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  • Weight Loss: Busting the Widespread Myths

    Many people think that causes of overweight are generally known and, consequently, the solution of these reasons can’t be easier. But in fact it turns out that understanding by most people are wrong about obesity and the common, so-called conventional methods of weight loss can lead to irreversible disturbances in a human body.  In order to help people who are chasing the dream of losing weight Canadian Health&Care Mall offers a lot of various supplements and FDA approved medical aids like Xenical, Orlistat and Hoodia. In addition to the diet regimen and nutritional schedule these people should follow the right course of weight loss. For a healthy weight loss plan they need to know about facts and myths connected to dieting and reducing body mass. Our researches got a bunch of facts, myths and studies about weight loss gathered in one place.

    The widespread myths about losing weight and why you shouldn’t follow them:

    1. Myth: We must abandon fatty foods. Fact: Some fats are useful and required for eating

    If you stop eating fatty foods, such approach can trigger the violation of natural metabolic processes in a body. When you decide to go on a diet, be sure to eat foods that contain beneficial unsaturated fats (vegetable oil, fish, nuts). But foods rich in saturated fats (butter, whole milk, fatty meats) should be limited or avoided at all.

    1. Myth: Do not eat after 06 p.m. Fact: Metabolism works differently for everyone, though there are some rules

    In fact, metabolic processes are not changed depending on whether you eat after 6 or 8 p.m. The important thing is what you eat and in what quantities. The last meal of a day should consist of lean meats and vegetables. These products help to improve a digestive process and prepare your body for good sleeping. You need to have time to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime.

    1. Myth: You can’t eat meat, only veggies. Fact: You should eat meat but cooked in a special way

    Many vegetarians who do not eat meat and dairy products at all are overweight. Further, some useful substances, including vitamins and necessary for a body B12 are contained only in natural meat. In order not to gain weight try to choose dairy products with low-fat percentage and lean meat products. The most useful meat to eat is boiled or baked ones.

    1. Myth: Diet is more important than sports. Fact: Exercises and diet should supplement one another

    If you want to lose weight, then your spent energy must exceed the number of calories eaten. Therefore, you can’t neglect physical exercise. The best way to lose weight is to regularly (at least 3 times a week) do physical activity. Aerobics or start to walk for pleasure, go to a gym – do any physical activity. The main lesson is bring you pleasure with physical activity. After a couple of months you significantly grow thin, strengthen your muscles and you will be feel much better. But remember: in order to achieve the result it is important not to miss physical activities daily.

    1. Myth: Blaming genetics for being fat. Fact: Partially true, but can be fixed

    This statement is only partially true. Indeed, a child who has overweight parents is inclined to corpulence. But he or she needs for childhood to follow the rules of a balanced diet, to avoid weight gain. Conversely, if there is an excessive amount of fats and carbohydrates in a diet and it leads a sedentary lifestyle, body mass  will certainly grow unnaturally, even there are no genetic reasons.

    1. Myth: To lose weight, you have to take pills only. Fact: Pills can help but only with a healthy lifestyle

    In the arsenal of physicians do have drugs to help lose weight. However, they will have no effect if your way of life will remain the same. In addition, this group of drugs can cause serious contraindications. Take them can only be prescribed by a professional doctor.

    1. Myth. Hunger is the best way to lose weight. Fact: Hunger can also lead to bulimia and stomach problems

    Fast helps to get rid of several kilograms. But as soon as you get back to normal eating patterns, they immediately return. Moreover, the body, mindful of the starvation diet, begin diligently to do reserves. Therefore, you can not only quickly return former weight, but also gain new weight.

    1. Myth: It’s all about metabolism only. Fact: Metabolite disorders are not the most common cause of overweight

    Only 2-3% of all overweight cases are associated with any neurological or endocrine diseases. In most cases it occurs due to overeating and lack of physical activity.

    1. Myth: Pineapple burns fat. Fact: Simply wrong

    Indeed, earlier it was believed that bromelain contained in pineapples burns fat. In fact it is not like that. Scientists have established: the only thing that bromelain can do is to break down proteins. In the subcutaneous fatty “deposit” this enzyme, unfortunately, has no effect.

    The expert opinions of dieticians

    Weight Loss

    Opinion №1. Change your habits!

    Weight loss is a lengthy process. It is important to change your habits gradually and never leave a new found course to a healthy look. At first you need to stop eating and snacking sandwiches during a day. Gradually exclude food products that are not healthy for you. Control yourself in all situations, when there is the temptation of overeating.

    Opinion №2. Competent approach to weight loss!

    Weight loss process is limited by the nature of the genetic causes. For example, if you are tall, with broad bones, most of all, you can only lose a limited number of pounds without compromising health. In the fight against excessive weight you need to set only realistic goals.

    Should you take diet pills while being on a diet?

    Dieticians really can offer a lot of safe medications that can help reduce weight. But their effect will be reduced to zero, if you do not change your lifestyle with bad eating habits and do not solve the problem of excessive weight. And secondly, this group of drugs brings very serious contraindications and can only take them after consulting with a qualified physician.