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    • Saga about Hormones

      Prednisone (Deltasone) at Canadian Health&Care Mall

      What It Is For, Side Effects, Prednisone and Steroids Myths, Saga about Hormones, Risks and Precautions CONTENT Prednisone: What it is for? Prednisone Side Effects Prednisone and Steroids Myths Saga about Hormones Risks and Precautions Prednisone is a drug belonging to class of corticosteroids that are synthetic drugs to replace a lack of steroids, natural hormones of the human body produced by the adrenal gland. Steroids help to regulate the immune system and sexual characteristics. Prednisone is effective in many cases when other drugs fails to help, but, as a rule, it is used with caution, as a number of serious side effects are claimed...

    • Long-Term Perspectives of Extended Generic Viagra Use

      Long-Term Perspectives of Extended Generic Viagra Use

      Generic Viagra is the pacemaker of all other similar preparations, which are targeted to overcome problems with erectile dysfunctions, or briefly ED. Being invented accidently, it has become the leader in the market in all countries of the world. In some countries, it is the leader of the entire medical market and not only amongst ED treatments. This is a powerful preparation, which brings positive alterations for all men who experience problems with their erection. Undoubtedly, such strong affection may possibly induce some health complications. One of the most popular questions about the uses of Generic Viagra is its stability and safety while a long-termed...

    • Metabolic Syndrome

      How Metabolic Syndrome Increases Your ED Chances

      There is a condition that involves high levels of insulin, increased blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and fat around the waist. And it’s called metabolic syndrome. They say that this health issue may have a negative effect on male’s erection and that it actually can increase erectile dysfunction chances. We’re going to provide answers to the questions that you may have. What Is Metabolic Syndrome? It’s not just one disease that is easy to treat. Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors and illnesses that are found in one person. When taken separately, they are not that severe. However, when combined, they all lead...

    • Weight Loss

      Weight Loss: Busting the Widespread Myths

      Many people think that causes of overweight are generally known and, consequently, the solution of these reasons can’t be easier. But in fact it turns out that understanding by most people are wrong about obesity and the common, so-called conventional methods of weight loss can lead to irreversible disturbances in a human body.  In order to help people who are chasing the dream of losing weight Canadian Health&Care Mall offers a lot of various supplements and FDA approved medical aids like Xenical, Orlistat and Hoodia. In addition to the diet regimen and nutritional schedule these people should follow the right course of weight loss. For a...

    • Erectile dysfunction

      Nutrition and Erectile Dysfunction

      Erectile Dysfunction Statistics Have you ever thought why there are so many ads for ED (erectile dysfunction) drugs - Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis on the TV and in magazines everywhere?  The reason for it is rather simple – a lot of people experience erectile dysfunction. Over 30 million men in the U.S. alone suffer from ED. Erectile dysfunction affects over 50 percent of men aged 40 to 70, and the incidence of complete ED is three times more prevalent among these age groups. What is even more unfortunate is that experts expect cases of erectile dysfunction to double or triple over in the next 25 years...

    • Generic Kamagra Types in Canadian Health&Care Pharmacy: Effervescent, Polo and Oral Jelly Stack Up

      Nowadays, medicines for erectile dysfunction are rather widely represented on pharmaceutical market. This fact is explained by the wide-spread character of sexual issues in men. Moreover, clinical trials of innovative medications do not cease and new medicinal formulas always refill pharmacies. Up to date the leading position was occupied by Viagra which is well-known and very popular. But along with appearance of new analogous generics of Viagra, the latter had to take second place to them. Generics such as Kamagra are much cheaper but have similar efficiency. Moreover, they are represented by various presentation forms: capsules, jelly, chewing pills, effervescent tablets, etc. Description of Kamagra...

    • erectile-dysfunction

      Why Using Drugs for Post-Cancer Erectile Dysfunction Is a Good Idea

      Cancer treatment can often be quite intrusive, and even the best and safest forms of cancer treatment often cause some collateral damage to the body. For men, having some forms of cancer treatment means that they are highly likely to have erectile problems afterward. Of course, erectile dysfunction is a lot less destructive for the body than cancer, so naturally, the overwhelming majority of men just go for the cancer treatment therapy and accept the consequences. However, having ED might bring some unpleasant disruptions to every man’s life, so it is important to address this problem as soon as possible. Modern medical science has been...

    • Maryland Scientists See Heart Disease Healing Potential in Viagra

      Maryland Scientists See Heart Disease Healing Potential in Viagra

      Viagra is a well-known medication praised for its ability to effectively treat erectile dysfunction in men. Thanks to its ability to improve the blood circulation in the body, men suffering from ED are able to overcome their problem for an established time period of approximately 4 hours. Viagra is undoubtedly the most widely recognized and prescribed ED medication in the world thanks to its level of effectiveness. But, can it be used for other purposes besides helping men suffering from erectile problems? The answer is yes. Initial discovery of Viagra Not a lot of people are aware of the fact that Viagra is one of...

    • Synthetic Tablets

      Vega H Cream vs Oral Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

      Variety of Erectile Dysfunction Medications Modern pharmaceutical market is flooded by various medicines promising men a qualitative and long-term restoration of erectile function. Some of them have synthetic base, whereas manufacturers of other drugs declare their absolutely natural composition. They are represented by medications of local action and oral drugs including diverse tablets, biologically active supplements, sprays, gels, creams, suppositories, injections, etc. But regardless of their presentation form and composition they all are designed for male strength enhancement and sexual life improvement. How will a patient be able to decide which type of ED medicine is suitable for him? The best way is to examine...

    • Particularities of Usage of Sildenafil-Containing Products

      Viagra vs Kamagra: Sildenafil Drugs from Online Pharmacies

      Viagra and Kamagra History Viagra is the first medicine created to treat erectile dysfunction. It appeared in 1998 on pharmaceutical market and was developed by British Company. Viagra’s growing popularity due to its effectiveness earned the loyalty of most men for ED treatment. This effective appearance on pharmaceutical market of this revolutionary medication and numerous advertising campaigns allowed Brand Company to become leader in this area and gain a huge profit. Other independent pharma companies were also eager to get a slice of this cake. For instance, American corporation Eli Lilly developed Cialis in 2003, German company Bayer produced Levitra in 2005. But notwithstanding these rivals,...

    • How to Beat Nicotine Addiction

      How to Beat Nicotine Addiction with Approved Drugs at Canadian Pharmacy?

      It is so hard to give up smoking, but that’s worth the effort. In a month your face color will be better, in a year the risk of cardio-vascular diseases will be as twice as lower in comparison with a smoker’s health state. There are three groups of medicines able to raise your chances for success. Some remedies contain small amounts of nicotine, whereas others do not allow taking pleasure of smoking. But they all work better if used as a part of a program which includes three main points: Decide on the day. Think of the methods of dealing with the situations stimulating desire...

    • Viagra for Patients with Specific Needs Safety First

      Viagra for Patients with Specific Needs: Safety First

      Erectile dysfunction is a medical term which is used to describe the inability of a man to develop and maintain an erection. It is a rather widespread medical condition, which affects even younger men. There is a number of ways to address erectile problems, the most popular one being the usage of special pills. ED drugs are relatively safe, but some patients need to use them with caution due to the condition of their health and special needs. In this article, we are going to take a look at the impact of Viagra (definitely the most popular ED medication) on senior patients. Viagra and Geriatric...