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  • Obesity in America: Facts You Definitely Need to Know

    It is official American government’s position now to fight the growing rates of obesity in terms of a rather demanding nation’s heath course. Adult and kids obesity is common in most states of the US and it gives the right to say that America indeed faces problems with excess weight. What causes obesity in the first place, why is it such a serious problem and how do they fight it in America? Obesity in America

    In medicine obesity is a diagnosis when patient’s body weight has extra 20% beyond norm. This problem is closely connected with BMI, or Body Mass Index, calculations. BMI consists of height and weight proportions with some fat index addition. If the BMI is over 30, obesity is diagnosed.

    Roots of American Morbid Obesity

    It is misleading to shift the entire blame for nation’s weight problems to the food industry. Indeed fast food and triple to norm sugary beverages consumption did their part of job; still there are obviously other reasons too:

    1. Medications cause weight gain so always check with your doctor prior to taking any.
    2. Lack of quality sleep, or sleep deprivation, also increases obesity risk among both adults and kids.
    3. Sedentary and motionless lifestyle. Most current occupations are office based and demand much time near PCs so no wonder that people move less at work. Still at home the situation is not better and TV catches us on sofas while active rest is planned and happens on rare occasions. Even potential movement and carrying heavy bags from the supermarket to the car are no longer a must. Conveniences do have some drawbacks. Walking is substituted by cars and outdoor activities – by online games. The truth is that less calories are burnt due to sedentary lifestyle.
    4. Overall increasing levels of consumed food. People in America began to eat more in general and stick to poorly balanced diets.
    5. Stress connected with work, financial instability, relations, etc. People prone to stress fall under the so-called stress eating (or binge eating, overeating).
    6. Gaining weight as a side effect of giving-up smoking. Above-normal food intake substitutes bad habits with other not very healthy ones.
    7. Bad heredity, or to be more specific FTO (faulty gene), is also responsible for obesity in 1 out of 6 cases.

    There are many health hazards connected with excess weight problem: heart diseases, hypertension, osteoarthritis, gallbladder disease, 2 diabetes types and cancer to name a few. The list of complications is impressive indeed. So how to resist and fight this bulky enemy?

    Obesity Treatment: American Style

    Everything starts from the mind so special food labels indicating product nutrition facts and number of calories were presented by the American government. This initiative will take years to improve high obesity rates; so far more realistic methods are taken to reach two main aims: going back to healthy weight and keeping it.

    • Dietary changes and gradual weight loss
    • Moderate but regular exercise under doctor’s supervision
    • Medicines and pills for patients with high BMI and health problems like diabetes
    • Bariatric surgery