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  • Long foreplay or straight to the point?

    Within the meaning of most of women, really good sexual intercourse includes the long prelude and petting that in their turn gradually turn into sex. Men have slightly different point of view concerning this matter and prefer to begin with an action immediately. Is the hurry necessary in this matter? Long foreplay

    The optimal time allocation in sexual pleasures is an entirely personal value, and there are no absolute strict rules. The only rule lies in the following principle – you and your partner, your feelings. Sometimes in the circle of women when it comes to the discussion of the criteria of perfect sex, you can hear the detailed stories about the preparatory erotic massage, about the thorough and tender slow preludes. Women hardly ever praise the action-packed course of events in the provocative place.

    Men consider this question rather from the point of view of quantity and frequency than the duration, though it of course depends on each particular representative of the stronger sex. Usually the amount of repetitions is more important to men than the amount of time. The doctors that specialize in this field strike a compromise ans clam that the duration of sex or petting is not the key indicator. The most important thing is that both partners got absolute pleasure.

    The point of difference in the preferences of variants by two sexes lies in the different mechanisms of excitement. The stronger sex becomes excited much easier and faster than women. For that they just need the visual stimulation. However, the excitement decreases as fast as it emerges.

    The situation with women is quite different. The look of the nude male body does not excite them enough. But once they became excited, they will not give quarter to men whose excitement passes much faster.

    It is important to understand that the level and ability of sexual excitement directly depends on the hormonal peculiarities and the background.

    It is necessary not to forget about your partner, trying to satisfy yourself. These are the mutual attention and trust that raise the sex quality on the next level. The quality of women’s feelings is in the strong dependence on the emotional part of sex. The quality of sex is determined by how unembarrassed, calm and safe she feels.

    A man who knows this and can skillfully handle this key factor may promote the development of the sexual desire of his partner, even if she was not up to sex.

    The well known fact: a man needs just a few minutes to achieve the orgasm. The only thing he needs is to feel the excitement. The deep feelings for his partner or calm emotional state are not significant conditions for the excitement. And yes, men love with their eyes, that is what we should remember.

    The sexual desire of men is much stronger than that of women, and it emerges much more often. Anything can barely suppress it and disturb the plans. Probably, this may be only caused by great fatigue and exhaustion. Emotional condition does not play any role in particular, unlike for women.

    Thus, the significance of the foreplay can hardly be overestimated when it comes to women. About 70% of women experience orgasm due to such petting, and only 30% are able to reach the peak of the euphoria during the sexual intercourse.

    Article by: Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy