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  • To What Extent Are Condoms Responsible For Erection Difficulties?

    Blaming the condom for failing to maintain an erection is such a convenient scapegoat for many men. However, the popular stereotypic belief that condoms interfere with an erection might not be true after all.

    Condoms and Erection: Are They Indeed Incompatible?

    Condoms are very important for the sexual health of both partners engaging in intercourse, since they are capable of protecting them from sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, they also help prevent unwanted pregnancy. However, many couples prefer not to use condoms. Sometimes, condoms accidentally get forgotten in the heat of the moment, but it is often a conscious decision. Why do people choose to risk their safety? The answer is quite simple: it is a common belief that sex with condoms doesn’t feel “natural” or “right”.Couple with condom

    It is mostly men who blame condoms for rendering sexual activities less pleasurable. And not only that, since many lovers find that putting on a condom is a buzzkill for their erection. Even though the number of such complaints is rather high, the negative impact of condoms on male sexual function is most likely a myth.

    The issue has been overlooked for decades, but recently, it has gained some publicity and several studies have been conducted. The findings of one such study are rather interesting, especially for those who tend to blame condoms for anything that goes wrong in bed. The study focused on 469 straight men who were aged between 18 and 24. They were asked about their general sexual experience while using a condom. Almost two-fifths claimed to experience no discomfort from condoms at all, while one-third of all respondents believed that their performance lagged behind when they had to use a condom. The remaining 30 percent of young men had occasional difficulties while putting a condom on or in the middle of sexual activities.

    It would be logical to assume that condoms do pose a threat to sexual performance in at least a certain percentage of men. However, the researchers then asked the young men to describe their sexual experiences without a condom. It turned out that being latex-free wasn’t very helpful to them, as most of them continued to show mild erectile dysfunction symptoms. The researchers came to the conclusion that condom-related difficulties in 30% of respondents were most likely a result of not knowing how to wear them properly or caused by a previous bad experience with them. Those who blamed the condoms for their mishaps were probably under the influence of some other factors detrimental to a stable erection, and removing the condoms did not fix the problem.

    Even though the results of the study might be disappointing for some men, they might prove to be a motivator for them to try to get to the root of their sexual problem. First of all, it is a good idea to learn how to put on a condom properly. Medical practitioners report that for many patients who complained about condom-related issues, the real source of their problem was improper use.

    Another study focused on those who found condoms unpleasant and felt they caused discomfort even after they had learned to wear them properly. The researchers found out that those men were highly likely to fully recover from their unpleasant feelings during the first minute of sexual activities. Finally, a survey that was conducted in 2013 revealed that the majority of men and women found safe sex just as natural and appealing as protection-free sex. The results of these studies show that in most cases, condoms are not the real cause behind sexual failures.

    What If I Experience Discomfort From Condoms Anyway?

    CondomsScience might tell you that you shouldn’t expect any interference with your sexual performance from condoms, but words won’t be able to easily resolve your latex-related psychological issues. You might get distracted while pausing to wear a condom or maybe there is a negative experience with condoms in your past that is still haunting you. What could you possibly do about it?

    • Analyse the problem. There is a high probability that all your negativity towards condoms comes from one particular time when you failed to stay erect after putting on a condom. Try to think about your sexual experience, about the times when you failed to stay erect and when you didn’t. If there were more times when you maintained an erection, you have got nothing to worry about. Don’t be too critical towards yourself and try to avoid stressing out about the issue.
    • Practice. You need to get used to wearing a condom, so that the situation is more familiar and comfortable for you. You can try to get yourself sexually aroused and put on a condom, so that you get used to sudden interruptions. It is best to practice with your sexual partner, but you can also do it on your own.
    • Put it on earlier. You can wear a condom during all sexual activities, not only intercourse. That way, you can accommodate yourself to the new feeling and avoid further interruptions.
    • Experiment with various condoms. Since condoms are an important part of safe sex, it is crucial that you find the one that suits you. For instance, the condoms you are using might be too small and restrict blood flow to your penis. If they are too big, you might feel like they are about to slide off, which does not contribute to feelings of comfort. You should experiment a bit and find which condoms suit you the best.
    • Try lubrication. For some men, adding a small drop of lube inside their condom works miracles and makes them feel a lot more comfortable. Just be sure not to add to much lube, as it might make the condom slip off.
    • Talk to your partner. If your relationship with your sexual partner is close enough, you can try discussing your feelings and insecurities with them. It might so happen that together, you will be able to work out a solution that will make you feel better.
    • Talk to a close friend. Men do not usually like sharing their feelings, especially when it comes to such delicate matters. However, a good mate will be supportive, and if you’re lucky, maybe he’ll even give you some advice that will solve your problem.

    As you can see, there are many ways of dealing with condom-related erectile difficulties. Be sure to never give up and believe in yourself, and you will be able to overcome your unpleasant condom associations.

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