured in the same way.

    There are lots of women who can’t relax while in bed with a lover because of a negative body image. Men are rarely concerned with their body pros and cons, so this cause isn’t popular among them, but there are some cases. If you feel that it is your case, try to find all the pros of your shape, note down what your partner likes about your body and try to understand that there is no person that is absolutely ideal.

    Hormone cortisol, produced while being anxious, lowers the sex desire. For the sake of a healthy sexual life, it’s important to find time for relaxation. It doesn’t matter what activities or relaxation techniques make you calm down. It may be yoga, meditation or just reading. The main aim is to feel relaxed.

    Some people are brought up with the thought that sex is something to be ashamed of. It’s important to know that sex is a natural thing, and it’s better to talk about it than keep silent and stay unsatisfied. There are many things concerning sex you are to talk about: what you like and don’t like doing in bed, what fantasies you have got, what feelings you have, etc. You must trust your sexual partner, and it’s impossible without talking, especially when you are together for a long period of time.

    Egoistic behavior in bed makes your partner feel like he/she is exploited. Care about your partner’s satisfaction and then ask for the same. Only mutual harmony and understanding leads to a successful sexual life.

    Changes for the Good

    If you have had sex with the same person in the same bedroom for many years and you don’t feel happy anymore, there are two options: either change your bedroom or change the person. Thus, to save your relationship and amazing sexual life, try to make some changes permanently.

    Change your perfume and try to choose the one which works like an aphrodisiac. You may also experiment and check which fragrance makes your partner the most excited.

    People eat healthy foodThe same goes about food. If you make your diet healthier, you might be sure that sex would be better and more often. One of the most useful products is fatty fish, which contains components responsible for sex hormone production. Also walnuts, prawns, hot chili, avocado, bananas, dark chocolate, oysters, red wine and pomegranate are able to enhance your sex drive.

    Changing place, especially having sex outside, may effectively refresh your relationship and open new feelings. It’s not a secret that many couples try to find exotic places for sex to make it more exciting. However, room redecoration is also a good idea for those who are too shy to perform such experiments.

    Buying new sexy clothes will help to arouse the desire in your partner. It may be both clothes for every day or just for wearing in the bedroom, the only condition is that your partner and you consider it to be sexy. It is also about role play where costumes are needed.

    Apart from costumes for role play, it’s possible to visit a sex shop and purchase some stimulating things which will make your sexual life greater.

    Physical Activities as Panacea

    Keeping fit is important not only because it makes your body shapes better and attracts your partner. Balanced training improves all the systems of your body, including cardiovascular, endocrine and neurotic ones. Thus, the arousal becomes faster and the orgasm is brighter.

    There are also special trainings for those who would like to improve the muscles of genital areas, like pelvic floor. Training like this is useful both for men and women helping to decrease the risk of age-associated sex problems and diseases.

    Medicines for Stimulation

    Medicines for StimulationIf the reason of sexual problem is some disease, then pharmaceutical therapy may be necessary. There are a lot of drugs developed to cure diseases which affect sexual life. If the reason is hormone lack, then corresponding injections or pills may be prescribed.

    The most widespread problem in men is erectile dysfunction. The most famous medicines for erectile dysfunction are Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra as well as many generics.

    Check out how Generic Viagra can help treat other issues in addition to Erectile Dysfunction:

    Women experience sexual disorders as well, especially when it’s climax period. Usually, vagina dryness, pain during sexual intercourse and inability to reach an orgasm are typical problems. In these cases, lubrication or pharmaceutical treatment may be needed.

    However, medicines may be the cause of sexual dysfunctions as well. That is because many medicines feature side effects connected with the blood flow, hormone changes and neurotic conditions which directly influence the state of genitalia and are responsible for a sexual intercourse.

    In conclusion, it’s necessary to mention that if you can’t manage the problems which have appeared in your sexual relationship, it is useful to visit a sexologist and get advice from a professional who will be able to discover real reasons of your state.