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    Canadian Health&Care Mall is changing the rules of the game once and for all: shopping for drugs online will never be unsecured and riskful – the brand-new platform puts an end to counterfeit products, wasted time and money. The neoteric platform solves the problems for people looking to get quality, affordable meds from trustworthy drugstores, the ones that will not get closed the next day after the purchase. Saving money by making a choice in favour of generic alternatives is the game wortр the candle, but the state of affairs around pharmaceuticals sales in the web hasn’t changed at all. The risks of buying a zero-quality product, becoming a victim of a scam affair or not getting the package you’ve paid for are still very high. So this is how Canadian Health&Care Mall is going to change things.

    We voice the problems and eradicate their roots

    A lack of information about online pharmacies, the absence of well-established payment methods and age-long delivery (stretching for long weeks or even months) do not let millions of potential buyers pull the trigger and order medications online rather than pay a three to six times bigger amount at a drugstore around the corner. The online segment of the industry is stagnating. And this is is where Canadian HealthCare Mall takes the center stage – a savvy platform is aggregating various drugstores across the United States and Canada under one roof. However, only the few have a chance to get represented at one of the most dynamically developing services – an online pharmacy undergoes an in-depth verification that implies meeting a long list of requirements: from sticking to a reasonable and  transparent pricing policy, adopting good practices in terms of financial operations to providing an opportunity of expedited shipping.

    Canadian Health and Care Mall is reloading the approaches and mechanism of buying medications through setting and maintaining the high standards that are normal in dozens of other industries. Canadian Health and Care Mall doesn’t narrow its scope of activities to tough verification and aggregation tasks – the platform is conducting monitoring of all the activities conducted by pharmacies and customers at our platform, maintaining fair business principles and improving customer experience by introducing innovations and improvements

    The progress dynamics is quite impressive a month after the release of the service we have started working with over 40 drugstores and the number of partners is growing permanently, on a weekly basis. The selection of preparations is another crucial advantage of Canadian Health and Care Mall – 15+ categories of preparations and numerous versions of drugs: from modifications of branded drugs by large international manufacturers to totally affordable meds by less known enterprises focusing on local non-US markets. You will definitely find the option that suits you perfectly as the platform developers pay close attention to refinement, selection and enlarging the line-up of drugs. Now you can choose from men’s and women’s health, pain relief, antibiotics, antidepressants, anxiety, blood pressure, skin care, eye care and a number of other product categories. The lineup is comprised with the products and active ingredients heading the list of US top 500 most demanded medications in mind.

    Erectile dysfunction in scope

    Erectile dysfunction

    With the creation of Generic Viagra (Generic Viagra boasts the quality comparable with branded medications… but it is way cheaper! Learn how you can take advantage of generic meds at –, Levitra and Cialis, thousands of men around the globe have got a chance to get back to normality in sexual life. Definitely, as the price range for the costly branded preparation (Viagra was the pioneer, launched in 1998) saw no changes during a couple of years after release, the production of its cheaper versions was doomed to happen. Unfortunately, the emergence of generic drugs the problem didn’t pass away, as with the introduction of the lineup of new products the internet has exploded as thousands of poor quality products have penetrated the web and occupied the first pages of search results and ad spaces.

    At With the creation of Generic Viagra, Levitra and Canadian Cialis, thousands of men around  this issue is partially dealt with by organization of thorough verification procedures and constant monitoring – running a drugstore account at Canadian Health&Care Mall requires plenty of efforts and maintenance. All the shops presented at our platform stick to fair play policies, otherwise they risk to get their account blocked and removed from the platform, visited by thousands of real customers on a daily basis.

    Now when you need an affordable medication that is offered by a diligent online pharmacy, all you need to do is to drop in at Canadian Health&Care Mall, select the search parameters and choose the required drug – the system will pick up the available offers automatically in a matter of seconds. All the offers you will see have nothing to do with fraudulent activities or scam efforts – safe and secure payment methods (conducted on the payment merchant side), fair deal terms and fast shipping – this is what you get at Canadian Health&Care Mall.

    Delivery & customer service: leaving your favourite online pharmacy in the dust

    At Canadian Health and Care Mall you can always take advantage of our professional consultations service: whether you are not sure this or that preparation suits you, or you are concerned by the possible side effects, contraindications or compatibility with other drugs, feel free to send your questions and our helpful customer care team will assist you as soon as possible. We run a comprehensive refund program – so in case of disputes you can count on a complete or partial refund or reshipping. If your order goes beyond $200, we’ll upgrade it with a free Airmail shipping, the fastest delivery method, for no cost (in orders under $200 you’ll be able to choose from a number of options). By choosing our platform you automatically enroll in a loyalty program, boasting heaps of bonuses, personal discounts, promotions and giveaways – subscribe to our newsletter and get the timely updates on all the juicy opportunities you can take advantage of.