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  • Talks with Insiders on Impotence. Canadian Health&Care Mall Knows All!

    Erectile dysfunction is the problem that isn’t widely discussed even today. Though the condition is treatable with different pills, injections and devices, it is the reason for embarrassment and feeling guilty. Luckily, Canadian Health&Care Mall has found men, who are eager to share their experience of fighting against impotence via different methods, success and failures.

    Jonathan Howard, Boston

    It was the first time I had serious relationship. I am in my 30’s and since 16 I had very different sex experiences, yet they always were successful. After meeting Kate I knew that things would go differently, though I didn’t assume they would go differently with my erections. Whether it was because of anxiety or because I was too afraid to disappoint her, but after the jeans and shirts were off, I didn’t get an erection.’Impotence

    I must admit, I hardly differ from millions of other men. Why? ‘I need to look for a solution’ wasn’t my first reaction. The very first thing that came to my mind sounded like ‘Why me?’ I felt embarrassed and we parted speechless. She really wanted to be supportive, but I didn’t give her a chance and that parted us for another 6 months.

    There was a period in my life, when I turned to alcohol that was supposed to turn down the nasty voice in my head, the one that was telling me what a looser I was. Did it help? Hardly! The voice vanished only for a few hours of my morning hangover. And then there appeared another voice with its sound advice to make an appointment and have a complete physical check. So, I did. I went to a sex therapist, to a hypnotist and then to my family doctor. They helped me discover a vivid link between my stress, anxiety and ED. But knowing the reason is one thing and coping with it is another.

    A really tough recovery program took nearly 4 months. It included the use of medications like Viagra and then Cialis, as the latter one appeared to be more effective, special relaxing and stress-free therapies, lifestyle changes (more physical activity, less fatty foods, alcohol and smoking).

    Did it help? After the main part of my program ended I made a call and she picked up. We talked, had dinner and after a few days we did have sex. No sexual anxiety or failures were engaged. I can say that going through depression took too much time in my case. Yet still I’m glad I found the way out.

     Mark Louis, Ottawa

    Finding out the cause of impotence was easy in my case. In fact, I was the one, who explained what diabetes had to do with my inability in bed, and not the doctor. He listened, wrote something down into his pad and nodded a few times. I believe that I was lucky enough to find a professional and a man who really cares, and not the one, who takes money for doing nothing.

    So, this is my story. I have diabetes since 35, and now I am 51. It is a real surprise that it didn’t affect my sexual life years before, but I still knew it would happen sooner or later. I was physically active, included only healthy foods and drinks into my ration. Oh, dear, I have even refused from smoking for good. I guess this all postponed ED, but it didn’t help in preventing it.

    There were two key factors that helped me remain optimistic: my wife’s support and the fact I was somehow prepared to the fact it would happen any day. My first failure in bed brought me to my doctor. The case was neither easy nor too complicated: on the one hand there was the treatment option, and on the other one it had to be chosen carefully because of my diabetes. After weeks of tests and experiments I was prescribed Cialis. I bought its generic form from Canadian Pharmacy Mall, paid less than at a regular drugstore, yet managed to achieve excellent results.

    My wife was glad to have me back and I was glad to get back to norm. I really doubt that I am the one to give great advice on anything, but there’s one thing I am really sure about: diabetes can’t be the issue that erases sex from your life. In fact, nothing can!

     Jessica Folding, Cleveland

    I am married to an impotent man. I wish you knew how it scared me. And it keeps scaring me. Things aren’t that bad now, but I still remember the discussions, quarrels and depression that both of us came through. Erectile dysfunction is a quite normal condition when a man is over 55-60, but when a 32-year old man has problems in bed, it strikes both of you.

    Want to know what was the first thing he did? Well, he packed my stuff. MY! And the explanation sounded like, ‘Leave and find the man who CAN, because I’m not the one anymore.’ I thought I would and not because I wanted to, but because I could hardly see my husband behind a mask of a depressed and broken man. I stayed.

    I was the one to find doctors, buy pills, change eating habits of both of us and force him to lose weight. Kevin was prescribed 10 mg Generic Viagra pills and took them 40-50 minutes before the intercourse. He was the one to whine, complain and break new rules day by day. It was more than once that I wanted to leave. But what kind of a woman and wife would I be? It took much time to change ourselves while fighting ED. Today we aren’t the people we used to be before his impotence. Something has broken, something new has appeared. But I am still afraid. This is not his ED reoccurrence that I am afraid of. It’s his reaction and behavior after reoccurrence. I don’t think I will manage to stand it one more time…