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  • What Are Main Headache Causes?

    They say that it is very dangerous to wait long before you stop toothache and headache. Let us speak about the latter as it seems to lead to more serious problems than the former. So, what are the causes of headache?

    First of all, it should be mentioned that all the causes of headaches are not quite researched. Nevertheless, scientists name several main causes that are sure to trigger headache. Those can be divided into two groups:

    • the ones of mechanical nature
    • the ones turning up in the result of inner diseases

    Mechanical Nature of Headache Causes

    The things are clear with the first group. Physical traumas can cause inner skull bleeding and headaches. But not only those:

    • over-fatigue
    • stresses
    • junk food and drinks
    • medicines
    • smoke

    All the factors are able to cause bad headache and even migraine that often ends up in vomiting. Tension in head grows so much that it seems to explode. It is good to take an effective pill in such a case. But you should not forget about the fact that the sufferer feels like vomiting. Thus, the pill will likely go out the same way that it got in immediately producing no effect. They tend to call the doctor to give a jab to the muscle or make an injection with magnesium or a painkiller into the vein. The pain goes away within 15 minutes.

    Unfortunately, in our busy world the four causes often come altogether. Routine work is full of stresses and little time for consuming proper foods and ecologically clean drinks contribute greatly to worsen the overall health condition. Unlimited hours of work end up in awful fatigue and different pains from too much of running around, sitting in one place under the influence of magnetic waves, carrying some heavy items and so on. Those pains make people take medicines to be able to go on working. And medicines, in their turn, always have side effects. Such effects lead to headaches as well.

    By the way, hours of starvation because of your day regime followed by fastest seconds of meals at fast-food restaurants and centers make things even worth. Fat cells get filled with harmful agents and substances instantly. Then during the other portion of starvation hours those substances and harmful agents get radiated into blood along with energy which turns up at fat splitting.

    Either smoking itself or inhaling smoke leads to headaches as well. Blood vessels have a tendency to get narrower causing higher blood pressure and bad headache as a result. So, it does not matter if you smoke or are a passive smoker.

    Headaches Caused By Inner Disorders

    1. Hormonal shift and changes are mostly typical for women. Monthly periods and menopauses are strong reasons for abrupt, pulsing, gripping and long lasting headaches.
    2. Different genetically inherited and chronic diseases bring endless and frequent headaches.
    3. Inflammations of different kinds (of the spinal cord and brain membranes), often blocking nose colds and tumors are known as the most typical conditions for headaches to occur.