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  • Priligy (Dapoxetine): Is It As Addictive As Other SSRI Drugs?

    Priligy (market name for Dapoxetine/Poxet) is a new and very effective drug aimed at treating the premature ejaculation. Being a SSRI drug Dapoxetine triggers certain questions whether it builds up a tolerance in the patients. We will learn whether it is true or not.

    Modern problem of premature ejaculation

    Maybe every man has faced the situation when he is not able to conduct sexual intercourse due to the very fast ejaculation. Such case may occur if the man is too young and has his first sexual experience. Moreover, the younger the man is the shorter time he needs to get sexually excited and to ejaculate. Sometimes premature ejaculation occurs with new sexual partner when the man may get nervous about the partner’s attitude. As a result, both partners are not satisfied with the outcome and their mood is broken. The problem gets even sharper.

    If such cases are isolated there is nothing to worry about. However if the man suffers from the above-mentioned situation nearly all the time he should definitely take care of his sexual health.

    Nowadays premature ejaculation is becoming one of the urgent problems of modern men in the world. Nearly one in three men suffers from PE. Bad environmental conditions, suffered diseases and injuries as well as constant psychological stresses and physiological peculiarities make their contribution into the development of the problem. In fact, there are two types of premature ejaculation: primary and secondary. Primary PE occurs very rare and is connected with the damages of brain areas or genitalia. It cannot be treated. Secondary PE occurs quite often and can be treated in most cases when the reason is correctly diagnosed.

    How premature ejaculation can be treated

    Depending upon the reason premature ejaculation can be treated in several ways:

    • Psychotherapy if the problem has psychological character and is connected with the increased anxiety and constant fears;
    • Training if the problem refers to the physiological peculiarities and neurological reasons;
    • Surgery or injections in case of physiological reasons such as increased sensitivity of balanus;
    • Biologically active additives such as 5HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan), the aminoacid that is designed for the treatment of depressive states and other psychological problems (insomnia, anxiety, nervousness etc.) often related to the low serotonin content;
    • SSRI medications when the problem lies in the psychological sphere.

    SSRI medications: Treatment or damage?

    SSRI drugs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) also known as anti-depressants are applied to cure the PE if the reason of the problem is connected with psychological factors. The action of SSRI involves the decreasing of anxiety and releasing of tension. Prozac, Sertraline and Paroxetine are the most popular medications of the SSRI group. Nevertheless, one should remember that they are used for the treatment of PE only because of their side effect: SSRI inhibits the orgasm that in its turn causes the delay of ejaculation. At the same moment SSRI drugs are not as harmless as they can be considered from the point of view of PE treatment. They have other side effects that may cause serious damages for the health and are not used in patients suffering from the certain diseases. That is why it is very important to consult the doctor before taking the decision to start the PE therapy with SSRI.


    Priligy (Dapoxetine): No addiction?

    Dapoxetine or Priligy (as it is marketed for the customers) was initially developed to treat psychological problems, mainly depressive conditions. However, in the course of investigations and testing it turned out that the newly invented medication showed incredible results in treating the premature ejaculation. According to the rich experience of the drug’s medical application Priligy (Dapoxetine) facilitates the delay of ejaculation and prolongation of the sexual intercourse three- and fourfold. That is a really astounding result for the medication therapy!

    Priligy or Dapoxetine contains the major active ingredient which is Dapoxetine; it is produced in the form of pills, each pill containing from 30 to 90 mg of Dapoxetine per pill. The therapeutic dosage should be defined by the doctor in each case.

    Dapoxetine is famous for its numerous advantages and that is the reason why it has become such a popular and widely used drug in the modern medical practice.

    First of all, Dapoxetine is digested rather quickly with the maximal concentration in blood in 30-60 minutes. Besides, it usually takes 2-3 hours for the medication to be removed from the human organism that is not very long either. So, it is evident that Dapoxetine is very effective drug with the effect fast to occur. The medical action of Priligy (Dapoxetine) starts in half an hour (in some cases in an hour) and lasts within 3-4 hours.

    Secondly, Dapoxetine does not affect the whole brain and works only with the brain areas responsible for the sexual activity and for the delaying of ejaculation, in particular.

    Another advantage of Dapoxetine is connected with rare side effects. Surely, as any other drug Dapoxetine has some, however if the patient takes it properly the probability of any negative effects reduces significantly. What should one remember while taking Priligy? It is not recommended to take more than 60 mg of Dapoxetine per day. People should refrain from drinking alcohol during the whole therapy period which can last from several weeks to 3-4 months. Patients with cardio-vascular diseases, liver and kidney problems as well as psychic disorders should refrain from taking Dapoxetine until their doctors allow them starting the therapy. Visiting the doctor and checking the health state is really encouraged.

    The most outstanding advantage of Dapoxetine is not related to side effects or variety of dosage or something else. What is really important is that Dapoxetine DOES NOT cause any addiction unlike any other SSRI drugs. What does it mean? It means that there is no threat of withdrawal syndrome, there is no need to cease the therapy step-by-step with the constant monitoring of the health state.

    To sum it up, Priligy (Dapoxetine) is a new generation medication that is effective, acts only in the targeted brain area and does not cause any addiction. No wonder that it is widely used by the doctors and greatly popular with patients.

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