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  • How to Generate More Response to Kamagra Pills

    Why do some people get higher effect from one and the same medicine and other people get nothing? Why do some people suffer from the side effects and some people not? These questions can be raised concerning any medication including ED treatment drugs. The problem with ED treatment drugs and their effectiveness is quite sharp as it touches on not only the question of physical health, but also the psychological condition of the patient.

    A man suffering from erectile dysfunction often gets nervous when he first tries any ED treatment drug because of the importance of the moment and the lost self-confidence. If the medication does not work in him his spirits sag. That is why it is so important to make the necessary steps in order to increase the response to ED treatment drugs. Here we will discuss Kamagra and response to it.

    Kamagra: generic Viagra

    Being rather new at the market Kamagra has already shown good results in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions.

    Kamagra is a generic Viagra produced by the Indian pharmaceutical company. It has an identical content with the branded Viagra; Sildenafil is the active ingredient of it. Kamagra is offered in two dosages: 50mg and 100 mg of Sildenafil.

    Just like the original product Kamagra should be taken once a day 40 minutes prior to the sexual intercourse. The initial dosage should not exceed 50 mg.

    No alcohol or fat food

    As Kamagra contains Sildenafil it follows the basic rules of Viagra’s intake. If someone wants to obtain the biggest possible effect of Kamagra he should follow some very simple rules. The results will be astounding!

    First of all, one should remember that despite the good compatibility with food Kamagra has some restrictions. It is not compatible with alcohol as alcohol suppresses the action of Sildenafil. Moreover, it influences the human cardio-vascular system which works under the excessive load during the sexual activity especially if the man takes Kamagra. No wonder that the consequences may be rather sad.

    Fat food also has the suppressing action on Sildenafil. The consequences won’t be very dramatic, but the Kamagra’s effect won’t be either. One should also remember about grapefruit and grapefruit juice that just neutralizes the effect of the medication.

    Useful information about Sidenafil:

    Watch the drugs!

    In order to avoid unpleasant health conditions and to increase response to Kamagra the patient should take care about the current medication therapy, if any. Kamagra is not co-administered with nitrate containing drugs such as nitroglycerin and other medications that are used for the treatment of cardio-vascular diseases. Antibiotics are not co-administered with Kamagra either. The risk list of medications also contains antifungal drugs and medications used for the HIV/AIDS therapy.

    If any of the above-mentioned medications are prescribed the patient should inform his doctor about it. In fact, it is better that the patient informs the health care professional about all the medications he is taking at the moment, even herbs and food additives. It will help prevent undesired side effects of Kamagra as it is not clear how Sildenafil may work together with any drug in any certain patient.

    Follow the doctor’s recommendations

    One of the most reasonable choices for the patient in case of therapy with Kamagra is to follow his doctor’s recommendations regarding dosages, drug co-administration and restrictions of the health condition.

    During the medical consultation the doctor determines the patient’s health state (sometimes additional medical analyses are required for the better diagnostics) and prescribes the proper dosage. If the patient decides to change the dose for the larger one he risks facing side effects that are rare, but still possible, if no recommendations are observed.

    Moreover, it is vitally important for the patient to follow the doctor’s recommendations if he suffers from any serious disease. It is known that weak human organism cannot cope with serious challenges. Taking Kamagra for some patients with certain diseases is a real challenge and even threat as they may not recover from the possible consequences completely. That is why sometimes doctors do not prescribe Kamagra for those patients who has recently suffered from the heart stroke (up to 6 months) or suffering from serious blood pressure and other cardio-vascular disorders. Cardio-vascular system is under the significant load during sex and taking PDE5 inhibitors which Kamagra is. So, the already existing disorder may cause serious damages to the health.

    Patients with eye disorders and liver or kidney diseases are also recommended not to start the therapy with Kamagra until their health condition improves. Patients with allergic reactions are also in the risk group as any allergic reaction develops very quickly and very strongly. So, if the patient takes the pill against the doctor’s advice he risks experiencing big problems and long rehabilitation period.

    Healthy lifestyle is the best choice

    The best method to generate more response to Kamagra is to conduct the healthy lifestyle during the therapy. The absence of bad habits and, as a result, negative influence on all the internal organs will improve the results of the therapy.

    So, no alcohol and smoking together with sport activity and regular checking of the health state will bring incredible results in any case, especially when the ED problem is connected with the unhealthy life style (overeating and excessive weight, smoking etc.).

    To sum it up, the best friends of Kamagra’s therapy are self-confidence and self-discipline without which nothing is possible, healthy lifestyle and following of the doctor’s instructions. Be sure that all these factors will help obtain the greatest response to Kamagra pills.