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  • Your sexual health is at stake: a closer look at things that ruin your potency with ED Drugs

    If a man realizes he’s having obvious problems with potency, a psychological shock that comes right away or develops in the process of time is a frequent reaction. Millions of men, healthy and young, are convinced that erectile dysfunction is not going to be their case, but statistics say the opposite. Over the years, erectile function is weakened and at some point of time it can be lost completely – as a rule it happens under the influence of health issues that take place in the body but can hardly be diagnosed on one’s own.

    Finding roots of erectile dysfunction

    Finding roots of erectile dysfunction

    Promotion of impotence (find more information about impotence here: development can be triggered by numerous factors. Every day, male body is subjected to negative influences of the environment and improper reaction to stress, plus such pernicious habits as smoking and frequent alcohol consumption make a solid contribution in ED progression. A devastating effect on potency is caused by irregular sexual relations (both too infrequent and excessively frequent) and insufficient physical activity; a less significant impact is provided by various psychological factors. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of potency disorder causes, the approaches to the treatment of impotence should be professional and comprehensive, so seeking for professional assistance has a paramount importance.

    Lifestyle and proper nutrition are the ways out

    Giving up smoking and making changes to sedentary life are absolutely crucial to complete the recovery – otherwise, virtually any therapy has little sense. The impact of tar and nicotine potency is enormous: they damage the blood vessels that disrupts the blood supply and adversely affect oxygen flow in the body. Passive lifestyle almost inevitably means poor metabolism, in its turn leading to blood flow violations, bad cholesterol increase and other issues that directly affect potency. Moreover, lack of motor activity often leads to pelvis pathologies, and result in prostatitis, weakening erection and in the worst cases leading to infertility.

    Moderate physical activity helps to improve the functions of the circulatory and cardiovascular systems, which contributes to a better blood supply in general and to the penis in particular. Dosed physical activity normalizes the process of testosterone secretion, strengthens muscle tissue, adding sexual attractiveness and endurance. A better physical form inevitably means a better psychological shape (it’s a common knowledge that physically active men are less exposed to nervous breakdowns and disturbances and are less amenable to depression).

    Before initiating any drug treatment, reviewing your diet is highly recommended as the products that are used in the food can have different effects on sexual and erectile function. Therefore, in the event of potency disorders, replacing potentially harmful to the body substances is essential: consuming less animal fat and sticking to a low carb can be extremely beneficial. In men it is desirable to enrich the diet with fish and seafood as it contains phosphorus and iodine, protein and zinc. Also, men should eat lean meats (veal, beef and chicken), dairy products. Enriching your diet with greenery and vegetables, such as celery and parsley, mint and garlic, olives and beans, will not only have a positive impact on your health in general, but will also slightly improve erection.

    Medical treatment of impotence – the salvation in the worst case scenarios

    Pharmacy in a huge range of men offer different solutions to improve erectile function and potency. These funds help to enhance sensitivity and better erections, increased blood flow to the genitals. Among all varieties of drugs well proven several varieties that can regain virility. But the effect of these agents is temporary. To treat the problem, identifying the main causes of impotence and their elimination. The most popular and effective anti-impotence drugs today are indicated below.

    Canadian Viagra. Still a stunning choice to combat ED

    Canadian Viagra. Still a stunning choice to combat ED

    Perhaps the most famous drug that effectively combats erectile dysfunction. Canadian Viagra dilates blood vessels, resulting in the greater blood circulation in the penis. The preparation promotes erection during sexual arousal in men (despite the widespread misconceptions, Viagra is not a stimulant – it works in cases where erection emerges naturally). Canadian Viagra boasts a reputation of well-tolerable drug with the minimum of list of adverse reactions and contraindications. The observed muscle pain or headaches, insomnia, nausea, dizziness and visual disturbances, diarrhea and a number of other side effects are mostly non-severe, passing away within several hours.

    The onset of Generic Viagra action takes place 40-50 minutes after reception and lasts up to 3.5 – 4 hours. Consult your doctor before taking the drug to make sure its reception is safe and to pick up an optimal dosage. You can choose from the original preparation or a number of its generic modifications at Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy – the platform gathering dozens of trustworthy drugstores under one roof.

    Canadian Cialis (Tadalafil). The weekend pill

    Canadian Cialis (Tadalafil). The weekend pill

    This drug is gaining momentum in the recent years due to its unsurpassed durability and quality of action. Behind the magnificent effect of Cialis stands tadalafil – the main and the only active ingredient. Canadian Cialis provides up to 36 hours effect, meaning the preparation can be taken hours before the anticipated sexual intercourse with almost zero risks of failure. However, the difference of Cialis from Viagra is not only its prolonged effect – it’s a shorter list of adverse reactions and contraindications. Thus, Viagra is not recommended to be taken with fatty foods and must not be taken with alcohol to exclude the risk of poor absorption and adverse reactions. Cialis can be taken almost regardless of meals consumed and even with small doses of alcohol without any risks.

    Click to read more about Cialis at Canadian Health&Care pharmacy:

    Levitra. The golden standard of ED treatment

    Levitra. The golden standard of ED treatment

    This Vardenafil-based medication is similar to Cialis and Viagra in terms of course of action: a PDE-5 inhibitors representative, it increases the blood supply to the penis and enhances the natural erection. The durability of Levitra is maintained for around 12 hours – a golden medium against the background of Viagra and Cialis and the shortest list of contraindications and side effects – these are the main advantages of Levitra. Another strong advantage of the drug lies in its tolerability qualities in diabetes patients (erectile dysfunction is a common issue diabetes patients are suffering from).