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    Variety of Erectile Dysfunction Medications

    Modern pharmaceutical market is flooded by various medicines promising men a qualitative and long-term restoration of erectile function. Some of them have synthetic base, whereas manufacturers of other drugs declare their absolutely natural composition. They are represented by medications of local action and oral drugs including diverse tablets, biologically active supplements, sprays, gels, creams, suppositories, injections, etc. But regardless of their presentation form and composition they all are designed for male strength enhancement and sexual life improvement. How will a patient be able to decide which type of ED medicine is suitable for him? The best way is to examine all variants and consult by a specialist.

    Synthetic Tablets

    Synthetic TabletsThis is the most popular way of male ED medications issue. The action of majority of them is aimed not at libido enhancement but at restoration of erectile function. Tablets cause the increase of blood flow to penis providing fast and long-lasting effect. For that purpose some medical drugs activate the production of nitrogen oxide in organism contributing to expansion of blood vessels. The action of these medicines depends on presence of sexual stimulation. This is a big advantage of for such medicines, since this fact may protect a man from uncontrolled, untimely and unwanted erection.

    The important factor which should be taken into account: onset time. Usually they take their action in 15-60 minutes after the intake depending on the nature of active substance they contain. The latter also determines the duration of their action, but the range is much wider here: from 4 up to 36 hours. Besides, the significant advantage of synthetic drugs is simplicity of their usage. What could be easier than just take the tablet and feel its effect able to attract a woman?  It is not difficult to get this kind of medication, since they are available in large assortment almost at any drug store. What medicines of this kind are the most efficient?

    The list of synthetic medicines for ED treatment is traditionally leaded by well-known Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Mechanism of their action is similar, but chemical composition is quite different. That is why they differ in effect occurrence rate, duration of action and possible side-effects.

    According to statistics, Viagra based on sildenafil is effective in 95% of cases, but the duration of its action is much less than the one of Cialis and Levitra – around 4-5 hours. Cialis with tadalafil as its active substance takes its action in 15 minutes after the intake and keeps its effect for 36 hours. Levitra, a vardenafil-based remedy has the least number of side-effects and counter-indications along with its high-performance.

    But although synthetic tablets for potency boost improve each year and the list of their side-effects reduces, there is a number of diseases requiring special attention while their intake of prohibiting them at all:

    • Cardiac failures
    • Hypertension
    • Rehabilitation period after heart attack (within the last six months)
    • Hepatic or renal pathologies

    Besides, the fact of possible incompatibility of these remedies with alcohol and fat food should be taken into account.

    Natural Remedies – BAA

    Natural Remedies – BAABiologically active additives are distinguished by their natural ingredients. Due to their natural composition they practically do not have any contraindications. Their action is based on nutrition of male organism with useful substances and microelements taking therapeutic effect on sexual sphere. The main components of BAA are herbs and metabolic byproducts of animals and insects. It should be borne in mind that in order to achieve desired effect these medicines should be taken systematically. This means a full treatment course with observation of intake rules and dosages. Only this way the positive result will be achieved. The drugs for ED boost of this kind will be indeed useful is erectile issues are in the area of psychology or caused by long physical exertions, chronic weariness and aging of organism. In case of impotency of organic type, the action of such medications won’t be profitable. Moreover, the intake of BAA should be combined with healthy lifestyle, correct dietary regimen, refuse of alcohol and stress evasion.

    Local Action Remedies: Gels, Creams, Sprays

    Gels, Creams, SpraysSimilar stimulants of potency are a decent alternative of peroral medicines. These remedies are quite effective and easy-to-use. Their action is strictly localized and there is no risk of their components influence on the overall organism. And it should be mentioned that since these medicines are applied locally, they do not have any restrictions in regards to their combined use with alcohol or food.

    Sprays or gels must be applied directly on sexual organs as per instruction (for instance, some remedies should be applied not only on penis but on scrotum as well). The huge advantage of these remedies is fast occurrence of desired effect which comes in 10-15 minutes after their intake. Thus, the necessity of preliminary planning of sexual intercourse disappears. Coitus may be absolutely spontaneous. Usage of condom doesn’t affect the action of creams and sprays.

    Nevertheless, medications of this kind do not have long duration of action. In average, it makes around three hours. Besides, their intake allows solving erectile issues only as the moment arises. They are not able to eliminate the cause of ED. Therefore, they cannot be used in the capacity of independent medicine to treat it, but just as a part of complex therapy.

    The distinguishing feature of gels, creams and sprays for potency boost is their positive action on sensitivity experienced by a woman during sexual intercourse. When they get on female sexual organs and affect the nerve endings, these medicines increase sexual drive and promote orgasm achievement.

    Key Advantages of Creams for Erectile Dysfunction

    The main distinguishing feature of given pharmaceutical drugs is their fast effect. They may be used just before the sexual intercourse. Also, they may be applied as prophylactic therapy. They have a characteristic pleasant smell and may moisturize sensitive skin in intimate zone. By means of creams, men may prolong coitus for hours and enlarge penis size. The efficiency of the medicine starts in several minutes. In comparison with peroral medications, creams have almost no side-effects.

    Erectile Dysfunction Creams Usage

    Creams are to be used locally. Sexual organs must be washed thoroughly with soap. The indicated amount of remedy must be applied on them as per instruction. Application of the cream is not counter-indicative to be used along with contraceptives in the form of condoms.

    ED creams are used in the following cases:

    • ED treatment along with complex therapy;
    • Absence of pleasant feeling during sexual intercourse;
    • Unsatisfactory duration of coitus;
    • Premature ejaculation.

    Like any other pharmaceutical remedy, the cream has its counter-indications in the form of idiosyncrasy to its components or damaged skin in genital area. Very rarely, a cream may provoke allergy but if it takes place, it is better to consult a specialist.

    Vega H Cream

    Vega H CreamVega H Cream is generally used for treatment of erectile dysfunction. It maintains and prolongs erection. Cream’s active substance, sildenafil is a popular remedy responsible for natural long-term erection Sildenafil citrate is a PDE5 inhibitor which relaxes muscles in order to fill penis blood vessels with blood for preservation of erection.

    Before sexual intercourse (around 1 hour), a small amount of cream should be applied on balanus and penis surface. Avoid using of this product along with any other medicines for erectile dysfunction. Vega H Cream is water-soluble and has a pleasant smell. Sildenafil citrate is transformed by hepatic enzymes and released by kidneys and liver. It is better to avoid usage of Vega H Cream along with fat food, since it may cause slowing down of sildenafil and lingering its action.

    If you look for an easy way to treat ED, you may consider using Vega H Cream, since this medicine is a very efficient in treatment of sexual issues. This cream has the same ingredients as normal Viagra tablets, such as sildenafil, but it also contains another effective ingredient, lignocaine. You may rest assured that your sexual life will get better with Vega H Cream. You may refuse tableted form and achieve the same results.

    Keep your cream in a container not above 25°C. In case you take nitrate-containing medications, you should avoid using these both drugs simultaneously. Otherwise, you may suffer from a heart or apoplectic attack. And do not allow anyone to use your cream.


    Creams for erection boost takes short-term effect and are not medications capable of ED treatment. They are better to be used in a complex with other specialized pharmaceutical remedies. Anyway, before using of any kind of similar medicines, a patient should consult a specialist.


    Every type of content distributed on this online page was posted with an educational purpose only. In no way, shape or form such content must be used with an intension to substitute a medical advice. By no means, users must apply the data from this page for self-diagnosing or self-treatment before counseling a legal medical provider. In a quick manner contact a licensed healthcare provider in a case there are doubts or concerns about any medical issue.