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  • This is how Erectile Dysfunction terrorizes your body

    If erectile function in males works normally, erection is achieved within a few minutes or even seconds with the natural excitation. The process emerges in the brain, which sends signals to increase blood flow to the genitals. However, when the sexual function is violated, a person may collide with a long range of issues, turning the pleasure of a sexual intercourse into a challenge or even making it impossible.

    Why am I having erectile problems?

    This is how Erectile Dysfunction terrorizes your body

    The problems with sexual function may have psychological, organic or mixed origin. Psychological erectile dysfunction develops mainly on the background of depressions, overwhelming stress, obsessive negative associations with sex (oftentimes caused by unsuccessful experience in the past), pathological uncertainty in sexual abilities or loss of sexual desire.

    Organic erectile disorders are classified into several types depending on the causes:

    1. Vascular erectile dysfunction – this type is diagnosed when physiological disorders of blood flow to the genitals are confirmed. If the arteries of the penis functioning is violated by atherosclerosis, or trauma, then there is a slow and insufficient for sexual intercourse swelling is observed. This phenomenon takes place when the smooth muscle tissue of the penis are unable to relax completely.
    2. Erectile dysfunction of endocrine origin is caused by insufficient levels of testosterone hormone. As a rule, this type of erectile dysfunction typically manifests in the elderly. The reasons for low levels of the hormone are the endocrine pathologies.
    3. Neurogenic disorders of potency – due CNS abnormalities or traumatic spinal cord injuries or nervous disorders of the penis. Researches confirm that maintaining full potency in spinal injuries is an extremely complicated task: only a quarter of patients with similar clinical cases can restore erection to the full extent. Also, neurogenic ED may be caused by alcoholic/diabetic neuropathy and multiple sclerosis.
    4. Anatomically-caused impotence occurs due to the curvature of the penis, trauma or a partial or absolute surgical removal of the penis. Pain sensations oftentimes observed in this case can be triggered by processes in the scrotum Hernia, abnormally short frenulum, congenital defects of the penis and etc.

    There is a group of the less common causes of symptoms of impotence in men. In rare cases, the erectile dysfunction occurs for the following reasons:

    • The impact of intoxication – the development of ED symptoms as a result of poisoning by toxins such as lead acid, nitro or gasoline;
    • Diabetic impotence developing against the background of diabetes, according to statistics about ¾ male diabetics suffer from this complication;
    • Erectile dysfunction has a pharmaceutical origin, developed as a result of exposure to drug drugs like ACE inhibitors, calcium antagonists, β-blockers, thiazide diuretics;
    • Erectile dysfunction of inflammatory nature – develops as a result of inflammation in the reproductive system, transmitted by sexual partners

    Aggravating factors in the presence of ED are alcoholic abuse and nicotine addiction. Alcohol adversely affects the testicles and prostate, and nicotine inhibits brain sexual centers; both factors have a negative impact on blood circulation.

    More symptoms that may harbinger

    Organic impotence is characterized by long-term development with the gradual manifestation of symptoms. First, there are weak signs of a problem going without any complications. Among the first manifestations began to develop the following symptoms:

    • lack of erection;
    • weak erection;
    • protracted ejaculation;
    • premature ejaculation;
    • in the process of sexual intercourse erection suddenly disappears.

    These signs should be considered as warning of an impending impotence. If erectile dysfunction is already beginning its development, a man observes the following symptoms:

    • Erection is becoming rare or disappears altogether in the morning and at night. If the erection simply cannot be achieved, it is likely to be the organic nature of impotence. If you have a spontaneous erection and sexual intercourse fails, the causes of ED can have a mixed nature (psychological and physiological).
    • If premature ejaculation is beginning to occur, leaving both partners unsatisfied, the man begins to feel guilty of sexual inadequacy and failure. If ED has organic origin, psychological factors aggravate the situation.
    • A characteristic symptom of incipient impotence is insufficient erection (in general, achieving erection becomes harder and harder. These symptoms are often characterized by the presence of neurogenic disorders, hormonal imbalance, or vascular problems. Any of these signs or a combination of them require thorough medical examination and advice.

    Treatment misconceptions: surgery is the last option – pharmaceuticals work wonders

    Despite the widespread misconception prosthesis is the last option, while penile injections are not appreciated by doctors. The first line of treatment (meaning it is appointed in a majority of cases) includes prescribing the far-famed medications: Levitra, Canadian Viagra and etc. If you have already undergone the course of treatment and looking to get another portion of pills, you don’t necessarily need a prescription – drop in at Canadian Pharmacy Mall and make your best purchases: the platform aggregates dozens of trustworthy, reliable drugstores offering a wide selection generic preparations.