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  • Revolution in Online Pharmacy Service – Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Revolution in Online Pharmacy Service – Canadian Health&Care Mall

    Canadian Health and Care Mall at heralds the new era of shopping for drugs online: the drugstore is going to challenge the conventional brick and store pharmacies in Canada within its new campaign aiming at expanding the company’s presence in the region. Canadian Health&Care Mall will strike in the very core aspects of selling drugs to common people: the pricing model, customer service and extra value. No, it is not all about loud words having no back up. We, focusing on erectile dysfunction drugs, previously known as Canadian Viagra Pharmacy, was established in the beginning of 2001. Launched as exclusively online business, the company has managed to significantly grow in size (from 3 entrepreneurs to 600 professionals in various fields), increase its annual revenue by 10,000% and number of orders shipped to 2ml. per year. So here’s the plan – this is how CHCM is going to break into the market of ED drugs and start rocking.

    The loyalty program

    Medications must be affordable to common people. The company was created on this principle that defines the strategic direction of the company since its date of establishment. When you shop for generics you spend up to 85% less money in comparison with conventional branded drugs you buy at brick and mortar store around the corner. At Canadian Health&Care Mall you pay even less – the drugstore has recently launched a generous to a fault loyalty program that helps you save up to 30% on each order you make. All buyers enroll in the program automatically – there are no special terms or conditions. The rules are simple – the more you buy, the bigger discount you get.

    The quality of the lineup

    It is not only about the rich selection of drugs at Canadian Pharmacy Mall. Yes, the drugstore is working hard on a constant basis to maintain an up to date assortment of drugs and the amount of options is quite impressive. Thus you can find dozens of dosage options and a huge array of sophisticated modifications like Viagra Super, based on 2 active ingredients (dapoxetine and sildenafil citrate) or Sialis Starter, a drug with just 2.5mg of active ingredient in its composition. What is particularly important – the quality of the lineup is second to none; the company even offers a savvy refund program… What stands behind the confidence in the products it offers is that fact that all the medications are supplied directly from manufacturers, which means zero risks of counterfeit products to nothing.

    The customer service

    A quicker access to drugs is, perhaps, the only advantage you local pharmacy has over Canadian Health Mall. As for the other aspects, the drugstore leaves its rivals in dust:

    ● you can take advantage of full professional consultations at Canadian Pharmacy.
    ● you need no prescription to get this or that preparation
    ● your order is delivered straight to your door, wrapped firmly in discreet package
    ● an average delivery takes 3 business days
    ● you enjoy lower prices and extra bonuses and personal discounts

    The drugstore leaves nothing to be desired in terms of shopping experience. Looking for cheap, quality medications? Make your way to Canadian Viagra Pharmacy for the best purchases.