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  • Popular American and Canadian Health Websites in 2019

    There’s probably no significant difference in the quality of American and Canadian healthcare services. Nevertheless, more and more American citizens prefer Canadian health providers. The reason is simple: the pharmaceutical market of Canada offers a great amount of high-quality, safe, and efficient generic pills to compensate for the deadly huge prices on brand medications. Nevertheless, the choice is up to you. We’re only sharing some useful information here.

    Popular American and Canadian Health Websites

    List of the most popular American and Canadian healthcare websites

    This website is owned by one of the most powerful American healthcare providers.

    The staff members have over 30 years of experience in:

    • Pharmacy benefit management;
    • Establishment of health plans for different governmental institutions as well as for self-insured employers;
    • Treatment programs for clients suffering from chronic conditions.

    The company includes a vast range of employees working from hospitals and pharmacies all over the country, Their online specialists are available 24/7 and ready to share information on healthcare programs, drug prices, and more.

    One of the leaders in the American pharmaceutical market, as well as one of the most influential healthcare providers. The organization works in cooperation with more than 180 hospitals and more than a hundred surgery centers. They lead their activity on the territory of 21 states. The United Kingdom also has access to the healthcare services of this website.

    The company has:

    • More than 240,000 employees;
    • About 40,000 physicians;
    • 87,000 nurses.

    They regularly invest in the development of new services, charity care, and numerous donations. They also offer a lot of career opportunities for young and old medical specialists.

    American Health Care Services is a private healthcare provider that deals with:

    • Health management programs;
    • Supportive care;
    • Rehabilitation;
    • Help to the disabled.

    The activity of staff members is mostly focused on disabled patients. They offer in-home aide, all sorts of rehabilitation therapies, family support, and regular consultations. The central office is located in Washington DC. Contact them via fax, phone, or email.