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  • Reviews of New Generic ED Pills at Canadian Pharmacy

    If you have problems with erection then you have read a lot about its treatment. You know that it is really important to eat healthy food, refuse from bad habits and go in for sport. One more important thing is the choice of good medicine that can help overcome this disease. You have heard a lot about such ED drugs like Generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Priligy and Kamagra. But do you know that there is a great variety of other generics? Canadian Pharmacy Mall gives you an excellent opportunity to learn more about medicines which can change your sexual life in a better way.

    Why People Buy Generics Oftener than Original Drugs?


    It’s not a secret that today a lot of people prefer generics to original drugs. Why? There are several reasons. First of all, analogues are sold for a lower price and customers can afford them. It’s so wonderful to buy more spending less. Buying generics they see the difference concerning their finances. Earlier humans bought original pills and had to refuse from their dreams. Now they choose generics improving their health state and realizing other wishes for the same sum of money. The other reason is the quality of equivalents. The truth is that the ingredients are the same, the formula is the same and that’s why the quality is high as well. The third reason is the variety. Original drugs remain stable but generics develop and offer more for people to select. So, you can see that generics can be excellent substitutes which effect you can check on your own.

    New Generic ED Pills from Canadian Pharmacy Mall

    To let you know more about rescue-pills we have made a table that shows the names of other popular generics, their price, form of production and active components. We have chosen 20 analogues to show the variety and your amazing possibility to live without erectile dysfunction.

    Name Price per one item (depending on dosage and number of pills/tubes/bottles)Form of productionActive component(s)
    Tentex Royalfrom $17,99 to $11,25A herbal capsuleTribulus terrestris, Asteracantha longifolia, Prunus amygdalus,Blepharis edulis,Crocus sativus
    VPXLFrom $44,96 to $31,46 per bottle (60 pills)A natural pillHerbal components
    Malegra FXTMalegraDXTFrom $2,03 to $1,40From $2,21 to $1,53A pillA pillSildenafil + FluoxetineSildenafil + Duloxetine
    T-Ject 60From $3,15 to $ 2,30A pillDapoxetine + Tadalafil
    Vega H CreamFrom $17,96 to $14,85Cream in the tubeSildenafil citrate + Lignocaine
    SilagraFrom $2,12 to $1,35A pillSildenafil citrate
    VriligyFrom $2,93 to $ 1,98A pillDapoxetine
    Avana (Stendra)Super AvanaFrom $13,46 to $ 3,83From $9,72 to $8,33A pillA pillAvanafilAvanafil and Dapoxetine
    ConfidoFrom $17,99 to $9,89A non-hormonal pillHerbal components
    HimcolinFrom $25,19 to $17,91A herbal gelHerbal oils
    TadacipFrom $3,56 to $2,39A pillTadalafil
    CavertaFrom $7,16 to $5,36A pillSildenafil citrate
    Tiger KingFrom $26,96 to $24,30 per bottleA pillChinese herbs
    ZhewitraFrom $6,29 to $4,37A pillVardenafil + Dapoxetine
    SildalisFrom $4,05 to $ 3,56A tabletSildenafil citrate and Tadalafil
    VilitraFrom $4,46 to $1,89A pillVardenafil
    Golden RootFrom $22,05 to $20,25 per packA capsule15 Chinese herbs
    Apcalis SXFrom $6,74 to $4,46A pillTadalafil
    Dragon PowerFrom $16,16 to $13,49A capsuleChinese natural herbals
    VimaxFrom $58,50 to $53,99A capsuleNatural herbs

    This list of drugs is not complete. You may see here different types, prices and components which make each generic unique.

    Malegra FXT: Fabulous and XS Treatment – Full information about this Drug

    How Doctors Select Generics for Their Patients?

    When a health adviser examines a patient, he takes into consideration the peculiarities of his body and the story of disease. As a rule, the first thing that should be distinguished is the main component. It can be:

    Several tests must be made before the drug selection. Such diversity of ingredients and shapes make the medication effective. If a person doesn’t want to take pills, he can use oils or cream to stimulate sexual activity. There is only one rule for all these drugs: they give no result without sexual arousal and they should not be bought without health adviser’s recommendations.