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  • Male Potency and Antibiotics: Is There Any Harm?

    Impacts of Antibiotics on Male Sexual Function

    Invention of antibiotics was undoubtedly a colossal breakthrough in medicine. Research studies of antibiotics began in the 19th century, and in the 20th century, their application allowed saving thousands of people’s lives.  Moreover, the area of application of antibiotics was quite broad: from injuries therapy up to typhus and tuberculosis. Anyway, it was soon discovered that antibiotics may bring not only profit, but also remarkable harm. It happens because antibiotics destroy useful bacteria along with the harmful ones. Besides, human organism gets accustomed to antibiotics and experiences adverse effects.

    Impacts of Antibiotics on Male Sexual Function

    Therefore, after a therapy course with antibiotics, a person should consult a specialist in regards to which restoration remedies he must administer. Antibiotics application may influence all functions of organism, and many men are interested if their potency may be affected by antibiotics. Indeed, weakening of erection after antibiotics course was registered in a number of cases. And the case is not only about antibiotics for sexually transmitted diseases, but also for those treating other disorders.

    Anyway, these impacts are not to be exaggerated. They are not deleteriolis for potency, and erection will restore soon after termination of antibiotics administration. The cause lies in the fact that antibiotics cause overall weakening of organism immunity and thus, deteriorate sexual function. Also, impairment of erectile functioning after antibiotics intake may be of psychological character and is frequently met in hypochondriac people. Thus, antibiotics and potency are not connected directly. But their intake takes an adverse impact on semen quality even when potency is normal. Therefore, during therapy course with antibiotics, it is better refuse conceiving. It is suffice to say that the fear of potency impairment after antibiotics course is greatly exaggerated, and if a doctor prescribes therapy with antibiotics, it should be seen through, since undertreated infections are much more detrimental for sexual function than the course of antibiotics.

    How Can Antibiotics Affect Potency?

    Antibiotics impacts on potency may be different. They have both positive and negative aspects. Antibiotics help to treat a lot of diseases, but they may take adverse influence on overall state of organism or separate system or function. This group of drugs is widely used in urology in treatment of bacterial and other diseases. A man needs to remember that these medicinal products affect viruses and bacteria by destroying either bad or good microorganisms in a body. Moreover, is this medicine is taken long, organist builds up tolerance to antibiotic and it stops influencing pathogenic flora. First and foremost adverse impact caused by antibiotics is located in liver, kidneys and then in gastro-intestinal tract and sexual sphere. According to statistical data, only 12% of antibiotics may take adverse action on potency.

    They include:

    • Medicines decreasing blood pressure;
    • Hormones-based drugs;
    • Medications influencing nervous system;
    • Sedatives;
    • Remedies able to inhibit production of male hormones.

    Antibiotics are able to cause not only temporary potency impairment which will be connected with impairment of overall condition of organism. Noticeable potency disorder is observed in patients who undergo therapy course for sexually transmitted diseases. There are cases when a patient doesn’t have restored libido and potency after therapy of such disorders. In this case, it is required to consult a specialist for additional consultation and examination for detection of possible cause of impotency. During therapy and after it, it is not recommended to conceive, since antibiotics are harmful for quality and composition of ejaculate. In case the conceiving took place, it is essential to bear in mind that a baby may have health issues.

    Protection against Consequences

    Protection against Consequences

    Each man must consult a specialist after experiencing the first signs and deviations in work of sexual sphere. A man should not delay the consultation, since the disease may progress fast and situation may get out of control. Before a doctor prescribes the administration of any medicine or antibiotic, it is essential to specify which negative consequences may occur after their intake. Therapy course must be corrected is there are contraindications or side-effects. It is not recommended to self-medicate or diagnose, since such behavior may aggravate the patient’s condition. Before treatment, an individual must obligatorily agree upon administration of other medicinal products with antibiotics, since incompatibility may occur. Also, a patient must ask for doctor’s prescription on other strengthening remedies which may help an organism to restore after the therapy. In any case, it is important to observe the prescribed dose and not correct it independently.

