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  • Invisible Danger from Electric Appliances

    We are surrounded by so many necessary appliances both at work and at home: PCs, notebooks, smartphones, wireless networking equipment and so on. However, we never or rarely think about their safety and influence on our bodies and health. In order to understand the situation better and get more profound information about our every-day electric friends’ safety, let’s have a look what researches say.

    For you to orient you will just need two main abbreviations: EMF which stands for electromagnetic field and extremely low frequency, or ELF for short. As you probably know, electromagnetic fields are invisible energy areas that are produced by electricity. Besides, both human-made and natural sources of EMFs are known. We are going to speak about human-made sources, magnetic field and their effect on people’s health.

    Main Risks

    Each and every cell in our body is believed to have its own EMF so we may say that electromagnetic fields are used by our bodies for proper functioning. Maintaining neutral balance in cellular electromagnetic fields is vital for any physical health. The trouble starts when we are affected and influenced by human-made EMFs.

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    Widespread usage and constant restocking of brand-new electric appliances have invited the source of EFM-ELF to our homes. So everyone is exposed to a greater or lesser extent. Nowadays among reported and confirmed cases several diseases can be singled out:

    • Cancer: Bone marrow, salivary gland and lymphatic cancer cases. There is also a claimed scary connection between childhood cancer cases and ELF-EMFs. However, there is no direct mechanism to prove how ELF-EMFs can influence DNA cells. The only reasonable explanation is constantly reducing levels of melatonin hormone. This hormone can suppress the development of tumors.
    • Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases
    • Behavior and neurology effects
    • Chronic stress that may lead to suicide or heart diseases.
    This list should also include all possible diseases of our times connected with neuro-hormone changes and resulting in impaired brain function.

    Phones and Electromagnetic Radiation

    If we admit that electromagnetic radiation is dangerous, the source of maximum danger will be the phone we use every day. We do not hold other appliances in such dangerously close connection to our heads and bodies. So have a look why phones are top dangerous when it comes to electromagnetic radiation:

    1. Two kinds of harmful EMFs are emitted by phones: microwave electromagnetic radiation and EMFs from the phone itself.

    2. About 80% of a phone’s antenna radiation can penetrate approx. 5 centimeters into the brain.

    3. Thermal effects together with non-thermal ones affect natural EMF frequencies and heat up the biological tissue.

    4. People who put their phones by the bed complain of poor REM sleep. It can lead to impaired memory.

    5. Social evidence: most insurance companies exclude cell phone radiation coverage due to the growing alarm.

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