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  • The Modern Alopecia Treatment and the Role of Propecia In It

    Alopecia or hair loss – a problem that may face each, but the hair transplantation – a revolutionary method to solve it! The latest hair transplant techniques decides not only aesthetic, but also the psychological problems that occur with hair loss, and this technology allows you to do everything quickly and comfortably as possible, and most importantly, to guarantee excellent results in 98-99%.

    However, not all men can come through transplantation to get healthy hair again and that is why chemical treatment options should be also monitored by men who suffer from baldness. One of such medications is Propecia (Finasteride) that is for now the only legal pill for treating male pattern baldness in the world. This FDA approved pill and other methods of treating alopecia in males will be exploited further.

    The newest ways of treating the different types of alopecia

    1. Standard hair transplantation

    There are several types of alopecia and as there is also not a single method of hair transplantation. Thus, the strip method is preferred for transplantation for androgenic, scar, traction alopecia. In step with this procedure specialist uses a flap of skin with hair taken from the patient’s neck. The occipital region of the head for transplantation was not chosen by chance: the hair on the head’s back – the most strong and actually do never fall. Each flap is cut into individual grafts – micro-transplants which contains from 1 to 4 hair follicles.

    After skin with hair removed, the wound is stitched and thanks to modern methods of wound closure, the scar is invisible. This method of hair transplantation is considered the “gold” standard, because the survival of grafts remain at the level of 98-99%, and in one procedure may be transplanted huge amount of from 2 000 to 8, 000 hair.

    Immediately after a hair transplant surgery a patient can go home. The most crucial and critical time – the first night after the transplantation: the head should be protected from any injury, and in any case not comb, because it can lead to bleeding. Nor should we take a shower, a hot bath and wash your hair even more. At the same time, it is desirable to give up smoking, alcohol and coffee.

    From the second day, in the area of ​​transplantation takes redness and tiny – up to 1 mm, – wound tightened and covered with a crust. The last half of the cases will disappear on their own on the fifth day, and in about half of patients – on the third day after surgery. A week after the hair transplant can be washed with shampoo.

    As a rule, the transplanted hair follicles take root within 5-7 and 6-8 months of rapid hair growth begins in replanting area. In general, the result of transplantation can be assessed after 8-12 months.


    2. Seamless or FUE hair transplant

    If you want to fix local problems, such as the eyelashes, eyebrows or small areas around the scar, and when baldness 1-3 degrees in Norwood, where only a small number of grafts required or choose the seamless method of hair transplantation, he is – FUE -method transplantation.

    For example, for an average of one eyebrow necessary to 150-400 grafts, and after using the seamless technology can be transplanted to 3000 micro-transplants. Not surprisingly, that the techniques efficiency is as high as that of the strip method, i.e. 98-99%.

    In recent years, during the seamless hair transplant operations began to use optical instruments and micro-transplants with the diameter of 0.7-0.9 mm. The essence of innovation lies in the fact that the surgeon takes out and uses only 2-4 grafts with the most thick and strong hair. Around selected bulbs incision epidermis and hair yourself so you can get it without any damage. With this method it is possible to dial up to three thousand of hair.

    3. Generic Finasteride and Propecia pills

    Finasteride is a medicine for the treatment of male pattern baldness (MPB) – the only remedy for the treatment of MSW, approved by the Administration Food and Drug Administration (APPLP), for use in the doctor’s orders. Several years of investigation and use of the drug by more than one million patients shows that Finasteride is designed for long-term use, it is effective and safe in the treatment of MSW, irrespective of nationality.

    In clinical trials when comparing Finasteride to a placebo (dummy) the real drug proved that he can cause long-term improvement in the stimulation of hair growth and reduce hair loss. Side effect of Finasteride on sexual function was disrupted in less than 5% of men who use it, and disappeared completely after treatment.

    In five years, 16 countries have reported on the efficacy and safety of Finasteride” in the treatment of MPB. The studies have shown that Finasteride and Propecia can be applied safely by:

    • Men with type 2 enzyme levels from normal to high (thus having the levels of DHT from normal to high) are most susceptible to the development of MPB and prostate enlargement with Finasteride;
    • Men with low levels of the enzyme type 2 (i.e. low levels of DHT) are the least likely to develop and prostate enlargement but if they do, Propecia can help them.

    Propecia is used to treat only androgenic alopecia (synonyms: male-pattern baldness, hereditary alopecia). Approximately 95% of all cases of baldness refers precisely to this type. The drug is not intended to treat other forms of hair loss – like alopecia areata is caused by lack of vitamins and nutrients.

    You need to take Propecia for as long as you want to keep their hair, to continue their recovery and increase the number. If you stop using Propecia, you are likely to lose hair earlier recovered within approximately 12 months. We must remember the role played by Propecia in blocking the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). If you cancel this hormone Propecia again begins its destructive effects on the hair.

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