    It is worth understanding that if therapy course is stopped, undertreated infection may lead to serious complications and even impotency. Before starting treatment with antibiotic, a patient must examine its instruction thoroughly which will show possible side-effects, interactions and contraindications. In case a patient has chronic disorders or malfunctioning of organism, he should report it to his attending doctor. A patient needs to pay much attention to his dietary regimen, repose and lifestyle. He should include to his regimen sea products, nuts, greens, fruit, vegetables, meat and ginger. Fatty, salty and spicy products must be avoided. In the majority of cases, antibiotics do not influence the potency, but patient’s psychological condition. This happens due to fear to lose erectile function. It is well known that the majority of complications occur due to disorders of central nervous system. Therefore, if anxiety and troubles regarding the beginning of drugs intake take place, it is essential to get additional consultation by a specialist and study the prescribed antibiotic. As to antibiotics impact on potency, there is no definite answer and connection. In this situation, it is important to follow the specialist’s recommendations and not to self-medicate.

    Antibiotics Impact on Men

    It is important to understand that antibiotics affect the virus by destroying all bacteria: harmful and useful ones. Besides, the long-term and frequent administration of such remedies results in organism’s addiction to their components, and antibiotics will not be able to cause the necessary effect in this case. First of all, adverse effect of antibiotics takes negative impact in functioning of liver, kidneys, stomach and urinary system.

    According to statistics, around 12% of medicinal products may cause impairment of male potency. This list comprises tablets decreasing arterial blood pressure (propranolol, clonidine, verapamil), hormonal drugs (ranitidine), antidepressants and sedatives inhibiting production of male hormones (chloropromazin, trazodone, desipramine).

    Thus, antibiotics may cause temporary erectile disorders which are rather connected with weakening of the whole organism than with negative direct impact on potency. This influence is the most noticeable in case of treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. In case a therapy course ended and sexual apathy doesn’t disappear, it is worth thinking of other possible causes of impotency and applying a sexual health doctor.

    What Is to Be Done to Fend off?

    1. First of all, it is necessary to consult a specialist before starting administration of any drugs. Also, it is recommended to consult a doctor in case when you take other drugs which may be incompatible with other antibiotics.
    2. Ask a specialist to prescribe additional remedies (bifidus bacteria and direct-fed microbials) restoring weakened organism.
    3. Observe the doses and period of medicines intake, since undertreated infection may cause severe complications, including impotency.
    4. Read the instruction where all possible side-effects are indicated.
    5. During the therapy course, eat more products reinforcing erection. They include sea products (shrimps, salmon, squids, mussels), nuts and greens (parsley, spinach, green onion), eggs, low-fat meat, ginger.

    Other Factors Influencing Potency

    Other Factors Influencing PotencyAccording to medical experts, complaints of men of erectile issues after long-term treatment with antibiotics are not grounded, since this problem may be provoked by other factors. The first place belongs to alcohol. It is no secret that alcoholic beverages are harmful for health and are even more harmful with antibiotics. Resulting from uncontrolled consumption of large amount of alcohol, production of male hormones gets impaired which may cause erection or ejaculation absence during sexual intercourse.

    Also, it was experimentally confirmed that smoking is a direct cause of impotency. Obnoxious impact of nicotine on heart and lungs is well-known. Moreover, it impairs blood circulation in the whole body and slows down its transition to penis.

    Absence of erection in men is often explained by external factors influencing their psychological condition. Stresses in family and at work, depressions, lack of sleep and incorrect daily regimen may be also referred to the afore-mentioned factors. Sooner or later, they cause hormonal imbalance in organism and lead to sexual passiveness.

    Overweight may be also detrimental for libido. It is explained by the fact that hormone responsible for male desire (testosterone) gets blocked with additional weight. Moreover, enhanced number of female hormones is observed.

    Physical exertions are also harmful for men, since they may reduce erectile functioning and are observed in professional sportsmen. In this case, it is enough to balance sports activities and alternate them with a proper rest.